Germany Dedicated beer shops in the Cologne area?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by DocAK, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. DocAK

    DocAK Initiate (0) Dec 20, 2012

    Hi there, I'm new here and I like beer. Who would've thought, eh?

    Anyways, I live about half an hour away from Cologne, and I'm looking for a somewhat local store that carries a wide collection of beers. I know there's a few dedicated beer stores in Belgium and such, but I've never seen one here. Do you guys know of any?

    I can count myself lucky that my local TrinkGut carries a somewhat varied collection with a few foreign beers, but I'd like a local option where I can source some harder to come by stuff like foreign beers or craft beers.

    Is there any such thing in the area?
  2. boddhitree

    boddhitree Devotee (485) Apr 13, 2008 Germany

    Did a search of previous threads on here - remembered some recs earlier around Köln.

    Here's one:
    I've ordered a few boxes from Bierzwerg and like their selection. They focus on small family run or Mittelstand brewers as well as Brit, some Dutch/Belgium and a few Ami beers.

    This brings up the topic of ordering online as virtually your sole way of getting beers your local Getränkemarkt doesn't carry, a.k.a. Fernsehbiere.
    As well as, I recommend as place that's a little expensive but has great craft beers from USA, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, etc.
    There's also the beers of Bayern that can be ordered online, as you can see by reading this thread.
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  3. Erzengel

    Erzengel Aspirant (294) Sep 8, 2008 Germany
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    If you live near a good sorted TrinkGut, there is nothing more I can recommend. Bierzwerg was a nice option for me when they were in Cologne, but since they have moved to Greven, I only order there, because for me (Wuppertal) it is not worth driving there by car - too far away and an excellent online-store!

    A shop near Cologne selling nice German beers is Getränke Kotterheidt in Leverkusen.
    They always have a nice selection of Bavarian beers from very small breweries.
    But I'm sorry to tell you that what you call a "local option where you can source some harder to come by stuff like foreign beers or craft beers" is not available in Germany.
  4. Nightfall

    Nightfall Initiate (0) Aug 16, 2006 Greece

    I can highly recommend Bierkompass as well . Sebastian does a tremendous job and he brings some great labels. The prices imo are extremely good, especially the imports. The danish beers are usually cheaper than in Denmark. He recently had FouFoune for about 10.50 euro 3 Btl limit.
    Sebastian is also behind Freigeist beers, recently Monarchy of Museland and one of the people involved in the Eszett Geuze.
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  5. LBerges

    LBerges Initiate (0) Feb 14, 2010 Germany

    If you look for a shop (and not for mail order) have a look at PM in Bonn.
    It`s the best selection in Rheinland (
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