COVID-19 and MN Taprooms

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    And probably not even the best way for real-time decision-making, since deaths are very much a lagging indicator. IOW, those who die this week were in the "new cases" number perhaps a month ago, or even longer.
    Hospitalizations, while still lagging, are not lagging as much as deaths and are a much better indicator for advising government and personal action, IMO.

    Yet, tracking this is very much below the headlines, and is rarely reported on broadcast media. About the closest they come is talking about ICU beds.

    It is very true, however, that this disease has a much different demographic profile than does the seasonal flu, and that has been something that no governor (to my knowledge), including ours, has handled properly.
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    Going back in time, why were stores like Home Depot & Menards allowed to be open if this was really all that bad of a virus? Because they sell food? What a joke.

    I have plenty more to say, but why bother. But I will say this: This virus is nothing to play around with, think of others not just yourself. We DO NOT need to have the bars open.
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    Hardware stores are considered essential because they help us maintain the homes in which we’re sequestered.

    Nothing to do with them selling sunflower seeds or junk food by their cash registers.
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    A new daily record today in deaths (MN) 05/21 at 32.
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    You should also point out studies are also showing 35-50 % of the population is asymptomatic and showing no signs or very mild signs of the virus.

    From CNN:"The CDC also says its "best estimate" is that 0.4% of people who show symptoms and have Covid-19 will die, and the agency estimates that 40% of coronavirus transmission is occurring before people feel sick."

    0.4% is pretty low to start with but note that is in people who "Show symptoms" not all who have it. The death rate is much lower likely if you include those 40% of asymptomatic cases"

    The death rate for the flu is 0.1% if you want to compare it .

    For most (99+% of people) you're more likely to be impacted by something else in regards to your mortality than this. Death rate for average person is very low when you factor in all the asympomatic cases. Even lower when you factor in all ages and physical conditions of those who are dying.

    State has a capacity of 2354 IU beds. We are at 1,047. Unless we turn into NYC we'll be adequately prepared.

    % of tests Covid positive in the state are declining according to their dashboard as is community spread.

    The focus should be on LTC where the vast majority of people are dying. I don't recall a lot of LTC folks in the taprooms I've been at and they are not allowing visitors so not sure I see how this lockdown helps them at all either.

    I really don't care if places open up or not but you should state all the facts. I know personally I'm more worried about being killed in a car crash by a person texting and driving than I am from this.
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    And where were 28 of the 32?
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    If you have the right to go out in public, anywhere you want and catch this, don't wear a mask ,and pass this on to a vulnerable person then I have every right to text and drive.
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    Wow. I merely put up a website with *facts* & this response is full of "CNN is a source" & a mis-reading of facts & figures. This is going to be too long, but I can't leave bad misinformation unanswered.

    Source? I dug around the CDC website & could not find this "CNN estimate". Also, please note the word "estimate". Twice.

    No thank you. I don't want to compare bad numbers to bad numbers & it perpetuates the dangerous notion that Covid-19 is just a bad flu. Here's a helpful summary article or two:

    Studies & estimates, so not 100% reliable, but minimizing a virus that's killed nearly 2x more in two months than a typical flu 'season' is not apples to apples for many reasons - including lack of immunity, lack of reliable treatment regimen, lack of vaccine, etc. Many people want to stick their heads in the sand. Problem is, they are endangering others.

    Ah, my favorite argument. "You could get hit by lightning. Buck up, little camper!"

    I have no idea what this collection of words means. If you're saying as testing has slowly amped up there are less positive results as a percentage well, that's just logical. Before we were just testing those with obvious symptoms; now it's spread far beyond that population.

    Saving the best for last. You led with a statement of numbers that is simply false. It appears you are mixing up numbers & populations. Here's the best "estimate" I could find (& again only estimates):

    Enjoy your day!
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    I didn't format this correct but the link, etc are all in there.
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    Who said I don't wear a mask. I figure it can't hurt so I do but if you think that it is factual that wearing a mask is going to prevent this I suggest you look at what Dr. Osterholm from the U says (one of the top experts on this).

    The University of Minnesota's Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy Dr. Michael Osterholm says that despite guidelines to the contrary, masks for the general public just don't help all that much.

    "We know that the virus can be transmitted by what we call air assaults, its the tiniest of particles. If anything comes in along the side of the mask or escapes that way, then it really minimizes both to protection for the individual who used the mask or the protection for others so that if I'm infected, I don't transmit to them. That's when you get into the surgical masks and to the cloth masks. And quite honestly, the data for both is lacking that they are major impediments, and he's getting infected or infecting others."

    Like I said I figure if they help a little in me not spreading it to some older vulnerable person at the grocery store who has no-one to shop for them that is worth it. I also try and do stay 6 feet or more from those people and all people. I'm a master at social distancing if I do say so myself. Between that and the mask I'm pretty certain I'm not infecting anyone.

    I do get a kick out of those of you who think wearing a mask is the "be all end all" though. Could it help? Maybe. Some studies support that. Some don't. I think every study suggests texting and driving is dangerous though.

    But you go ahead and keep texting and driving and run me over while I'm running along side the road ok? Hopefully the mask you have on protects you and you make it out of the collision ok and I don't damage your vehicle too much!
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    Dr. Osterholm is in his element with this. He has a long and wildly inaccurate record of "we're all gonna die" disaster predictions (including for this pandemic, BTW). I wouldn't take his word for anything, but that's me.

    I'm going with this:

    CDC Recommendation Regarding the Use of Cloth Face Coverings

    "In light of this new evidence, CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.

