Could police tell if you've been drinking simply by firing a laser at your car?

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  1. JamieDuncan

    JamieDuncan Meyvn (1,443) Aug 9, 2013 Maryland

    Of course it is legal to drink and drive. It is illegal to drive while under the influence or intoxicated. At 240 pounds I can LEGALLY have 3 beers within an hour and drive. Of course being an idiot (driving by police station and honking your horn) may bring scrutiny but does not make you any more intoxicated.

    Also, useful tool although you need to do math to consider alcohol content of beers and amount consumed. Blood alcohol calculator that helps you by body weight and state. I tend to use a lower weight and an extra beer in my math to be sure and if I cannot do the math to adjust, I should not drive.
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  2. Caveworm

    Caveworm Savant (919) Feb 26, 2014 Ohio

    Don't drink&drive,simple. Here in Ohio, its an EASY 4+ grand in fees, D.I.P. clinics,etc. Thankfully I learned from another's mistake before I gave myself the chance to make it myself. Just plan ahead. If you think you might pass out, bring your usual toiletries you use before you go to bed&when you wake up& you'll be ok. Poor planning isn't worth the cost.
  3. stonewall2

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    Governments are the only groups that have money to spend anymore. So more and more products are being designed and marketed to governments. Such products are usually winners if they pay for themselves, like red light cameras.

    This product is clearly aimed at this market segment, and as governments are also under fiscal pressure they are eager for revenue-enhancing "law enforcement" products. Fourth amendment be damned. You are a revenue target.
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