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Discussion in 'Beer & Food' started by fostah, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. fostah

    fostah Initiate (0) May 1, 2009 Massachusetts
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    Hey folks... I think I might have this one, but I do enjoy the lively discussion that these usually entail, so here it is:

    My wife is making me Thai Steamed Mussels tonight (recipe: so I'min search of a beer to pair with it. My initial thought: Boulevard Saison Brett. Light enough to not overwhelm the mussels, and with enough funk to cut the spice. Thoughts? I'm not opposed to replacing the beer, but I'm trying to stay away from hops, since I like my oropharynx intact, thanks.
  2. Hockey_Fan

    Hockey_Fan Devotee (448) Jan 13, 2013 Maryland

    That sounds like a good pairing to me. Any variety of Saison, Witbier, or Weissbier would pair well with both the Thai flavors or the mussels themselves. Enjoy!
  3. Henamonster

    Henamonster Initiate (60) Feb 2, 2007 California

    I think you have a good pairing on your hands, but if you're looking for more options, one that I was surprised with in regards to hops and sours was Nebraska Brewing's Hop God. Based on name alone, I assumed it would have been some kind of hop bomb, but it actually was more on the side of a mild, flavorful sour. Perfect for mussels, in my opinion. It is not a palate demolisher. I originally had it with a good pungent cheese (Winnimere) and it blew me away with its subtleties.
  4. duchessedubourg

    duchessedubourg Aspirant (226) Nov 2, 2007 Vermont
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    I've become a big fan of Mikeller's Tiger Baby, an IPA brewed with mango & passionfruit, paired with Indian & Thai foods, especially curries. The hopping is quite reasonable (not a fan if big IPA's with my food) and the fruit is very subtle. The nose is exotic and really sexy. Paired with fragrant & spicy cuisines, it is a real flavor-fest - especially when coconut milk is in the mix. My fallback style for those cuisines is witbier for the coriander & citrus notes.
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