Craft Beer Cellar lawsuit against Glassdoor thrown out of court

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    Craft Beer Stellar, LLC (the franchisor of Craft Beer Cellar stores) sued Glassdoor, a website for employee reviews of their employers, based on anonymous posts by store employees criticizing the franchisor and mentioning its CEO Suzanne Schalow. The federal court dismissed the lawsuit based on a federal statute, the Communications Decency Act, that prohibits lawsuits against website publishers for defamatory statements posted by third-parties (unless the website created or developed the offending content). In dismissing the lawsuit, the court explained that the statute was intended to prevent liability from chilling online speech and to remove the disincentives to self-regulation that would otherwise result if liability were imposed on intermediaries that took an active role in screening content—for example, by filtering or editing out inappropriate content.

    When Craft Beer Stellar filed the lawsuit, it brought attention to the anonymous criticisms by its employees. Now that the lawsuit has been dismissed, the decision to file suit appears especially unwise.

    An internet law professor describes it as an "easy case" to dismiss under the Communications Decency Act. Here is his short write up of the case:

    Here is the court's decision:
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    As it should have been....just absurd
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