Cigar City Brewing Company Introduces Southern California Distribution

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  1. Jason

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    2/21/2018 TAMPA, FL - Continuing the growth in production and distribution of its world-class beers, Cigar City Brewing is pleased to announce the addition of the Southern California market to its distribution footprint. Stone Distributing has signed on as Cigar City Brewing’s wholesale partner in the Southern California market and will help introduce SoCal to CCB’s dynamic line-up of ales and lagers, including Jai Alai IPA. Kegs and twelve-ounce cans of Jai Alai IPA, Maduro Brown Ale, Florida Cracker Belgian-style White Ale and their newest year-round offering Guayabera Citra Pale Ale will be available from San Diego to Santa Barbara beginning in late February.

    Looking to build on the strong relationship between Stone Distributing and their CANarchy portfolio-mates Oskar Blues Brewery, Cigar City Brewing enters the California market poised for strong and sustained growth following their launch. One of the fastest growing brands in the country, CCB boasts the best-selling craft six-pack can through national IRI reporting in Jai Alai IPA with other year-round and seasonal offerings complementing. National and international awards and accolades have garnered attention for the brewery since their inception in 2009.

    “Southern California is a mecca for craft beer and we’re excited to tell our story to the beer-loving masses in SoCal,” says CCB’s El Lector Neil Callaghan. “Stone Distributing has been a huge influence in crafting (pun intended) the beer scene in the area and we couldn’t be happier to partner with their team.”

    Stone Distributing Senior Director of Sales Brian Dewey says, “We are incredibly stoked to have Cigar City join our limited portfolio of innovative brewers. They are bringing a regional portfolio that complements our partners and providing our customers something uniquely different for Southern California. It will be exciting to watch how the market responds with such a dynamic lineup of beers.”

    Market launch events will be taking place throughout Southern California in late February, March and April with numerous Cigar City Brewing representatives travelling from Tampa to celebrate the arrival of its award-winning beers. These events will feature Cigar City Brewing beers and will be incredible opportunities for the area’s craft beer fans to learn about Cigar City Brewing’s history and its award winning beer from the people who know it best.

    Cigar City Brewing’s beer, including award-winning Jai Alai IPA, will be available in fifteen states encompassing Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Illinois and California starting in February. Cigar City Brewing’s ales and lagers are also exported to Denmark.

    Visit Cigar City Brewing’s website [] for full beer information and to find CCB beer closest to you.

    About Cigar City Brewing:
    Cigar City Brewing, makers of Jai Alai IPA and Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout, was founded in 2009 by Joey Redner with the goal of creating world-class beer that reflected the flavors and history of the Tampa region. This unique approach has resonated with local and national markets and the brewery has grown quickly to produce over 90,000 barrels of beer in 2017. Along with Oskar Blues Brewery, Perrin Brewing, Squatters Craft Beers and Wasatch Brewery, Cigar City Brewing is a part of CANarchy, a craft brewing collective that represents the largest canned craft beer supplier in the country.
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    Yay? In my humble opinion, this will go the way of Founder's and Bell's in California. It was great beer when I couldn't get it easily but now that it is in my backyard, I realize that local breweries do better beer.
  3. QuakeAttack

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    Finally! Other than Founders and a few other breweries, I usually stick to California breweries. However, CCB is outstanding and I have been fortunate to try their beers at the brewery and at beer festivals. I will be Southern CA in April and will have to pick-up some of their beer.
  4. chrisjws

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    Hell yes. Now when we getting Hunahpu's Day west coast edition?!
  5. lanedlr

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    I remember having my first Invasion Pale Ale in Miami in 2013 like it was yesterday. Such a revelation at the time. It will be interesting to see how it stacks up in today's market.
  6. dcgunman

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    I thought these guys sold out? Maybe I'm wrong? Or maybe it was Funky Buddha?
  7. Rbarnes4381

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    I visited the tasting room like 4+ years ago and thought all the beers I had were sub-par to average at best except Good Gourd, which I thought was one of the best pumpkin beers I had ever had. Jai Alai was nothing special.
    No, I didn't have Huna or any barrel aged beers, but I don't think we are getting those anyways. I think are local options are far superior
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  8. Hoppedelic

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    I remember hearing they were talking with AB InBev but they ended up selling to Oskar Blues/ Fireman Capital.
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  9. TrojanRB

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    Bold move. Probably won’t work out. Unless they are aggressive on price and are super fresh.

