Craft Breweries are Facing Tough Decisions Amid a Nationwide CO2 Shortage

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    Breweries have already been facing higher costs for raw materials like aluminum and barley as a result of inflation.
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    Reposting this from the Night Shift thread; originally intended for skeptics in the thread.


    For those who are skeptical of CO2 playing a role here, check out this piece from December 2021:

    And this July 2022 piece from gasworld:
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    For folks interested in reading more about the specific issue of Nighy Shift Brewing deciding to shut down production (they will still have a pilot brewing system) at their brewery there is an ongoing thread in the Northeast forum:

    The last post in the above thread (as I am making this post) is from Rob Burns (one of the owners of Night Shift):

    “Right now, with the information we have it is hopefully only a 30-60 day supply shortage. I don't have a crystal ball - but I don't believe it will be a year long issue. The ammonia plants fire back up in the fall and winter.”

    Based upon the above statement it reads like the CO2 shortage is transitory (the ‘it’ word of 2021?).

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