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    Be awesome.

    We all want BeerAdvocate to be an awesome experience for everyone, but we can only achieve this with your help. So, please be awesome by following our Code of Conduct.
    • Beer First: It's what brings us together, when we'd otherwise be divided, so let's keep the focus on beer and beer-related topics. For (mostly) everything else, check out our Off-Topic forum.
    • Respect Others: Healthy debate is encouraged, but personal attacks, harassment, trolling, sexism, racism, hate speech, and the like won't be tolerated.
    • No Overt Politics or Religion: You're free to believe whatever you want, but if it doesn't relate to beer or the thread's beer-related topic, BeerAdvocate isn't the place to share it.
    • Keep It Clean: Don't post anything that's considered NSFW ("not suitable for work"); containing (or linking to) nudity, pornography, violence, gore, or other disturbing content.
    • Don't Spam or Solicit: Spamming (self-promoting, links, etc.) or soliciting (buying, selling, offers, surveys, etc.) isn't allowed. Trading for beer is allowed, but rules apply.
    • English, Please: Content must be posted in English. It's not possible for us to moderate the forums otherwise.
    • Report, Don't Reply: Don't engage with users who break our rules. Instead, use the "Report" link and let the moderator (mod) team handle it.
    • Respect Moderation: All moderators (mods) are volunteers recruited by me to help keep our forums and data clean. If you have an issue with a mod or how something was handled, contact the mod privately or drop me a note. Posts that challenge or discuss moderation will be removed and action will be taken against repeat offenders.
    Access to this community is a privilege, not a right. Any conduct seen as attempting to break our Code of Conduct, Beer Trading Rules, Terms of Use, or otherwise deemed abusive or simply unacceptable, will be subject to consequences based on the discretion of the mod team.

    Thanks for being awesome.