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Discussion in 'US - Midwest' started by MNBeer1017, Oct 24, 2013.

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  1. EJJ1848

    EJJ1848 Jun 24, 2013 Minnesota

    They probably did, However, the last time I recall seeing any available (cask only) was back in 2011. Todd tweeted out a picture of him drinking a BA Darkness last year, so my assumptions are it stays close to the brewers and staff.
  2. JMN44

    JMN44 Sep 19, 2013 Minnesota

    My memory could be wrong but I think there was BA Darkness at Winterfest last year.
  3. OrionsHunt

    OrionsHunt Jul 17, 2011 Minnesota

    I thought Bryant Lake (maybe it was another place) had a keg earlier this year or late 2012. I missed out then and at 2011 Darkness Day. Hopefully one of these days I will get a chance to try it!
  4. OrionsHunt

    OrionsHunt Jul 17, 2011 Minnesota

    That was Oak Aged Vanilla Bean Darkness, not BA.
  5. JMN44

    JMN44 Sep 19, 2013 Minnesota

    Yes, you are right. I remember it now. The Oak Aged Vanilla Bean Darkness was delicious.
  6. incutrav

    incutrav Jan 16, 2007 Minnesota

    Elite in Woodbury next to Aldi had some, believe it was the going rate at 19.99. I instead bought...Saga!:grimacing:

    If Im going to spend 20 bucks on an Imp. Stout, might as well head to Hudson and get a growler of Speedway.
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  7. BierVogel

    BierVogel Oct 29, 2012 Minnesota

    Any droppings in the South or SouthWest metro today? Only interested in places selling it for $20.
  8. nograz

    nograz Oct 30, 2013 Minnesota

    Check a Cub, two of my friends have scored some there and it is $19. My one friend lives in Prior Lake and got some and said 2 were left at the Cub out that way.
  9. chewy08rx

    chewy08rx Jul 12, 2006 Minnesota

    Cub in Bloomington had some for $24.99.
  10. Stevedore

    Stevedore Nov 16, 2012 Oregon
    Society Trader

    Any sightings in the St Louis Park area?
  11. Torgo

    Torgo Dec 19, 2008 Minnesota

    Four Firkins and Liquor Barrel in SLP had some on Monday, but it's long gone now. Not sure if other stores are getting later distrobution.
  12. mothman

    mothman Jun 21, 2007 Minnesota
    Society Trader

    I am headed out of town today travelling 169 south towards mankato. Any stores that would be around the west or southwest metro that I could drop by?
  13. roostor07

    roostor07 Jul 24, 2012 Minnesota

    Cellars in Eagan still had some last night. $20.79, 1 per
  14. Expedition

    Expedition Mar 10, 2010 Minnesota

    We just got more at Vinifera in Plymouth. $20.99
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  15. brewrouse

    brewrouse Jan 28, 2010 Minnesota

    Ok - Johnny come really lately - any still around. I am a MORON and did not pay attention. South Metro???
  16. HereforBeer

    HereforBeer Nov 21, 2012 Washington

    I'll be in Minneapolis and St. Cloud today and tomorrow. Is there anything still on shelves?
  17. Ol_Johnny_Skippelwicky

    Ol_Johnny_Skippelwicky Feb 13, 2013 Minnesota

    I'm willing to bet there are still bottles at Plymouth Liquor off 55 and 73. They were selling for $30 though, hence there may still be some in stock. They had BBQ the last time I was there also.
  18. HereforBeer

    HereforBeer Nov 21, 2012 Washington

    I looked around at several places and eventually got suckered into dropping $30 on a bottle at Plymouth. He said he sold the first 18 for about $20 and then jacked the price on the last six to see what the market would bear. He had one left after mine, so I guess I am not the only sucker. The guy talked my ear off and has a serious ax to grind with Surly and how limited the releases of wet, surly fest, and darkness are. He specifically called out a customer named Nate who he thinks called the distributor on him. Also, calling him to ask him if he has something is a sure way to get him to increase the price.

    I also managed to pick up a 4 pack of abrasive in St Cloud and I had considerable sticker shock on that one as well. I'm looking forward to getting some furious on tap at home starting Nov 18th! I hope you guys get more bourbon county this year, that would be some real beer karma. Thanks!
  19. Ol_Johnny_Skippelwicky

    Ol_Johnny_Skippelwicky Feb 13, 2013 Minnesota

    Was this at Plymouth Liquor? Because he lied to you about when he jacked up the price. It was $30 from the beginning because I stopped in when they had 22 bottles and gave it the ol' "fuck that." I know the guy you're talking about and am not a fan. He also uses the same dad jokes every time (edit: not that there's anything wrong with dad jokes, this guy is just sad). And why would he tell you he marked up the price? That's so arrogant!

