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Dark Lord Day 2013 (new site/info)

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by Cenosillicaphobe, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. deadmule

    deadmule Initiate (0) Jan 6, 2010 Ohio

    I sent an email to Three Floyds asking if they knew what the bottles were going to be priced. And I got this answer:
    It will be posted when available.
    WOW what an insightful answer.
  2. sbxx

    sbxx Initiate (0) Mar 21, 2011 Illinois

    Last year, pricing and allotments weren't posted until, what, the day before?

    Why would anyone expect differently this year?
  3. nickMB

    nickMB Disciple (310) Nov 17, 2009 Illinois

    having bad customer service is metal. But seriously, they are getting slammed by folks bothering them with dark lord day questions, gotta cut em some slack.
  4. FanClub

    FanClub Initiate (0) Nov 2, 2012 Indiana

    honestly what did you want them to say? If they don't know yet they don't know. If they do know doesn't it make more sense to release the answer once, as opposed to answering 6,000 independent emails?

    I'm the opposite of metal and generally laid back, but if worked at a retailer or a brewery i'd want punch half of you in the throat.
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  5. Cenosillicaphobe

    Cenosillicaphobe Initiate (0) Jul 24, 2011 Maine

    Nothing better than a good throat punch.
  6. ravot

    ravot Devotee (426) Mar 20, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    punch only after they drink your beer. how else would you make profit? people with throats punched will not swallow.
  7. Kattrax63

    Kattrax63 Initiate (0) Jan 18, 2008 Indiana

    Hope they at least have some Port-o-lets near the beginning of the DL line.

    Too many group C'ers were just pissing right along the chain link fence at the back end of the property.
  8. Cenosillicaphobe

    Cenosillicaphobe Initiate (0) Jul 24, 2011 Maine

    Boy...sure am glad I was in group B...shooting for A this year cuz I gotta roll up outta there by 2:30...but I shall return...for whatever that ends up being worth...
  9. Irishace9

    Irishace9 Zealot (543) Sep 7, 2012 Illinois
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Could it be possible that they actually have upped theproduction even if just slightly? I have been frequenting the brewery 2-6 times per month for the last 4 years and I can say they have been very light on a lot of beers the past several months. Case in point would be their seasonals have been over a month behind consistently for the last few months. I personally have not seen them that far behind before.
  10. raymo55

    raymo55 Initiate (0) Oct 3, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    What is Dark Lord Day?
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  11. kzoobrew

    kzoobrew Initiate (0) May 8, 2006 Michigan

    Now I have read the New Dark Lord Day thread, the Old Dark Lord Day thread, the Nearly Most Definitive Dark Lord Day thread, the Mostest Best Definitivest Dark Lord thread and all the others that were just full of speculation and no one seems to be addressing whats important. Why has the official post DLD strip club not been discussed? Why is no one including that into their budget? It's funny some of you would be bashful about your favorite part of DLD now.

    I'm kinda on the fence, am I going or not? I need all the information to make a decision.
  12. zoomzoom

    zoomzoom Initiate (0) Mar 13, 2013 Alberta (Canada)

    Still no word on Styx as the headlining act. What gives?
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  13. 0zzzie19

    0zzzie19 Initiate (0) Dec 20, 2008 Illinois

    Kill all de white people, but buy my record first
  14. Casedogg43

    Casedogg43 Initiate (0) Jan 4, 2012 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    For those that do not think it wil be in the park this year, or park and pub.
    Don't be so confident.

    The park is for real this year!
  15. Randalg

    Randalg Initiate (0) Dec 29, 2005 Illinois

    No one mentioned this at the top of the ticket page so you might be right.

    All event information is subject to change. Please check back before date of event.
  16. mbockstruck30

    mbockstruck30 Disciple (320) Dec 31, 2010 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Skybox on Halsted :wink:
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  17. dman5400

    dman5400 Disciple (337) Jan 13, 2011 Illinois
    Supporter Beer Trader

    Your close, but no cigar. Club O ftw. That is if you want a good time.
  18. AleWatcher

    AleWatcher Initiate (0) Jan 25, 2009 Illinois

    Club 390.
    Chicago Heights.
    Full. Contact. Lap-dances.

    I have 10 or so free passes.... so no cover.

    You can crash at our dld hq in oak forest.
  19. aasher

    aasher Poo-Bah (2,558) Jan 27, 2010 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    Done and done.
  20. Cpeck44

    Cpeck44 Initiate (164) May 16, 2010 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    They will enforce the "must show id with ticket" policy right up to the point on sunday at 12:07 p.m. when all of the tickets sell out, at which point that will be cast by the wayside along with all the would be eBay ticket scalping d-bags.
  21. Lansman

    Lansman Aspirant (239) Mar 19, 2011 Missouri
    Beer Trader

    Seems like they are responding to a lot of questions coming their way about how the whole ticket process works and added a lot more descriptive information about the process the day of the festival. Updated information from http://darklordday.com/golden-tickets/:

    A ticket is required to attend the festival and it is the only way to ensure that you get the opportunity to purchase Dark Lord Imperial Stout. Changes have to be made to ensure the longevity of the festival, safety and shorter lines. Without the ticket, there will be no admission to the premises. The name of the person to whom the tickets are being shipped will be printed on the ticket. When you arrive at the festival you will be required to present your ID. Security will confirm that the purchaser name and ID match as the reselling of these tickets is prohibited. No admission will be granted without the original purchaser being present to validate their ticket with their valid state or federal ID or valid passport. Then they may enter the event with his/her guest. The name of the person whom the tickets are being sent to will be the name that is printed on the ticket.

