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Discussion in 'Midwest' started by LittleGus, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. LittleGus

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    I've been drinking the hell out of Summit Keller Pils, wishing I could get the Unchained Kolsch, and it occurred to me, why not have limited time greatest hits 12 packs? Call it a "Flashback pack" or something. Summer 12 pack could be Unchained Kolsch, Hopvale, Helles Ya, You Betcha and Union Sparkling Ale. Fall could be Unchained Fest Bier, Unchained Rye IPA, Gold Sovereign Ale, Horizon Red IPA, etc. Come on, Summit, I want that Kolsch and Rye IPA!
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  2. cmannes

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    I did an instacart order from Total Wine. And Total Wine via Instacart is... odd. There's this weird mix of 4-packs vs. singles. So I did my best to add comments etc.

    My order arrived, they scanned my ID through the window, dropped off a box and left, I brought in the box. Wherever I had said "4" of something, because instacart was showing singles, they brought me 4-packs. It was a LOT of 4-packs. I figured, fine, I'm stocked up. Not like I'm going anywhere.

    Later, I checked the tally in instacart, and they seemed to have charged me the singles price for all the 4-packs... Win?

    Now going forward, I'm trying to be very clear if I want 4-packs vs. singles, I'm not trying to cheat the system. But for my first Beer delivery in quarantine, I was okay with the mistake. :slight_smile:
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    That's a good idea, you should send it in to Summit but they are hard pressed to make any fast decisions on...anything really.