Cigar City Brewing Hunahpu's Day: March 8, 2014

Discussion in 'South-Atlantic' started by SolarMikey, Sep 22, 2013.

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  1. Lare453

    Lare453 Meyvn (1,413) Feb 1, 2012 Florida

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  5. wiltznucs

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    I hope they reconsider...

    Hunahpu Day is part of the lifeblood of CCB and I'd hate to see it go.

    Alas, I'm sure Joey and crew have entertained several options and theres always the possibility that the City of Tampa had a role to play in the decision.
  6. Beerisheaven

    Beerisheaven Initiate (0) Dec 5, 2007 Pennsylvania

    I would seriously suggest that your boss address and respond to many of the points brought up in the last 72 hours including CCB allegedly providing tickets to a vast # of individuals, etc. If there is merit to the fact that the mess was in any part internally generated as opposed to people making fradulent copies of tickets, people need to know this. It seems from this that CCB is putting all the blame on external people and adopting no responsibility.

    Also, it would be nice to hear CCB's response to the issue of telling people (AND THIS MEANS YOU) to not arrive early and then providing case quantities of your most desired beer to the very people you instructed not to arrive early.

    Also, it would be nice to hear about CCB's reaction to the whole debate (whether right, wrong, or indifferent) around selling bottles of highly desired beer in connection with the club.

    And finally, it would be nice to hear CCB's reaction to numerous reports about the rude behavior of many CCB employees to people during the course of the event.

    I have to say that this lame message with no further discussion will not serve you well at all.
  7. wsnich

    wsnich Initiate (0) Apr 26, 2010 Texas

    What a crappy way to end an absolute blast of a trip. Really sad to hear Hunahpu Day go. I had a great time at Hunahpu day, even if it wasn't perfect.

    All I have to say is that this came no where close to how fucked up Dark Lord Day 2010 was, and Three Floyds recovered from it. It took them 2 more years to finally decide to hire an event planning company, but it really is one of the best events around now.
  8. Deltoro

    Deltoro Devotee (406) Sep 15, 2012 Florida

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  9. manaox2

    manaox2 Initiate (57) Jul 15, 2010 North Carolina

    After being there and with the exposure this was getting online, I've been thinking I would be surprised if the city of Tampa would let them hold this again. Now that it's official, I'm not so sure this was only the brewery's decision.
  10. shuajw

    shuajw Aspirant (207) Aug 12, 2007 Georgia

  11. 305BEER

    305BEER Initiate (52) Jan 4, 2011 Florida

    All this fake ticket talk is a little over done. Sure there were some people that figured out they could call a friend and tell them to try a copied ticket or just walk in through the side but that would not account for the double sized crowd. People don't just take a trip to Tampa with hopes of a failed entry system.
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  12. baconmcnuggets

    baconmcnuggets Initiate (0) Mar 11, 2013 Florida

    I'm really impressed with Cigar City right now. Impressed that they managed to point the finger back at their own customers and get everyone to agree so easily. Now "beer people" and "assholes" have RUINED Christmas - er, Hunahpu Day.

    Here's the thing. You cannot - CANNOT - pump all-you-can-drink beer at people for SIX HOURS and then expect them all to police themselves. I was not a douchebag at this event, and I'm not saying douchebaggery is acceptable or should be excused; I AM saying that it should be EXPECTED and to act like you didn't see it coming is ridiculous. At ANY event. Douchebags are real, and they are out there, and giving them beer all day is definitely going to make them worse. I'd love if we could have a douche-free society. LOVE. But the overall RESPONSIBILITY lies with the organizer of the event.

    If I'm hosting an intimate gathering for 3500 of my best drinkers - er, customers, and I'm a brewery, I have to figure some of them might turn out to be grumpy drunks. At some point, a better system, security, crowd control, and organizational structure really needed to have kicked in. EVERY SINGLE PERSON should have been taken care of with their allotment before cases went on sale. Unfortunately they tried to figure out way too late (when it turned into a free for all) how to make that happen.