    But that all depends on if this was at Plymouth Liquor....
  20. shawnp

    shawnp Jan 15, 2010 Minnesota

    Still a pile of bottles at Andy's in Roch. $25.99 per
  21. HereforBeer

    HereforBeer Nov 21, 2012 Washington

    Yeah Plymouth Liquor, where you said. He was an odd guy for sure, he had a habit of standing sideways when talking to me and kept using the phrase "It's like you say, you know...". His AB rep was there and he was giving her a hard time about all the people calling him for Bourbon County. I was thankful when a customer came in and I could break off the conversation.

    I wasn't pissed about him being honest about marking up the price. If that gets you fired up, he said last year he held back 6 bottles until mid-December and put them out for $35 each. For work, I sell products to retail chains and the stores always set the retail prices. I do however suggest prices(SRP). Someone already made this comparison, but it is apt, in my mind he is just a ticket scalper and Darkness was a concert that I wanted to see really bad. After I bought my bottle I ended up getting it with my dinner last night at 3 squares in Maple Grove, and then got two more glasses at Mimosa bar at the airport today. It was delicious and I'll probably drink my bottle with friends next weekend.

    He was also pissed about the guy "up the road"(he pointed East/southeast? on that same road he is on) who got 10 cases because "the owner went to high school with one of the Surly guys". It probably didn't have anything to do with the fact that the plymouth guy was kind of an ass...
  22. MCImes

    MCImes Dec 31, 2010 Connecticut

    What a douche. and dumb to admit those things.
  23. OUJayhawk1799

    OUJayhawk1799 Jan 25, 2013 Oklahoma

    I am hoping it is still there on Sunday when I arrive at the MSP airport. Not sure what my chances are, but I can at least hope.
  24. hamham

    hamham Oct 26, 2011 Minnesota

    has anyone seen any left around town? i'm looking for one more for a trade.
  25. More_Cowbell

    More_Cowbell Jul 19, 2013 Washington

    Any BA's in the Duluth-Superior area looking for Darkness should make a run to CashWise Liquor. When I got there they had 14 bottles back in their beer cave (of all places) for $25.99 a piece. There were 8 remaining after I left. :slight_smile:
  26. striker2160

    striker2160 May 5, 2013 Minnesota

    The reason they are still there is because of the price maybe ?
  27. hamham

    hamham Oct 26, 2011 Minnesota

    $25.99 is not exorbitant. the place in plymouth sold out at $30.
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  28. More_Cowbell

    More_Cowbell Jul 19, 2013 Washington

    True. Not as cheap as some places in the MSP metro area but in line (and cheaper) than other places in the state. For someone like me who lives in WA its priceless as I can't buy what isn't distributed to us.
  29. striker2160

    striker2160 May 5, 2013 Minnesota

    26 dollars is over priced 30 dollars is a rip off.
  30. Revenant

    Revenant Aug 8, 2012 Minnesota

    Try calling Big Discount Liquor in South Saint Paul. A buddy of mine said they still had 2 bottles of 12 Darkness in early October.
  31. Seefeldt

    Seefeldt May 15, 2008 Minnesota

    Still around Rochester too if you're ever down this way. I know for sure Andy's North and MGM on the south side of town has it.
  32. mmulebarn

    mmulebarn Sep 1, 2013 Minnesota

    Road trip to Rochester!
  33. Cyclone8

    Cyclone8 Oct 19, 2011 Minnesota

    Just called, they said it was gone in 2 days.
  34. MNPikey

    MNPikey Feb 27, 2011 Minnesota

    Sounds like Chicago is about to get hit with pallets of Darkness next week!
  35. shadetree67

    shadetree67 Sep 11, 2013 Minnesota

    seems like they should send us some more BCBS in return
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  36. mmulebarn

    mmulebarn Sep 1, 2013 Minnesota

  37. NeedBeerHere

    NeedBeerHere Nov 21, 2013 Minnesota

    Now we know where the other three kegs of BA Vanilla Darkness are heading too (assuming the person who mentioned there were three others was right). I never wanted to try it anyway. :grimacing:
  38. MNPikey

    MNPikey Feb 27, 2011 Minnesota


    "Last I heard 460 cases are coming for the Surly footprint in Chicagoland. I've not heard what the price will be yet or I'd pass it along."
  39. striker2160

    striker2160 May 5, 2013 Minnesota

    I am not sure where my buddy got that info about the kegs but he is usually right on the money.
  40. dc55110

    dc55110 Oct 24, 2010 Minnesota

    I know late in 2012 Surly produced four casks of Woodford Reserve barrel aged Darkness, finished on vanilla. This may possibly have just been one of those four. I know one went to Bryant Lake Bowl.
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