    One person is admitted per ticket. One allotment per person. One Golden ticket per Music Today ticket holder. The “guest” reference denotes the fact that tickets (if 2 are ordered) will both be printed with the name associated with the shipping address. Therefore, the person with their name printed on the ticket(s) will need to be present to validate both tickets then they and their ‘guest’ will be admitted.

    This is NOT a 2 for 1 scenario.
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  22. rxeight

    rxeight Aspirant (289) Feb 5, 2012 Illinois

    What exactly was the group C shitstorm. I had c tix but didnt get in line until the line was winding down. But i was in the pub for most of C group so i didnt see any chaos.
  23. dman5400

    dman5400 Disciple (337) Jan 13, 2011 Illinois
    Supporter Beer Trader

    I got in line before 5 once everyone started lining up for c. Then we were standing in line for 2 hours not moving an inch. A huge group of people had started to cut in at the front. Luckily all the people around me, including myself, won BA dark lord. In the end it was all worth it.
  24. mdomask

    mdomask Aspirant (274) May 27, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    They also changed everything to say "central time" and dropped the "standard" altogether.

    Looks like someone hired a copy editor.
  25. Cenosillicaphobe

    Cenosillicaphobe Initiate (0) Jul 24, 2011 Maine

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  26. zieglemt

    zieglemt Initiate (43) Apr 25, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I've heard that all of these except Eyehategod are confirmed.
  27. stfun37

    stfun37 Initiate (46) Jan 16, 2008 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    I posted this in the other thread. Originally, that link had the DLD lineup listed as: High on Fire, Pig Destroyer, Municipal Waste, Lair of the Minotaur. Then it got edited to "Surprise Guests".
  28. FlssmrBrewAlum

    FlssmrBrewAlum Aspirant (204) Feb 25, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I'm pretty impressed this thread is working on 5 pages after less than a day and a half.
  29. leftyhyzer

    leftyhyzer Initiate (169) Jul 10, 2012 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    As of last week it hasnt even been brought to board of directors of fff. Talked to someone in the board. So no its not confirmed yet.
  30. raymo55

    raymo55 Initiate (0) Oct 3, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Mostly crotchity drunk bitches where I was.
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  31. Cenosillicaphobe

    Cenosillicaphobe Initiate (0) Jul 24, 2011 Maine

    Bummer...group B sang Happy Birthday to my girlfriend...and everyone I was with won BA Dark Lord purchasing rights...that day was a good day. [/Ice Cube]
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  32. jeffdill

    jeffdill Initiate (0) Apr 26, 2012 Washington

    What were the odds of winning the golden ticket, anyway? None of my friends did.
  33. MaxSpang

    MaxSpang Initiate (0) Jan 28, 2011 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    Last year, all 4 of us in my group won. So did the 3 people in front of us.
  34. NikkoE82

    NikkoE82 Aspirant (228) Jan 1, 2012 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    This is a weird question, but last year I got hosed by broken images on the Music Today site. When I tried refreshing at the right time last year, everything reloaded but I couldn't tell which link was the "Buy your ticket" link because of broken images. Does anyone remember whereabouts on the page that link pops up in case I get broken images again this year?
  35. redblacks75

    redblacks75 Aspirant (228) Oct 29, 2010 Iowa
    Beer Trader

    It's not that it's a weird question... It would just be odd if anyone remembered that sort of information.
    ravot likes this.
  36. ravot

    ravot Devotee (426) Mar 20, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    try buying tickets for another random event. don't change your window size from now til then, mark it with whiteout. boom. easy check out with your monitor being off.
  37. Synergy87

    Synergy87 Initiate (0) Jan 21, 2012 Wisconsin

    Shift + F5, pulls a fresh page, not from cache :wink: Chrome is still the fastest browser, unless you are using Win 8, then its firefox by a hair.
  38. NikkoE82

    NikkoE82 Aspirant (228) Jan 1, 2012 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    If asking the question pays off, I'm good to go. If it doesn't, I'm in the same position I was without asking it. I agree it would be odd, but not impossible.
    redblacks75 likes this.
  39. NikkoE82

    NikkoE82 Aspirant (228) Jan 1, 2012 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    That's not an entirely terrible idea.
  40. ravot

    ravot Devotee (426) Mar 20, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    i thought that command worked on everything but chrome. i remember in the past using it for woot offs and it wasn't so successful.

    I have a Win 8 machine for work and immediately installed chrome. works fast. didn't think to try firefox.

    when i went to dark lord last year, i had fun. i was part of the group C line but didn't see the BROS. i saw people pissing on the side though. i also won twice, scratch-offs, because my mul girlfriend came with me.
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