    Now everyone is blaming or raging at the horrible people who, I feel like I should note, did exactly as they were instructed. No, no one was told to throw punches, yell, or be a dick. Those people are asswads and should have been removed. But we were all told, for example, show up fashionably late, which was a fail; we were told get in line for a case at 4:00. That's precisely what people did. Now CCB has the nerve to say that their greedy awful customers ruined the event. I assume, hopefully, they're referring to the people who started throwing punches, the people who scalped tickets. But it seems people are taking it as "the jerks who bought a case" but then that was the allowance as of 4:00. Most importantly, every single problem encountered at Hunahpu Day due to the collective douchebags being blamed could - SHOULD - have been avoided in the first place, or thwarted as it materialized.

    Look, I didn't have a horrible time, and I hit a high of maybe "mild annoyance" at any given time on the day. I'm keeping in mind that the worst day at a beer festival is only slightly less great than an awesome day at a beer festival. These are not the worst problems to have. However, I do now resent CCB issuing a press release that claims absolutely no responsibility for how disorganized this was or what went wrong. Other breweries and organizations DO manage to pull this off. Every day-long festival you go to has the same potential for drunks and jerks and bags of douche. Somehow Lollapalooza is still kicking, and that's WAY more drunk entitled people than were at Cigar City.

    It CAN be done. Just admit you don't want to put the work and money into it. It's a cheap shot to point fingers at your customer base and say, "Because of you."

    I'm done ranting - thanks to all the super-awesome people I met and enjoyed this weekend, and look forward to seeing you at TBBW next year!
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  13. stephenieman

    stephenieman Initiate (0) Oct 14, 2011 Illinois

    And people wonder why I stopped going to bottle releases / festivals.
  14. HighLowJack

    HighLowJack Disciple (384) Jun 5, 2013 Massachusetts

    it's a horrible statement. it's not about you vs customers, Joe and "defeat". again, this is just more evidence that the people at CCB just aren't smart people who care about their customers.

    if they wanted to have Hunaphu Day they could have have one. but they apparently can't figure out that they need an event management company to run it, or they can't figure how to keep it small enough that they can do it themselves. either one is solvable and doable but instead they'll point the figure at others and talk about defeat.

    it's probably the right decision to make though considering they are incapable of doing it right. better to not even try than to fail.
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  15. Andreias21

    Andreias21 Initiate (0) Feb 3, 2011 Florida

    You guys are also failing to realize you're basing some things on one supposed quote taken either late yesterday or early this morning. They likely caught a still frustrated Joey starting his Monday dealing with beer websites calling / emailing him to inquire on likely the worst professional day of his career. I suspect if you spoke with him at length (i.e. more than a single paragraph) he would freely admit that there is plenty of blame to go around, both internally and externally.
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  16. baconmcnuggets

    baconmcnuggets Initiate (0) Mar 11, 2013 Florida

    I'll add: whatever they do in its place next year, because surely CCB isn't planning to just abstain altogether from TBBW, I will attend with bells on, and I still love their beers, and I'm still a proud El Catador, and I'll support Tampa Bay's beer culture and its reigning king exactly the same as always. But man, I hope they plan better, and I AM disappointed at the fact that they don't claim at least partial ownership of the derailing. I do think they've taken big steps to try to make it right, and I respect them for that. Sure they made plenty, but $175k is still a LOT of money to give back, it was a class move.

