Beer Closed - IP London Oct 1. FT: NE Hops; ISO Lambic

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    I'll be in London for some of the day before heading elsewhere. I'll be in Portland, Maine so I can get what Bissel Bros, Allagash, Foundation, Austin Street, Battery Steele. Also will be passing Trillium on the way up so their availability is an option as well. I have bottles of 2018 Hunahpus as well.

    ISO (in order of preference):
    St Lamvinus (10 cans)
    Fou' Foune (10 cans)
    Vigneronne (8 cans)
    Iris (6 cans)

    I've done this trip/trade a few times and typically go between 8-10 cans per bottle. If you're looking for bottles that are available (Trillium/Allagash) I can work with you on that or if you have older vintages (pre 2017), those numbers can be adjustable higher.