Currently on the Shelves at Hill Farmstead (January 2015)

Discussion in 'US - Northeast' started by MattOC, Jan 2, 2015.

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  1. MattOC

    MattOC (435) Jan 13, 2013 Massachusetts

    Since Hill Farmstead is no longer holding official release events, please use this thread to post the bottles available on the shelves along with costs, sizes, limits and so forth.

    It's OK to include the beers available in growlers too.

    As always, looking at the HF retail page

    or calling the brewery


    are your best sources for up-to-date information.
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  2. EJLinneman

    EJLinneman (501) Mar 2, 2009 New Jersey

    Did anyone get the chance to see what the wooden tote stocked with the favorites is going for?
  3. ChrisChagnon

    ChrisChagnon (0) Jul 9, 2013 Connecticut

    Too much.
  4. EJLinneman

    EJLinneman (501) Mar 2, 2009 New Jersey

    That's what I figured when I didn't see the price on the site haha. Wish I could just buy the bottles.
  5. Hophead717

    Hophead717 (0) Oct 21, 2011 Massachusetts

  6. graykwon

    graykwon (0) Dec 3, 2014 Massachusetts

    What are the favorites that are included with the tote?
  7. Sean802

    Sean802 (0) Jul 14, 2013 Vermont

    Aaron, art, cd10, sarrasin.
  8. jweave16

    jweave16 (0) Jul 31, 2013 New York

    Wish they had them when I was there 2 weeks ago. Would have been awesome to get one.
  9. marshmeli

    marshmeli (0) Feb 14, 2012 New York

    I should also be going on Friday...
  10. jstout26

    jstout26 (305) May 30, 2013 North Carolina

    They've removed all the upcoming bottles from the bottle release page. Only listed are the bottles currently available.
  11. GiantCogs

    GiantCogs (0) Oct 25, 2012 Massachusetts

    I was first in line Saturday and there were no totes.

    Scored some Anna, Dorothy, Edward, George, Edward, Susan, Nordic Saison, SS#2, SS#6, and Excursion #2. Woooheee. Also had some Double Citra in Waterbury. Beautiful.
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  12. EJLinneman

    EJLinneman (501) Mar 2, 2009 New Jersey

    I saw that last night. I'm curious to why they deleted everything on that part of the page. I'll be there on Wednesday/Thursday and will be sure to post if there's anything available aside from what's listed on the retail portion of the site.
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  13. woodfinish

    woodfinish (0) Aug 24, 2005 Massachusetts

    It seemed like most of the beer previously listed on the release page was several to many months away. That's running into the time horizon when the new retail space will be open, which will presumably bring some changes on its own.

    Ann's the big upcoming release (must be just about ready, since some lucky friends-of-HF were Tweeting about it over the holidays), and whenever they settle on a process for that, it'll probably merit its own writeup.
  14. TheSevenDuffs

    TheSevenDuffs (0) Jan 20, 2010 Canada (ON)

    Have they said when they expect the new retail space to be open? And/or have they given any details on changes that will come once it is?
  15. woodfinish

    woodfinish (0) Aug 24, 2005 Massachusetts

    I believe Shaun has said the plan is to have it open before the next Anniversary event, which would be Memorial Day. I haven't heard anything recently about changes, but from the size of the place and the plans that were submitted for permitting, it seemed clear to me that it would be going beyond the growler/bottle lines. For example, there was some talk about bringing in other local vendors, as they've already started to do with the on-site taco stand.

    I don't expect the beer-buying experience will radically change, but presumably they'll want to get a feel for how the new facility is working out before dropping a bunch of high demand beers on the shelves. Who knows, though, maybe they'll open with three CD's up!

    Final construction + Vermont winter/spring weather might also be a reason to consider big releases carefully for the next few months.
  16. DCLAguy11

    DCLAguy11 (0) Feb 28, 2014 California

    @woodfinish Thanks for the insight and update. Last time I was there someone mentioned that they might be considering upgrading(?) their license to sell pints or larger pours than samples. Any truth or insight to this? Obviously, there's been some previous issues with requiring DDs for HF events (e.g. FoFA) so I would be surprised if they did this plus I think they need to sell food in order to sell full pours of beer.
  17. GiantCogs

    GiantCogs (0) Oct 25, 2012 Massachusetts

    I think that would be great if they were able to pair it with a ticket system rather than a line. Otherwise, it's rather fine the way it is. Go up to the brewery get your cargo. Hit up all the fun bars and restaurants on your way home. Sometimes the bars will have more to offer than the brewery.
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  18. DCLAguy11

    DCLAguy11 (0) Feb 28, 2014 California

    I agree with this. The bars have an amazing selection and the bonus of being able to sit down and enjoy good food. I just wish I could get more than 8oz of amazing beer while I wait in a looong line.
  19. woodfinish

    woodfinish (0) Aug 24, 2005 Massachusetts

    I do hope they go this way. Especially in the summer it would be much more fun to chill outside while you wait for your growler fills.

