Craft brewing industry contributed $79.1 billion to the U.S. economy, responsible for 559,545 jobs

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    Boulder, Colo. • September 25, 2019 — The craft brewing industry remains a strong contributor to the U.S. economy, evident by the 2018 Economic Impact Report, which was released today by the Brewers Association, the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers. The analysis highlights total national impact, in addition to economic data, of craft brewers for all 50 states.

    In 2018, small and independent craft brewers contributed $79.1 billion to the U.S. economy, roughly 0.4 percent of gross domestic product. The 2018 numbers mark a 4 percent increase from 2017, highlighting the industry’s steady performance across the country. The calculation is derived from the total impact of beer brewed by craft brewers as it moves through the three-tier system (breweries, wholesalers and retailers), as well as all non-beer products such as food and merchandise sold in brewpub restaurants and brewery taprooms.

    In 2018, the craft brewing industry provided 559,545 total jobs, with 150,055 jobs directly at breweries. In addition, more than $5 billion in wages and benefits were provided to brewery employees through 2018.

    “With small breweries in every state and nearly every congressional district in the country, craft brewers are a vital and growing part of the economy in cities and towns all across the country,” said Bart Watson, chief economist of the Brewers Association. “Beer lovers are spending their dollars by supporting small and independent brewers in their local communities and across the country, and its positive impact is evident nationwide.”

    Top 5 States by Economic Contribution (2018)
    1. California, $9.0 billion
    2. Pennsylvania, $6.3 billion
    3. Texas, $5.1 billion
    4. New York, $4.1 billion
    5. Florida, $3.6 billion
    Top 5 States by Contribution per Capita for 21+ Adults (2018)
    1. Colorado, $780 ($3.3 billion)
    2. Vermont, $756 ($362 million)
    3. Oregon, $674 ($2.1 billion)
    4. Pennsylvania, $657 ($6.3 billion)
    5. Maine, $631, ($656 million)
    Additional statistics and methodology, including state-by-state data, can be found on the economic impact page on the Brewers Association website.

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    I did more than my fair share!

    A 4% improvement doesn't sound like a faltering industry.
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