    It is critical to emphasize that maintaining 6-feet social distancing remains important to slowing the spread of the virus. CDC is additionally advising the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others. Cloth face coverings fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost can be used as an additional, voluntary public health measure"
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    You are correct on Osterholm's inaccurate record which is why I still wear them but it's not a definite fact they help. Still can't hurt. CDC basically says if you can stay 6 feet apart they aren't needed. I do stay 6 feet apart most of the time. One of my greatest attributes if I do say so myself. But even an expert social distancer like myself can lose focus and be surprised turning a corner in a grocery aisle and be face to face with someone.

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    Satire, my friend, satire.
    Might be the first time I've ever quoted myself. Lol
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    The only other thing I'll add as I don't have time to go back and forth on this on a holiday weekend but you are correct in saying this should not be compared to the flu.

    I didn't mean to give that impression but I can see how it may have been interpreted that way.

    Yes the death rate will end up being in the same ball park in the end but many more people will die from this because we have no immunity to Co-Vid 19 and it spreads very easily, where the flu does not since we have vaccines for that and natual immunity in some cases.

    Many more infections from Co-Vid 19=many more deaths even with a similar death rate.

    But the actual death rate of all those infected by Covid-19 in the end will be in the same ballpark as the flu and they are discovering that already.

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    In MN.
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    I don't mean to pile on you but do you know that the age group catching COVID-19 in MN the most is 30-39? That age range is very common in taprooms.

    You may not die if you are in that age group and catch COVID-19 but you may become very sick. I know someone who is 36, in good shape, no known conditions and got pneumonia after he caught COVID-19. He said he thought he was going to die. He was hospitalized and out of work for 6 weeks.

    COVID-19 is not only about very old people dying (although I really want to protect my 70+ year old parents and in-laws from getting sick/dying).
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    Wow you are OK with death with the elderly /auto immune dying thru today at 842 in MN. Hope they are not your parents grand parents sister/brother. And if say 10% are not considered elderly then you are ok with 84 deaths as collateral?
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    Guys, I know it has been a rough few months for everyone can we please stick to news specific to breweries/brewpubs on this thread and leave to talk of Minnesota COVID policies/statistics to other online forums?
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    Deaths do not tell the whole story, hospitalizations do. Those cases are severe at all age levels or they would be sent home to fight off the virus.

    A 29 year old might have "survived" but only because they were on a vent for 15+ days, multiple blood transfusions, lingering health issues as a result of their treatment and drugs used, etc....and a $1,000,000 hospital bill.

    ECOBOOSTINST Aspirant (261) Jul 7, 2016 Iowa

    Most of the breweries doing curbside?...plan to hit up Barrel Theory and Black Stack for sure, but would love to support others that have the option as well.....up visiting my parents for the week, and the two year old loves car ride adventures.... lol
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    Try Falling Knife ,nice assortment of style’s, and good brew. Stinson and Broadway area NE MPLS.
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    Falling Knife and Venn have a lot of good options as well.
  24. Nuts4Barrel-aged

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    Grabbed some crowlers from Lupulin this week and they were fantastic. DDH Hooey was great. Some value crowlers of Blissful for $5 was pretty neat too.
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    Wild Mind is also a good option in the cities.
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    Anyone have a list of Taprooms opening up next week? Is 50 the max amount of people allowed with outdoor seating ,reservations required per restaurant mandate? Wcco had a partial list today
    Bad Weather
    Lake Monster
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    And piggybacking off that question...
    Does anyone know if Drastic Measures or Copper Trail have outdoor seating?
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    I know Disgruntled in Perham was talking about opening up for outdoor seating.
    Goat Ridge in New London is opening up for outdoor seating. They're requiring masks, which I have no clue how you can drink a beer and wear a mask at the same time.
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    Schram Haus and Schram Winery will be open. Waconia Brewing is still try to figure things out as they do not have a large outdoor space. I guess they are trying to work something out with the city to take over part of the parking lot otherwise it would not be worth it to open.
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    Hey, what happened to @islay around here? He hasn't posted since this whole quarantine fun started. I mean, he did have some good knowledge and passion despite his obvious distaste for NEIPAs.
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    Page @Chaz
  32. islay

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    Still lurking. Coronavirus has taken much of the fun out of craft beer for me for the time being (can't visit taprooms, business developments are depressing). Best of luck to all of these breweries as they struggle to stay afloat!
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    MIA. Two whole months!

  34. HammsMeASAP

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    I lol'd
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    Moose Lake Brewing is also opening up on the 1st. 50 seats on the patio.
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  36. RAH-RAH-Beer

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    I went to AEGIR Brewing Co in Elk River. You order their crowlers or growlers on their web site and call them when you get there and they put them on a table outside the brewery or to your car. I got Double Boom, a Double NEIPA which I thought was quite tasty. They also had a wine ale, call me a cab which did taste like a carbonated wine; quite interesting. Sorry - I got the last crowler.
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    Hate to start this up again, but looks like the Governor will be closing breweries for the next 4 weeks.

    The first details of 4-week pause in first

    - Restaurants, bars, breweries - TAKE OUT ONLY
    - Gyms closed
    - Indoor youth sports paused
  38. Victory_Sabre1973

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    Disgusting. This crap was a major factor in my business going out of business. When sales are down 70-90% you're screwed.
  39. sjguglielmo

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    I am sorry to hear this. I really am. But the solution is passing ambitious legislation to help businesses that are forced to close, not keeping businesses open as a deadly virus spreads uncontrollably.
  40. MNAle

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    A shutdown does not prevent anyone from getting the virus. It merely delays them getting it. If anything, this recent upsurge should prove that.

    A small fact that the news reports never mention.
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