    I think they're scrambling, need time, and I think everyone there is probably still ready to lock the doors and hide in the dark for a few more days.
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  17. HighLowJack

    HighLowJack Disciple (384) Jun 5, 2013 Massachusetts

    perhaps but CCB just seems like knee jerk city. give out free beer! cancel Hunaphu Day! just doesn't seem like rational people capable of thinking through difficult problems are at the helm
  18. Lare453

    Lare453 Meyvn (1,413) Feb 1, 2012 Florida

    Spend some of the fortune you are making that day on tickets, merch and bottle sales and run the event right.
  19. Lare453

    Lare453 Meyvn (1,413) Feb 1, 2012 Florida

  20. BrianTheBrewer30

    BrianTheBrewer30 Aspirant (221) Nov 17, 2009 Massachusetts

    Silent release tickets in the brewery a week or two before hand. Dont announce the release. See what happens then.
  21. rightcoast7

    rightcoast7 Disciple (354) Apr 2, 2011 Maine

    Bacon McNuggets is right on. Shit happens. I think I we all (or at least most) get that. And some people you will never make happy. But I think for a lot of us, what we'd like more than the refunds and free beer is just an acknowledgement that this got fucked up, not by the alleged ticket fraudsters, but by CCB. I don't believe for a second that CCB sold exactly 3500 tickets and was merely the victim of its customers. Look, I had a great time yesterday, but that was largely because I had friends who were able to help us out. The event was a shit show, it just was. Own it. Really disappointed that instead of hearing, "we messed up, but we'll make it better next year," we're getting "you people fucked it up, so we're not doing it anymore."
  22. Hanzo

    Hanzo Savant (954) Feb 27, 2012 Virginia

    Hire competent organizers to run next year's event? Nah fuck it, we'll just take our ball and go home.

    Good call CCB.
  23. HighLowJack

    HighLowJack Disciple (384) Jun 5, 2013 Massachusetts

    said as much upthread, but this is a large part of the problem. if you are going to support a business no matter what they do, don't expect them to ever change.
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  24. Beer4B

    Beer4B Zealot (597) Feb 28, 2014 Florida

    Glad I didn't go. Had a friend go: got there around 11:15, drank what they brought as they waiting in line for an hour and a half to get in. Left. Went to whole foods to buy beer. Luckily bought some Heady from a passerby and spent the night at a bar. Seems they made the right call to cut their losses early on.
  25. Beer4B

    Beer4B Zealot (597) Feb 28, 2014 Florida

    Isn't it obvious by now that they aren't ignoring this problem?!
    It's one thing if the business is totally ignoring their was a 1-day event that they botched. Doesn't mean they can't continue to do what they do well: brew good beer. Just don't go to any more of their events.
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  26. drrobbieb

    drrobbieb Initiate (0) Dec 13, 2011 Florida

    The thing is there were plenty of people being douchebags way before drinking for 6 hours.

    Honestly I am way more suspect of the Event Brite ticket copying "scam," since EB does ticketing for tons of events well before Saturday, and there is no data/story anywhere I can search that shows EB has a issue like this.
  27. rocbrewcrew

    rocbrewcrew Initiate (63) Dec 10, 2013 New York

    I really don't understand the rationale of selling cases of DB Huna. I cannot comprehend how someone thought that was going to be a good idea. Sure, you wanna sell some to people who attend your even, that's cool but entire cases? I don't get it.
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  28. Lare453

    Lare453 Meyvn (1,413) Feb 1, 2012 Florida

    This event reminds me very much of the walmart episode of South Park.
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  29. baconmcnuggets

    baconmcnuggets Initiate (0) Mar 11, 2013 Florida

    Well, I can support what they do well (brew beer) without necessarily signing up to go back for the things they don't (organize beer release parties) right? If they just do a festival next year, I'll go to drink the beer that's flowing. If they tie it to the beer release after all, I'll go with the understanding that it may be a shit show and I should probably leave the party early. I'll not be chasing Huna all over the region next year either if it does go into distro.

    I think it would be unfair to say "we're not drinking any more Cigar City beers" based on the fact that within 48 hours they have issued a few bumbling statements, given our money back, and handed out free beer. They're striking at every hot iron they can find right now. What I'd LIKE is admission of a degree of responsibility, and that's where I take issue, that they haven't done that yet; but I like to think it'll be along.