    What does a 6 pack of Jai Alai sell for?
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  10. theJohnChamp

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    If SoCal gets Abraxas and Fremont BA stuff, I don't see why we wouldn't get Huna (eventually).. Just my thought but who knows.
  11. RaulMondesi

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    I took one of my fav WBAYDN? pics with a Jai Alai:
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  12. ryno09

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    Bell's, yeah, not as exiting as it would have been 5 years ago. Founders however is great since there's no equivalent of Backwoods Bastard locally.

    You mean Xocoveza?
  13. PG2G

    PG2G Zealot (531) Dec 26, 2011 California

    I think Huna is only released at Huna Day. Doesn't even get distributed in their home market.
  14. Rbarnes4381

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    My understanding is that Huna isn't distributed, that is what Huna Day is for.
  15. ElijahSF

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    Meh, too many others to drink before it. Kinda surprising they chose southern CA.
  16. jwacky

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    IIRC from when I was last in Florida, 6pks are pretty cheap. Like, $9.
  17. jwacky

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  18. MissFeisty

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    Basically what I’m getting from some of the posts in here is: It ain’t rare anymore, and because it’s not the “look at me brewery” anymore, it’s not exciting to have them distro here? This is really silly. New beer option that has historically been made well, I don’t see how this can be anything other than exciting.
  19. StoutOfIdeas

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    Really enjoyed Jai Alai when my friend from Florida brought it over. Looking forward to trying it as a local shelfie!
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  20. pro100

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    Maybe this is news five years ago but there's way too many local options these days for any new out of state brewery to touch down in Cali. The amount of breweries in state nowadays are staggering. A few new shelfies to add to the supermarket isles is not news
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  21. PG2G

    PG2G Zealot (531) Dec 26, 2011 California

    Can't think of any distributed Cigar City beer that I've ever cared about
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  22. sdhopaddict

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    Would be nice if they could figure out that sending a bunch of IPAs and Pale Ales out here is not where the money is and actually send more porters and stouts. I am surprised by how many breweries (Bells and Founders included) think sending out a ton of pale ales and IPAs is going to excite people after the initial interest wanes. Invasion pale is great but there are plenty of local examples down here in SD that are equivalent in quality from El Segundo, Karl Strauss, etc.
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  23. Earlycsquid

    Earlycsquid Devotee (479) Jan 7, 2013 California

    Honestly, I love Jai Alai, but I'm having trouble even getting through the stuff I pick up for 3-4 breweries when it comes to releases. I doubt most dedicated craft drinkers have been to a store for shelfies lately with the release brewery sell through model of Bottle Logic, Monkish, Green Cheek, HPB and Beachwood. So while I'll pick up a six'er here and there if I see it as an easy drinker, I can't say that this news is going to get me jumping for joy.

    Agree with others that basically you're sending product that isn't going to excite much of anyone other than that first tick.
  24. RaulMondesi

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    Tocobaga opened up my eyes to how good Red Ales could be.
  25. Lostmango

    Lostmango Initiate (130) Jun 29, 2013 California

    That's if they can even keep it fresh. Loved all day and would consider buying more, but by the time it gets here it is a month old or more. Would rather drink tecate at that point.
  26. RaulMondesi

    RaulMondesi Poo-Bah (1,621) Dec 11, 2006 California

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  27. chrisjws

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    Stop thinking as sdhopaddict and start thinking as SoCal Joe Blow Craft Consumer. Most who drink the stuff don't obsess the way we do and just take what's on the shelves and on draft with the best sounding/looking propaganda. Errr I mean marketing.
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  28. Earlycsquid

    Earlycsquid Devotee (479) Jan 7, 2013 California

    That's the conundrum. The average SoCal Joe Blow Craft Consumer may be surprised to see a CCB can on the shelf at first, "Oh, I've heard tale of them", but with the amount of options that just Los Angeles has on the shelf like Angel City, Eagle Rock Brewery, Golden Road, etc. Unless it's priced right, they'd just tick that off and forget about it. Especially if it's like Founders were the dates are ancient as all hell.