    A Tree House-like system would make a lot of sense if there were full pours and local food vendors, similar to what they've done for the festivals.
  20. EJLinneman

    EJLinneman (501) Mar 2, 2009 New Jersey

    Was there today and bought the last tso bottles of Nordic. Anna and Dorothy was still available when I left. Growler list was the same as whats on the site. No totes.
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  21. NickDrista

    NickDrista (0) Mar 14, 2013 Massachusetts

    Same limits on Dorothy and Anna???
  22. EJLinneman

    EJLinneman (501) Mar 2, 2009 New Jersey

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  23. marshmeli

    marshmeli (0) Feb 14, 2012 New York

    A good amount of those other bottles still left? Odds of Brother for sale by Friday? I know it's upcoming but not sure how soon that is.
  24. EJLinneman

    EJLinneman (501) Mar 2, 2009 New Jersey

  25. markgugs

    markgugs (0) Dec 20, 2006 New Jersey

    he doesn't release beers on Fridays, or when he does, it's incredibly rare.
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  26. marshmeli

    marshmeli (0) Feb 14, 2012 New York

    Got it. Thanks.
  27. AdamP

    AdamP (0) Mar 26, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Going to HF tomorrow and looking for a little advice. Currently the plan is to do Waterbury for lunch and then hit up HF mid-afternoon to avoid waiting in pre-open lines in the freezing cold. Is it a pretty good bit that things will be calmer around 2-3pm than right at noon? Cheers!
  28. marshmeli

    marshmeli (0) Feb 14, 2012 New York

    Doing my first trip tomorrow as well. My plan is a bit different:

    hitting Three Penny Taproom for lunch (around 11-11:30), then Lost Nation then HF (hoping to get there around 3:30-4), so looking for similar advice... maybe i will see you up there
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  29. woodfinish

    woodfinish (0) Aug 24, 2005 Massachusetts

    Almost certainly. No reason for the line to be out the door even at open, let alone mid-afternoon.

    As always, if you're all the way up there already, Parker Pie is a great stop. Lost Nation is also excellent.
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  30. AaronF

    AaronF (0) Jun 23, 2012 Connecticut

    Check hours on Three Penny. Last time I was by they opened @ noon. You can always swing by Hunger Mountain and grab some other VT goodness if it is around. Fair Maiden or Crop Idyltime.
  31. Liquidswordz

    Liquidswordz (0) Jul 12, 2012 Texas

    Noticed HF hasn't updated their upcoming bottles/guest bottles list in weeks it seems like. Anyone know what's going on there? Any word through the grapevine on anything other than Anna and Dorothybeing available this week?
  32. bootdown21

    bootdown21 (370) May 14, 2009 Connecticut

  33. woodfinish

    woodfinish (0) Aug 24, 2005 Massachusetts

    Hmmm. This will be interesting! I'm a little worried that a ton of HF fans (myself included) will sign up for every day without having really thought through the logistics of actually getting up there some arbitrary number of days that week.
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  34. Resuin

    Resuin (980) Jun 18, 2012 Massachusetts

    Yeah, and it looks like in that case, it gets donated to charity: "Should buyer fail to pick up their bottle, he/she forfeits their bottle. Winners who fail to pick up their bottle will NOT be refunded the $47.70 or service charges. Forfeitures will be used to support local charities via donations and future fundraising events."
  35. pehodges