    Besides, if I said "That's it, we're done, no more Jai Alai in this house," I'd be lying. I live without Chick-fil-A, Domino's, and Wal-Mart and that's just fine by me, but I'm not doing without a sixer of Invasion on the golf course. Nope.
  30. Jason

    Jason Founder (8,603) Aug 23, 1996 Massachusetts
    Staff Moderator Fest Crew Society

    Was anyone scanning the tickets?
  31. johnyb

    johnyb Crusader (708) Aug 11, 2012 Florida

    I think the biggest mistakes that they have made here are the knee jerk reactions. We are only a day and half removed here from what I am sure has been the most stressful and anxiety filled period of time in their professional careers. It's impossible to make level headed business decisions when you're in crisis mode. I really think they should take a couple of days here before any more blanket decisions are cast. Give themselves and those who are still upset about how things went down a cooling off period. They've admitted that mistakes were made and taken responsibility for them, now do some homework on what went wrong, take a look within, and cooler heads will prevail. The second Saturday in March is still 363 days away, why announce now that Huna Day 2015 is already cancelled? It just adds to the negativity piling up here.

    I'm a huge supporter of all things CCB, and I had my share of frustrations Saturday (kills me that I came home empty handed !!!). But I'm really looking forward to El Cat 2, the next release of whatever magic Wayne thinks up, Eggs and Kegs this weekend, and picking up my next six pack of Jai Alai at Publix.

    Cheers All !!!
  32. bryanole27

    bryanole27 Initiate (185) Jun 24, 2011 North Carolina

    There's debate whether they were scanning tickets or simply acting like they were scanning tickets. I personally do not believe they were.
  33. johnyb

    johnyb Crusader (708) Aug 11, 2012 Florida

    They were waving an I-phone scanner over them when we went through early on, but I've heard from more that one person who went through that their tickets were not scanned later in the day.
  34. Lare453

    Lare453 Meyvn (1,413) Feb 1, 2012 Florida

    They were pretending to.
  35. Deltoro

    Deltoro Devotee (406) Sep 15, 2012 Florida

    They were scanning tickets like a magician waving his wand at a children's bday party. It was all for show.
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  36. FrankenMiller

    FrankenMiller Aspirant (203) Mar 5, 2014 Florida

    in the biginning, but with QR readers on iPhones. I know I lost all signal, data and voice at around noon. So there is not way those scanners were working. And I dont think their WIFI reaches to far outside the tasting room.
  37. TequilaSauer

    TequilaSauer Initiate (0) Dec 31, 2006 Florida

    I have a guess that this might not be as much their decision as one might think. I can't imagine the city was very happy about what transpired. I said it in the thread that removed and I'll say it again here. You've got a FAR overcrowded event, possibly by a multiple of 3, where people are intoxicated, there are fights, people are cutting in line, and then people are being denied a product that they paid for. You are setting up a powderkeg that could explode and seriously wind up hurting people.

    This event is not worth it anymore for anyone involved. The taps are great, the events are cool, and there's a lot of love going around. But there are some really questionable people getting into this scene now. In the last 3 years, it's gotten progressively worse as the scene has really grown exponentially.

    The overwhelming negatives just far outweigh the tremendous positives at this point and it's best to shut it down before something really bad happens.
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  38. drrobbieb

    drrobbieb Initiate (0) Dec 13, 2011 Florida

    Mine and my friends were scanned when we came in and we showed our IDs. I got in pretty early after waiting about a hour in line. When we left there was still a huge line and there was easily 3500 inside already.

    I heard that at some point they stopped scanning tickets. Not sure where the breakdown was.
  39. wiltznucs

    wiltznucs Initiate (0) Jun 27, 2013 Florida

    They were using an Eventbrite app or other service on an iPhone when my group entered. ID's were checked too. Either that or they had ventriloquists working the doors which were making some crazy beep sounds as they waved their phones over our tickets.

    I'm sure at some point the decision was made to dump the phones and get people in quickly as the line extended far beyond the next block.
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