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Discussion in 'Beer & Food' started by sind310, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. sind310

    sind310 Initiate (0) Nov 15, 2011 California

    I bake and cook a lot with beer. Made BBQ sauce with Bruery Smoking wood, cheese soup with garlic butter crostini using Alpine beer co. Hoppy Birthday, poached chicken mole with Church brew works mole stout, ceviche with Tustin brewing Lemon Heights, strawberry shortcake Brouwerij Huyghe's Frubee Strawberry for bread and Mauis coconut porter for the icing. What are some of your favorite foods made with beer?
  2. onefalsemove711

    onefalsemove711 Initiate (182) Jul 20, 2011 California

    Personally I Love using Lagunitas Little Sumpin Supmin for Panes con Pavo and Carnitas. Shhhhh.....don't tell anyone :wink: Es muy delicioso!!!
  3. Chickenhawk9932

    Chickenhawk9932 Champion (898) Jul 19, 2010 Pennsylvania

    My wife made a damn tasty chocolate cake with an Edmund Fitzgerald last week.
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  4. UCLABrewN84

    UCLABrewN84 Poo-Bah (12,114) Mar 18, 2010 California

    All of that sounds fantastic.
  5. biglobo8971

    biglobo8971 Devotee (480) May 6, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    I usually use some of my favorites with any recipe that uses any stock (chicken, beef, veggie, etc) I have a great French Onion Recipe that uses a stout that really brings out the compexity of the beer used. I am working on a Fondue recipe that uses a Hefe that I havent quite nailed down yet.
  6. BreakingBad

    BreakingBad Initiate (0) Sep 17, 2012

    Bourbon County Brownies?
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  7. biglobo8971

    biglobo8971 Devotee (480) May 6, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Coffee Bender Brownies?
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  8. StuartCarter

    StuartCarter Initiate (0) Apr 25, 2006 Alabama

    Old Rasputin Stout Cake
  9. JuicesFlowing

    JuicesFlowing Poo-Bah (1,923) Jul 5, 2009 Kansas

    I never grill brats without boiling them in beer and a stick of butter first.
  10. wheatwine1973

    wheatwine1973 Initiate (0) Sep 9, 2011 Maine

    Anyone have a good recipe for pork loin and beer?
  11. Bierlerner

    Bierlerner Initiate (0) Aug 17, 2010 Oklahoma

    2 cups of warm water
    2 cups of cold oktoberfest/marzen beer
    1/4 cup of kosher salt
    1/4 cup of brown sugar

    1lb pork loin

    Dissolve sugar and salt in the warm water. Once dissolved, pour in the cold beer to bring the temp down. Put pork loin in plastic bag. Pour brine over loin, seal, and set in fridge for 4 hours.

    Take out of fridge. Rinse off and pat dry. Salt and pepper skin. Maybe add a bit of dried sage too. Sear all sides really good. Roast at 400 till center reaches about 145-150 degrees.

    Can't get easier than that
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  12. BeerGogglesReviews

    BeerGogglesReviews Initiate (0) Sep 30, 2012

    Here's an easy video recipe for Chilli Con Carne with Guinness. Cooked by my kids.
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  13. AdamU726

    AdamU726 Initiate (0) Mar 5, 2010 Illinois

    I add a good smokey beer to my chili most of the time, and my girlfriend made LH Milk Stout cupcakes before...the beer was used in the batter, filling and could REALLY taste it.
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  14. BeerGogglesReviews

    BeerGogglesReviews Initiate (0) Sep 30, 2012

    Wow I'm gonna have to try a smokey beer next time. Okells do a fantastic peat smoked porter called Aile.
  15. bpgpitt10

    bpgpitt10 Aspirant (287) May 12, 2008 District of Columbia
    Beer Trader

  16. BeerGogglesReviews

    BeerGogglesReviews Initiate (0) Sep 30, 2012

  17. Number45forever

    Number45forever Initiate (0) Jan 6, 2012 Vermont
    Beer Trader

    Care to share the french onion soup recipe? Huge fan of the soup, would love to attempt it with beer.
  18. biglobo8971