    pehodges (0) May 25, 2013 Massachusetts

    "Days"? You're expecting to hit the jackpot more than once? If only.
    The way I see it, every beer advocate from coast to coast with a credit limit greater than $200 is going to enter all four days' lotteries. On Judgement Day Friday, the winners will realize they can't travel to the hills of Vermont in February on a work day with three weeks notice, and look to back out of the obligation.
    The curious and ambiguous part is whether you can back out on Friday after "winning" and not get charged? You can read through the language on the web page. Not clear.
    Previous HF lotteries (FOFA) have had a rolling "second offering" period. When "winners" declined to purchase their tickets (and weren't charged), additional new "winners" were selected. Not mentioned here.
    My prediction is that less than half the bottles will be sold in the lottery, with the remaining allotment of "winners" equally split between people who backed out on Friday and avoided getting charged and people that over-estimated their ability to get to Greensboro and donated their cash to charity.
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  36. bobbypaulson

    bobbypaulson (0) Oct 28, 2010 Rhode Island

    No backing out this time. The final paragraph on the release page:

    Should buyer fail to pick up their bottle, he/she forfeits their bottle. Winners who fail to pick up their bottle will NOT be refunded the $47.70 or service charges. Forfeitures will be used to support local charities via donations and future fundraising events.

    If you win all four days and can't get your bottle all four days you lose your money and the bottle. Think wisely, the choice is yours and yours alone. Good luck.
  37. pushkinwow

    pushkinwow (0) Dec 20, 2006 Canada (ON)

    Interesting process HF is many have said similar to what is used for concerts. Wish I could make the timing work to make entering worthwhile but not going to happen. Thoughts?

    "Ann is the wine barrel-aged version of Anna, our grandfather's sister, as well as the name of our honey farmstead ale. In her honor, we fill French oak wine barrels with Anna and allow the beer to mature in the presence of our resident microflora. After extended aging for as long as it requires to reach its apex, a beautifully complex beer emerges; Anna becomes Ann. Only the finest expressions of barrel-aged Anna become Ann; our version of Grand Cru, this beer represents the finest barrel results at their peak representation. Each 750ml bottle is naturally carbonated and hand-dipped in beeswax, Ann exhibits and showcases the microflora of her landscape.

    To make the sale of this new batch of Ann as smooth as possible, we will use a ticketed lottery system. Doing so will reduce parking issues, make travel arrangements easier for buyers and help improve the entire experience!

    Each 750ml bottle is $47.70 ($45 plus 6% Vermont State Sales Tax), plus a Freshtix service fee.

    The ticket process will be in the same spirit as a musician with shows taking place over four days. Each day will feature its own lottery drawing; just like a concert, you can try for one day or all four! Each lottery is a separate drawing, so your entry is only good for one day; you must sign up for each day separately if you wish to be eligible for more than one day. One (1) entry per person per pick-up day.
    Sign up will begin at 7 a.m. on Thursday, January 15, and close at 7 a.m. Friday, January 16.

    Freshtix will randomly draw winners from those who pre-register on Friday, January 16, before noon EST, and notify winners beginning that afternoon. You will be given instructions on completing your purchase. If you were not a winner, your credit card will be refunded the entry fee by 5 p.m. on Friday, January 16.

    Freshtix will charge a flat service charge of $5.37 for each entry at sign up (applied to winning entries; those who do not win will be refunded!).

    Freshtix will contact winners via email to complete the transactions. Please do not contact Hill Farmstead to inquire about refund status or winning charges.

    Understand that in signing up, you agree to pay the service charge at the time of entering. Winning entries are nontransferable; so, if you cannot personally pick up your bottle(s) during the aforementioned pick up times, do not sign up.

    All winning entries are Will Call; there will be no NO tickets issued. Winning entries may only redeemed by the winner/buyer in person on the date issued! You must arrive with a valid photo ID to claim your bottle.

    Entries are ONLY good for the date of the winning entry. This day cannot be changed, so plan accordingly.

    The pick up window is February 4 – 7, 2015, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    Winners will present a valid, state-issued photo ID or passport to redeem the ticket and receive their bottle."
  38. bobbypaulson

    bobbypaulson (0) Oct 28, 2010 Rhode Island

    My main question is:

    @Bobbypaulson109: @HillFarmstead if you enter and are chosen are you forced to buy the bottle? I hope this is the case, it will deter a lot from entering the lottery.

    I just tweeted that to them. Hopefully I get s response.
  39. bring

    bring (424) Aug 17, 2005 Greenland

    Nope, definitely not every.
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  40. jageraholic

    jageraholic (586) Sep 16, 2009 Massachusetts

    My thoughts are it's $53 for a bottle beer which really lowers my interest.
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