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    Various Brewers have been inspired by the music of the Grateful Dead
    From the unique sense of community, art work and artistic freedom of the Dead scene. Many BA member tags include something Dead related...share a story of your time at a show, beer related or not!
    My first and only (with Jerry) show was Highgate, VT 6/15/95. One and done for me, but I've been enjoying the scene ever since. I was 16 in the summer of '95....and it just so happens experiencing Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for tge first time that summer changed my drinking habits for the better. Full circle.
  2. clake

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    Never got to see Jerry. I had just turned 19 when he passed. I thought I had time to see them later in the early 90s and just missed out (debatable with some elder heads).

    Having grown up in the mid-west around that time, a band from the area I now live in was starting to hook me... pun intended.
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    Never saw them myself but did enjoy some Sand City cans at the Dead and Co. Show at Citi Field last summer. Tailgated next to some guys f4gom Vt and traded some of mine for some Alchemist.
  4. CB_Michigan

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    A friend of mine had an extra ticket for their last show. Stupidly, I passed because I was saving up for a new guitar and figured I'd catch them next time. Afterward, she said it wasn't that great and they ended up leaving early because her sister's boyfriend got pissy about something. A month later, Jerry was gone. Seen various incarnations of the projects that followed, but still kick myself for missing the original.

    These days, On Tour Brewing is where I usually find myself. A lot of their beer names contain some kind of Dead reference (Lightning Will, Barton Hall, Paradise Waits) and they're almost always playing over the taproom speakers. Also had these shirts made for their 2nd anniversary:

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    I have two Dead and beer stories that I've told before, but why not tell them again.

    Firstly there was the Dead Night that the General Lafayette Inn used to host during their first incarnation as a brewery. I think they did it once a month on a Wednesday or Thursday and lot of Dead Heads would show up, along with the regular crowd. It was a fun, friendly night for all. There really was a great vibe to it. They'd play Dead tunes, and then at some point in the evening they'd have a music trivia section where they'd play snippets of Dead tunes and you had to name them. Whoever got the most right got free beer! Some of them were easy but some of them were hard - this is the Dead we're talking about, and they could wander off a little bit.

    The other story happened at a beer distributor. When I pulled up there was an unusual looking car out front and I wondered who might be driving it. I'm not sure why it stood out, but I remember that specifically. Once inside I went over to the discounted beer section (always my first stop). There were cases of a decent brown ale for $10 because they were past their expiration date, and apparently not selling anyway, and there were two guys standing there looking at the different beers and discussing them - Dead Heads! They were obviously planning to pick up a few cases and then sell them at the show. Well I took one of the cases of brown ale and went to look for other stuff. I was in there for quite some time because I can never decide (back then you had to buy a whole case, no 6-packs, so that made for a more difficult decision). I finally picked three or four cases and when I got outside I saw the two guys standing there with all of their camping gear on the ground looking at their car packed to the gills with the brown ale! It was funny but it was also sad, they'd bought too much and now they could fit everything back in. Unfortunately there are no refunds on beers from the old beer section. Oh well.
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    Never got to see Jerry but have seen many incarnations of the band in my 15 years of enjoying dead music.

    My craft beer revelation came from a Dead inspired music fest.

    When I was 18 or so I went to a music fest called Schwagstock. I'm from St. Louis and a local group called the Schwag would play often. I was trying to gather my bearings on a hot July saturday morning when I saw this hippy selling beer. I was early in my beer drinking game, and never had a chance to try anything than the common domestic lager/pils. I heard him yell "sierra Nevada and Flat Tire, 1 for $3, 2 for $5" I just walked up and said" I'll take a flat tire (lol)" When I cracked that beer and drank half that ice cold amber ale in one gulp, I had a beer epiphany. This is what beer can taste like?! I drank Fat tire for a year straight after that.
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    Saw them with Jerry one time in ‘93. My dad who is an old deadhead took me but I was a punk rocker back then and wasn’t really into that kind of music but we had a great time. I remember we drank a couple Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stouts on lot. I love The Dead now, been to dozens of shows. The Other Ones, Furthur, Phil and Friends, Rhythm Devils, The Dead, Ratdog, Dead and Company, Fare Thee Well. Good times always.
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    Hate to be the outlier, but here goes. Was never really a fan of their music growing up, reaching teenage years in the mid 70's.
    Got a chance to see them either in Cincinnati or Cleveland during the early 80's, not sure of the place or year. Absolutely hated it. The music was bad enough, again was never really a fan so maybe my mind was already made up, but what was worse was the dregs of humanity that followed this group around. I know this is an unfair characterization of the good people who like the dead, but the image still sticks with me.
    As i've said over and over, if jam bands like The Dead, Phish, etc. had any real talent, they would be named Tool. Music tastes vary, listen to what you like and what makes you happy. Cheers!
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    So I guess I was one of "the dregs of humanity that followed this group around" in the late 70's and 80's. I do have a lot of fond memories of those shows and the common bond that many of us felt. But by the late 1980's I had moved on to other things in life.