    So if you're not going for the hardcore in sending out those porters and stouts, and you're completely lost in the crowd with our own market's selection.. then what's the point?
  29. chrisjws

    chrisjws Champion (803) Dec 3, 2014 California

    I think you're underestimating how much SoCal Joe Blow Craft Consumer loves his pales and IPAs. Might get crowded out, but certainly in the running. Friend of mine runs a craft beer bar and he's said to me before that he can put any IPA on tap, new or old and it's guaranteed to go as fast as the next one. There's ones like Moonraker, Alvarado, etc that go faster, but none ever go slower.

    I think they'll send out some of their none pales, but that's what sells and I doubt they're trying to come into this market just to hope to not get squeezed out.
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  30. LocestLXCX

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    I think Huna is A1 but the others I've had don't measure up to what is already available here, imo. I wish them luck though.
  31. AyeDogg

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    I personally like the more full mouthfeel of Abraxas than Huha, just IMO.

    You don't have to buy all their releases.
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  32. sponger

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    I wouldnt give 2 shits if cycle came here as well.
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  33. BeerBaron666

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  34. dcgunman

    dcgunman Crusader (741) Jul 1, 2009 California

    That's who bought em'. Thx.
    So I wouldn't mind a Jai Alai thrown in the mix once in a while. But like anything else from out of state how long will it sit on the shelves.......warm? And how old will these bottles/cans be when it arrives here? I think we are so overwhelmed with all these IPA's and other's that I think it's probably not a good thing. But who am I to say? That being said......I'd rather see O'Dell distro'd to SoCal. I still bring back a 12pk of IPA and Myrcenary on my travel to Denver or to AZ.
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  35. J-loco

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    I just want some pipeworks out here
  36. dcgunman

    dcgunman Crusader (741) Jul 1, 2009 California

    Yes. I always bring me back Pipeworks, Half Acre and Off Color.
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  37. Earlycsquid

    Earlycsquid Devotee (479) Jan 7, 2013 California

    I don't, and that's exactly my point. That much like when Bells and Founders jumped in to the market, they're still just sitting there because they come in months old compared to the local spots and after that untap check in, many aren't going to continue buying it.

    The model has already sort of shifted that most drinkers don't buy their stuff from the shelves of stores and just get it from the breweries. This just joins the already flooded grocery store shelves already crowded with other locals and can easily get lost in the mess and sit for longer periods.
  38. SudsSavant

    SudsSavant Aspirant (212) Jan 9, 2007 Minnesota

    Just an outside looking in at this but does anyone know where these beers will actually be brewed at? Cigar City made a similar announcement about coming to the Chicago market but digging deeper it sounds like some of the beers will be contract brewed at Perrin Brewing in Michigan although I'm not sure if "contract brewed" is the right term since they're both owned by the same company.
  39. sdhopaddict

    sdhopaddict Initiate (75) Oct 9, 2016 California

    Right but I'm thinking about the general consumer who probably hasn't heard of Cigar City. Why would they buy the beers from a brewery they've never heard of when they can buy a bunch of things from local breweries? That's assuming it gets out here fresh even. Even Founders and Bells I only knew because everyone was obsessing over their stouts and the occasional release of hopslam. Whether the IPAs are great or not why buy them over fresh Stone or any other local option?
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  40. grilledsquid

    grilledsquid Devotee (482) Jul 10, 2009 California

    The definition of freshness varies from person to person. Additionally, the concept of freshness may be irrelevant for some.
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