Currently on the shelves at Hill Farmstead (July 2017)

Discussion in 'US - Northeast' started by NiceBeerCans, Jul 1, 2017.

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  1. KevSal

    KevSal Oct 17, 2010 California

    so i see cans for trade o the forums. now in 16oz format. is there anything on social media that announces them or are they competely random and silent? i've been dreaming about hf cans lol ever since those can photos came out on april fools a few years ago

    how much did the 16oz sell for?
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  2. MarkJC1018

    MarkJC1018 Dec 27, 2009 Massachusetts

    This isn't my photo, but this should answer your question:

  3. JuanFushashi

    JuanFushashi Feb 5, 2011 Maine

    Have cans for takeaway only been on Saturdays? I stopped by two Fridays ago and only saw bottles at the shop (though luckily snagged a Difference & Repetition can for onsite consumption).
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  4. Cmike1992

    Cmike1992 Apr 26, 2017 New Hampshire

    Wow that's awesome. I can see why Hill waited so long to can but it will be nice when I go back to be able to take away cans instead of just a growler. As someone whose girlfriend doesn't drink buying growlers is a pain because I have to drink it myself
  5. AUtiger1209

    AUtiger1209 Jul 14, 2017 Georgia

    I'd like to know about Saturday as well. I'll be up there 9/2 and praying they have a can release.
  6. KevSal

    KevSal Oct 17, 2010 California

    wow 6 4-packs per person, they must have made a lot! thanks for the info!

    i'm surprised they havnt been more vocal about online considering that they've always been pretty transparent on what's available at the brewery. they should add it on their website
  7. Brewhead55

    Brewhead55 Apr 21, 2014 Missouri

    I asked about this- it sounded like they want the releases to remain sporadic because they don't want huge crowds and lines for the canned stuff...

    They are using a mobile canning unit sporadically, so not sure how much of a schedule or plan they have behind the cannings.
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  8. debokle

    debokle Feb 20, 2017 Vermont

    There were dharma bum cans this past Friday. Only 2 4-pack limit though.
  9. Mikecap

    Mikecap May 18, 2012 Rhode Island

    Also were cans for sale on the 4th of July which was a Tuesday.

    Don't plan a trip around getting cans to go. Just go. Growlers taste good too.
  10. Skwalk47

    Skwalk47 Aug 31, 2010 Massachusetts

    Looking like this is the first week in a while with no new bottles.
  11. woodfinish

    woodfinish Aug 24, 2005 Massachusetts

    Probably just a matter of what's ready, but since a buddy of mine is headed up Thursday, I hope it's a test of the drawing power of silently released S&S cans remaining on the shelf.

    We're so much closer to my dream of Legitimacy cans!
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  12. jonphisher

    jonphisher Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    I hope they never put it on social or their site. Last thing the most beautiful brewery in the world needs is a bunch of neck beards lining up to resell and trade cans. I saw some guy on the FT forum trying to trade his HF cans 1:4 for treehouse beers, seriously. I'm all for trading fairly and too share but it does bring out the worst in this scene sometimes. I hope somehow they keep cans going but it never turns into what other places have. Too special and too much love for that place.
  13. Resuin

    Resuin Jun 18, 2012 Massachusetts

    There's still time...
  14. JuanFushashi

    JuanFushashi Feb 5, 2011 Maine

    Personally, I'd like to have the cans for hiking, but I wouldn't pass up growler fills even if they do have cans.
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  15. oldbean

    oldbean Jun 30, 2005 Massachusetts

    There might only been nine different bottled options to start the week.
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  16. aetherness

    aetherness Aug 28, 2015 Massachusetts

    Does anyone know if CD18 will last through tomorrow?
  17. kinopio

    kinopio Apr 30, 2009 Massachusetts

    I had a good time at the VT brewers fest on saturday but the best beers I had over the weekend were HF beers at bars around Burlington. Difference & Repetition is amazing. I hadn't had Shirley Mae Sunrise Edition and that was delicious. Arthur and Anna were great as always.
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  18. jonphisher

    jonphisher Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    Did something change at hill farmstead. First we see random cans, the surprise four packs, then surprise cases. And now a social media picture that is basically a can add? Sorry I don't know how to post picture, saw it on their instagram. I don't know just seems odd to me. Anyone else feel this way? I know it's great but also I just feel like it is unlike that place to do this stuff.
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  19. woodfinish

    woodfinish Aug 24, 2005 Massachusetts

    I don't think Shaun ever had a religious objection to cans. The primary concern was, as I always heard it, that mistreated, old cans getting passed around would present the brewery in a bad light.

    Now HF has been declared "world's best" on more than one occasion. Dozens of breweries around the country have packaged fresh, relatively delicate IPAs in cans & haven't had real problems with consumers drinking and reviewing months-old beer. Beer fans understand "keep cold, drink fresh".

    At the same time, the new brewery / tap room has suffered impressively few growing pains, and they have plenty of spare retail capacity to sell more beer to go.

    Seems like a great time to start canning.