    biglobo8971 Devotee (480) May 6, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    the last batch I did was with GI Big John (normally use Young's Double Chocolate)
    take 3 large onions and cut to size preference (dont go too small, will make it hard to eat) and put in large pot.
    Use whatever oil you like to gently carmalize the onions (usually takes a good 20 minutes)
    in a seperate pot, reduce 22 oz of your favorite darker beer (stouts or rauche beers work great)
    once reduced by half, double the amount of liquid with chicken stock
    reduce heat to simmer and toss in your onions with 3 bay leaves
    season broth to taste (I prefer using garlic powder and seasoned salt, up to you)
    take a baguette and cut in to serving sizes (ideally you should get two pieces of baguette to one bowl of soup) and toast one side underneath a broiler, after toasting either coat with garlic butter or rub garlic pieces on toast to impart the garlic flavor. Once you have toasted one side, place Provolone cheese on the other side and warm thouroughly
    Once the "soup" is to your taste, add to a bowl and put on a cookie sheet, place the correct amount amount of baguette pieces cheese side down into the soup and cover the other side with more Provolone cheese. Place back in oven (on broil) to toast and melt the cheese. Sprinkle with either cut green onion or parsley.
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  19. 5thOhio

    5thOhio Devotee (499) May 13, 2007 South Carolina

    What I don't get is people who post about using Bud or Coors for cooking. I mean, if you wouldn't drink it, why cook with it? If the flavor is already thin, it's not going to help the recipe much.
  20. V2icki

    V2icki Initiate (0) Oct 3, 2008 Massachusetts

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  21. BeerGogglesReviews

    BeerGogglesReviews Initiate (0) Sep 30, 2012

    The only time I'd expect to see Coors Light and food mixed together are the diced carrots spewed up into the pavement pizzas outside an Essex nightclub.
  22. mtoxfox

    mtoxfox Initiate (0) Dec 7, 2009 California

    Maui CocoNut Porter Chocolate Cheesecake with pretzel crust...... paired with The Bruery die for
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  23. DougOLis

    DougOLis Initiate (185) Aug 15, 2008 California

  24. BeerGogglesReviews

    BeerGogglesReviews Initiate (0) Sep 30, 2012

    That Maui Coconut Porter is amazing mate. I'd love to taste a cheesecake made with it. If I could get past drinking the lot before getting near the kitchen.
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  25. jbck109

    jbck109 Aspirant (267) May 30, 2010 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I do something similar, but I use a bit of rosemary and sage, then smoke it for a couple hours.
  26. BeerGogglesReviews

    BeerGogglesReviews Initiate (0) Sep 30, 2012

    All these brilliant ideas are making me hungry.
  27. Biffster

    Biffster Initiate (0) Mar 29, 2004 Michigan

    Oh God - any braising recipe goes great with beer. Deglaze short ribs or veal chops (oso bucco) with oktoberfest before braising in broth. Deglaze chicken thighs with a Belgian dark before braising (Coq au Biere) . Ive used IPA in brining liquid for turkeys and chickens. Porter or stout to deglaze the stockpot with a pot roast? Perfect.

    The trick is, add flavorful beer to flavorful food. When working with soups, add it as an accent. Its good in bread. And when preparing meat, use it as you would use wine. Use it to deglaze a pan (stop the frying and scrape the pan bottom). Be liberal when you deglaze - add the bottle and let it be a big part of the braising liquid.

    Beer has a lack of acidity that makes it better for searing and slow cooking than for marinating, when it comes to meats.
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  28. Bierlerner

    Bierlerner Initiate (0) Aug 17, 2010 Oklahoma

    Beef shanks braised in St Bernardus and warm spices. Great for winter.
  29. bpgpitt10

    bpgpitt10 Aspirant (287) May 12, 2008 District of Columbia
    Beer Trader

    I made it with Zombie Dust which is definitely what made the meal.
  30. bgramer

    bgramer Initiate (167) Feb 10, 2006 Washington

    I use LaFolie, Duchesse Du Bourgogne and/or Rodenbach to make French Onion Soup. It's pretty awesome and a hit with everyone who has tried it regardless of whether they're into craft beer or not.
  31. Nordicsk8er