    I started getting into "micro breweries" and Belgium beer in the mid 1990's. So these two worlds never really intersected for me.

    On occasion, I still enjoy listening to some of their old shows from the Winterland, the Filmore, the Shrine Auditorium , etc. The Grateful Dead is very nostalgic for me these days. And if I happen to be driving to a beer festival while listening... well that's about as close of an intersection of these two worlds get for me.
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    Loving these personal aspects of GD culture experience and the connection to beer/brewing. I've always associated the GD with craft brewing just from my pure personal experience in the scene and then the Jamband/festival lifestyle.⚡ Seems to me many Brewers have a similar connection.
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    Never got to see GD but I did see Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family Band at Red Rocks last year. Spent the afternoon drinking Bierstadt Slow Pour Pils at Falling Rock Tap House and then hitched a ride (Uber :grin:) to the show. Great day and a beautiful venue.
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    My wife and I were VIps for Twiddle and then Phil the next day. Epic. Two amazing nights at the best venue
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    I’ve seen the Dead twice in my life about 10 years apart.
    The first time was as a teenager in the early 90s. Jerry Garcia was in the band. My only vivid memory was that it was my first time smoking weed.
    The second time it was without Jerry. The only thing I remember was that it was an outdoor concert and that some guy was passed out drunk in front of us, sprawled out on the lawn comatose, missing the whole concert. However, when the song “Truckin” came on, he was instantaneously resuscitated and got up yelling “whoo!!!” throughout the song. As soon as the song ended, he went back to sleep. That was some funny shit!
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    My older brother got me into the Dead but unfortunately never saw any action as I was only 14 when Jerry passed. Never had any interest in seeing the various band configurations post ‘95. I’ve heard some good stories from my brother (few dozen shows) and his buddies (multiple tours in the 90’s).

    But been listening to shows almost every day for the past 25 years. Did some extensive tape collecting and trading when I was a teenager and definitely regret not saving all those Maxells! I do appreciate the quality of all the digital vault releases nowadays. Primarily 60’s and 70’s shows get me going. Although I could do without Donna and her atonal screeching on every single Playin’.

    Tie in to beer - I recall spending an evening with my brother at his friends house (would guess around ‘98) and an entire wall was plastered with six pack holders. Vividly remember Bigfoot, think there was also Catamount, Ipswich, Magic Hat, among others. I had already experienced Pete’s and Shipyard, but this cardboard tapestry expanded my understanding of “micros”.
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  16. Ronmarley1

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    Although I never went on tour, when they were in Ohio I always looked forward to the folks selling out of state beers at shows in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Anchor, Pete’s and Sam Adams were common choices. Most times I remember them being $3 each or 2/$5.

    Along these lines, a couple of guys at Fat Head’s are Dead fans. I’ve hung out with them at various shows over the years, including Dead and Co., Dark Star Orchestra, Sugar Magnolia, etc...
    They have quite a few beers with Dead-related names, including: Sunshine Daydream Session IPA, Jack Straw Pilsner, Shakedown Stout, Lazy Lightning Belgian Strong Pale, Black Muddy River American Black Ale, Iko Iko IPA, Truckin’ Imperial Stout, and others I’m sure I’m missing.
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    Certainly a major influence in my life from the first show. Never imagined a scene like this existed before I hit Highgate, VT with 50,000 heads, dosed to the gills on what was the last day of my sophomore year of HS '95. I'll never forget trying several beers I had never seen before there: Sam Adams, Shipyard, SN etc... just a bit better than my standard Bull Ice 40 oz. LOL.
  18. Somajiahu

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    I went to many Dead shows on the East coast, but especially at the Capital Centre in Landover, MD. I was there for the shows that were featured on the limited edition Spring 1990 tour boxed set. (You can find them for free on Beer in the DMV at the time was beyond nasty, so I wasn't drinking. Fast forward 29 years later to this past February, my wife and I were able to go to Dogfish Head's Brewings and Eats down in Rehoboth Beach, DE, to attend a beer dinner that featured a totally laid back vibe. The awesome David Lemieux, archivist and legacy manager for the Dead, was the guest and it was an incredible experience. (Video is available on DFH's YouTube channel.) It was a celebration of the re-release of DFH's American Beauty and it was a Deadhead's dream. I'll be a Deadhead until I am dust and craft beer will help me enjoy the ride.
  19. GratefulBeerGuy

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    Big fan of both Dick and Dave!! That sounds like an amazing time.
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    I've seen Dark Star Orchestra and Melvin Seals play at Founders on two occasions, including once with Tom Constanten. I enjoyed going to about 25 Dead concerts. My two favorites were at Colgate University in 1977, and Halloween night at Radio City Music Hall in 1980. Great memories!
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