    Walden and cans will be an excellent match, I bet.
  20. debokle

    debokle Feb 20, 2017 Vermont

    Really hoping for S&S4 in cans.
  21. ajthegreat

    ajthegreat Nov 11, 2010 Vermont

    Is anyone up there today? Are there cans for sale?
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  22. aetherness

    aetherness Aug 28, 2015 Massachusetts

    Walden 4 packs
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  23. aetherness

    aetherness Aug 28, 2015 Massachusetts

    Btw, anyone at HF today want to split some bottles? Le Sarrasin, St Lam, and Damon are looking good
  24. ajthegreat

    ajthegreat Nov 11, 2010 Vermont

    I was eyeing that La Sarrasin lol, but $80 was too rich for my blood. Scooped up 3 four packs of Walden. Absolutely perfect for cans.
  25. Dmbphoenix

    Dmbphoenix May 17, 2012 New York

    Just read through the HF website but makes no mention of growler deli counter like tickers but I assume that is for all days,and not just for days of special releases?

    Addendum: So I'm now reading about this FOFA festival on Aug 5. Planning to stop in Weds Aug 9. Sounds silly but its happened,.....will there be any brew on hand the week following this festival?
  26. woodfinish

    woodfinish Aug 24, 2005 Massachusetts

    Deli-style tickets for growler fills every day.

    I'm sure there will be plenty of great beer Wednesday after FoFA. If Vera Mae is released as traditional I'd bet it will still be around. And after the last Anniversary weekend, there were interesting vintages for on-site that lasted for another week or so; good chance anything special that goes up for FoFA visitors will survive.
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  27. Fahmie25

    Fahmie25 Jan 2, 2008 New York

    The "deli-style" is the new system there...that's how it works for growlers every day now. Post-FoFA there will be just as much beer available as there normally is. Don't think of the fest as something that changes the dynamic of HF for anything other than that Saturday. It will be just as worth it to go the week after (and some may like it better since so many people go up for FoFA that the week after will likely be somewhat quiet)
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  28. Dmbphoenix

    Dmbphoenix May 17, 2012 New York

    Thanks for the replies. It's been over five years and I'm a bit of research night and have been looking up info on their website. So I want to hear me ask this is there still a no limit on growler fills? I only have four small HF growlers from my last trip
  29. Jtbel1988

    Jtbel1988 Dec 7, 2014 New York

    No limit on growlers and pours are no longer limited.
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  30. icfpny

    icfpny Apr 3, 2015 New York

    Disappointed that Zwanze won't be at HF again this year. Anyone ever go to Seymour western Mass? I imagine that's the most low key event in the northeast?
  31. M-Fox24

    M-Fox24 Mar 17, 2013 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    Seymour was a ticketed event, two sessions, and operated like a fine-tuned machine: food was sensibly curated, not jam-packed/mobbed, selective draft & bottle offerings...One of the more intimate, relaxing, enjoyable Zwanze experiences an individual can encounter + drafts were still flowing post-session(s), for general admission
  32. dmolz

    dmolz Dec 2, 2014 Connecticut

    all set on the bus. do we need to email that it is our dd or is it just coordinated and assumed already since we aren't using a pass for somebody bringing us? also, do they do on site bottles during or after the fest before buses leave? can't wait!
  33. chipawayboy

    chipawayboy Oct 26, 2007 Massachusetts

    was thinking of heading up wed --- any thoughts on availability of cans? any patterns yet in the random can releases so far?
  34. QCHopper

    QCHopper Dec 9, 2014 Vermont

    No, taproom is closed the day of the fest. No growler fills either
  35. JuanFushashi

    JuanFushashi Feb 5, 2011 Maine

    It's tough to judge on Wednesdays sometimes since it's more or less of a reset there. Since July 4, there have been three different beers available in cans, and I believe that Walden was available in cans every day they were open last week. I would think you'd see something canned this week (or leftover Walden from last week?), based on a somewhat consistent supply over the last two weeks.

    It's not quite random, but without cans popping up on the retail section of the website, it's not a sure bet either. Good luck!
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  36. zman_

    zman_ Mar 20, 2015 Massachusetts

    Are you sure about that? Website and FOFA page seem to list tap room & bottle shop being open on the day of FOFA (8/5) from 10am-1pm however the semicolon may mean that tap room closed but bottles open? Anyone able to provide clarification on growlers/tasting room in addition to bottle sales day of FOFA?
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  37. hopley

    hopley Feb 24, 2010 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    That is a little confusing but I think I saw somewhere else that it was only bottle sales on Saturday, no growlers or tastes.
  38. NiceBeerCans

    NiceBeerCans Mar 16, 2013 New York

    From last year's event:

    Bottles and merchandise only (no growler fills or tastings)
  39. QCHopper

    QCHopper Dec 9, 2014 Vermont

  40. Trystero

    Trystero Jul 28, 2009 Ohio

    Does HF typically get cleared out of stock during FOFA? I will be there 8/24 and am hoping there is a good selection of beers to bring back to Ohio.
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