    Nordicsk8er Aspirant (242) Jan 17, 2010 Massachusetts

    Steak & Beer Stir Fry

    About 1 lb. top round steak, high heat vegetable oil (safflower, etc.), chopped leeks, sliced mushrooms, a few cups of sliced asparagus or broccoli, cornstarch, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, about 8 oz of a dry lager Beer or Ale, sesame seeds or toasted sesame oil.
    -Thinly slice and marinate the steak in a mixture of 1 tablespoon cornstarch, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, some chopped fresh ginger and garlic, and about 1/2 cup of Beer.
    -As the steak marinates, stir fry the asparagus or broccoli with 2 tablespoons of a high heat oil in a skillet or wok until crisp/tender - remove
    -Stir fry the leeks and mushrooms until soft - remove
    -Add the steak along with the marinade, slowly add a little more Beer to the wok or skillet during cooking. The sauce should thicken as it cooks.
    -When the steak is almost done to your liking (rare, medium, or well), mix the veggies back in, stir and heat thoroughly.
    -Garnish with some sesame seeds or sesame oil and serve with rice (jasmine or basmati are good choices)
  32. beerbitty

    beerbitty Initiate (0) Aug 19, 2010 New York

    Hey Doug, Thanks so much for the shout out!! I'm a huge fan of braises with beer, particularly during the winter. Quad braised osso bucco. Flanders braised short ribs. Even pot roast! Especially now that the weather is cooling down. I also incorporate beer into salad dressings and glazes for roasted veggies. Yum!! Check out my website (www.beerbitty) or this book which just came out featuring recipes from different people in the San Diego craft beer community, Brew Food.

    Heather (aka BeerBitty)
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  33. sailorastro

    sailorastro Initiate (0) Apr 24, 2011 Connecticut

    Absolutely, 100%. Even if I don't cook with beer in a braising or frying recipe, I will usually deglaze with an IPA or a lager to pick up whatever bits and juices remain in the pan. I also do this for sausage, peppers and onions, which I think I'm going to make tonight after reading this thread.
  34. kenpo23

    kenpo23 Initiate (0) Oct 8, 2009 Massachusetts

  35. RustyP

    RustyP Aspirant (201) Dec 22, 2008 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I've made a bacon-onion-stout jam a few times that's pretty tasty:

    1lb bacon, diced
    2 large sweet onions, diced
    8oz stout (Ive used Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout and a buddy's homebrew)
    1/3c maple syrup (maybe a little more to taste)
    2T balsamic vinegar

    Render the bacon over med-low heat in a dutch oven until most all the fat has melted and bacon is almost crispy. Remove bacon and drain off all but 1T of the fat. Increase the heat a bit and saute the onions until lightly caramelized. Deglaze pan with your stout, mix in maple syrup and vinegar, add bacon pieces back to the mix, simmer for 1.5-2hrs, until most of the liquid has evaporated. Transfer into a food processor and pulse to desired consistency (I like it creamy and uniform in texture), sweeten to taste with more maple syrup or honey. Cool and store in the idea how long it will last, as mine is always used up within a week or two :slight_smile:

    This stuff is great serves cold as a sandwich spread, warm on top of a cheeseburger, or mixed with sour cream, cream cheese, and chives to make a creamy dip for chips.
  36. BrittQ

    BrittQ Initiate (0) Apr 25, 2012 Texas

    Rogue chipotle for chile, Billies Chilies for micheladas :wink:
  37. jrbchef

    jrbchef Initiate (0) Feb 24, 2011 Connecticut

    I will use Chimay Blue to make my Beef Carbanade ala flamande
  38. beermeright

    beermeright Initiate (0) Nov 4, 2012

    i know i am belated on this... but its cold and freeezing outside. tonight i made homemade dumpling drops and used southern tier and it was really yummy. :slight_smile: you can also add beer to BROTHS, soups, rice, stir frys, potatoes, meatloafs, etc. yum yum yum. happy wintery cooking.
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  39. BlowstotheBody

    BlowstotheBody Initiate (0) Oct 22, 2012 Florida

    Stoudt's Fat Dog chocolate mousse!
  40. Lutter

    Lutter Initiate (0) Jun 30, 2010 Texas

    Lately I've been picking up fresh Wild Boar sausage from the Austin Farmers Market from Dai'Due , simmering them in the stovetop in Shiner Holiday Cheer (which is a dunkelweizen made with peaches & pecans), and then finishing them on the grill.

    Nothing is better. Nothing!
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