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    I have a buddy going over to Copenhagen for the Mikkeller Beerfest. He is then heading to Stockholm for a few days. What beers should i have him bring back to the US for me?
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    Forget anything in the ordinary grocery stores, at least in Sweden, where these stores are only allowed to sell beer up to 3.5%. The big Stockholm Systembolaget stores will be the only alternative in Sweden. The one in PK Huset (formerly Passagen), Norrlandsgatan 3, should be the best.

    In Copenhagen, he should be able to pick up some good stuff in Kihoskh, S√łnder Boulevard 53, and in Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop, Torvehallerne Hal 1. Fish & Beer in Amagerbrogade 143 should also be worth a go.

    What beers? Well, what do you want? Take a look at the top rated Danish and Swedish beers, here at BA and other beer rating websites.Good beers from other European countries should also be available at the suggested bottle shops.
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    I'll second Kihoskh, which is kind of bonkers. The time that I visited, they had all 3 Westvleteren beers. I like the Blond, really really like 12, and *love* 8. They're not cheap in CPH but next time I visit, I'll get some more. Hint: all the beer is in the basement, accessed by a not-obvious narrow staircase.
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