Dark Horse has been aquired and merged with Roak brewing

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  1. FatBoyGotSwagger

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  2. RaulMondesi

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    All I know is that I traded for some of their beers in the past and I really loved Plead The Fifth Barrel Aged and Crooked Tree IPA. Pretty sure they briefly had a show on The History Channel too. I’ll safely assume that that didn’t work out.
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  3. Sparty93

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    There's a thread in the Great Lakes forum that's documented the angst over Dark Horse in recent years. Their reputation has been slowly fading for several years now - you'd be hard pressed to find Michigan residents who would rank DH as anywhere near the top brands in the state anymore.
  4. FatBoyGotSwagger

    FatBoyGotSwagger Meyvn (1,343) Apr 4, 2009 Pennsylvania

    I don't think there is any I'll will towards DH in my area. I remember when we started getting their beer and was happy to see plead the fith and double crooked tree(I may be one of the minority who love it). Although they seem to have problems moving their year round offerings like crooked tree. I haven't seen much of their beer lately. In fact the last one I remember buying was their elf Christmas beer which was very good but over a year ago.
  5. Milktoast75

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    I very much have enjoyed Dark Horse’s Scotty Karate and Plead the Fifth. Plead the Fifth is probably my favorite imperial stout. But that’s the only brands I drink on a regular basis.

    With Bells and Founders sucking all the beer oxygen out of Michigan, you can’t compete with just an image or attitude.
    I hope they can regroup and come back with some more kick ass beers.
  6. thedaveofbeer

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    Dark horse indeed- I have seen their beers collect dust on shelves in MA for a few years. I almost bought some once out of curiosity, but after noticing how old it was and how expensive it was, I bought something local at a lower cost. I imagine that this will be similar to the death knell of many regional brewers.
  7. bbtkd

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    Looking at their lineup, they have had sixteen Plead The 5th variants. Perhaps they ran out of ideas.
  8. MNAle

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    I've had 4 of their beers. My ratings are (highest to lowest):

    Scotty Karate Scotch Ale 4.16 rDev +2.7%
    Plead The 5th Imperial Stout 4.04 rDev -6.5%
    Reserve Special Black Ale 3.69 rDev -6.8%
    Blueberry Stout 3.57 rDev -10.5%
    Scotty Karate - Bourbon Barrel Aged 2.73 rDev -31.6%

    Oddly, my highest and lowest rated were Scotty Karate, with the BA version at the bottom.
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  9. tobelerone

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    Bourbon barrel monster 29! Anyone still sitting on these bottles? Loved that one.
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  10. Frostedmug

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    Other than double crooked tree (which I love) I don’t see their beers anymore in WI. They used to be at most stores I shop. Unless I am just missing them when I shop.
  11. Zaphog

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    Yep, have a couple left.
  12. 2beerdogs

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    Love me Pt5 and BBPt5. And Crooked Tree and Double Crooked Tree excellent. Don't remember much else that stood out for me. The show was great though.
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