Do Ciders Belong in the Beer World?

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  1. drtth

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    As usual, a helpful clarification. So all FMB must have hops.

    The use of "malternatives" was deliberately put in quotes for a reason, that reason being the term is/has been widely used in confusing ways even though it seems not to be part of the official categorization scheme used by the TTB.
  2. drtth

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    Yes, he often puts the corrections out there fairly quickly and I confess I had not remembered his posts in that earlier thread so did not do any digging there. :slight_smile:

    Effectively it sounds to me like we all need to abandon the use of "malternatives" whether in quotes or not.

    As this is all shaping up with some additional clarification, and since it is up to the website operators to make their own judgments in ambiguous cases, there would appear to be no reason for anyone to claim NYFRB should not be listed on a site like this.

    However, while people are free to choose what they drink and why, we want to be a bit careful about extending the use of the term beer as a free choice beverage descriptor to all individuals as it fairly soon leads us down the Humpty Dumpty pathway:

    "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less." ”
    Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking-Glass

  3. Ten_SeventySix_Brewhouse

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    I would point out that language is defined by its speakers. The dictionary strives to record the meanings of words as they are used by the general population, not the other way around. The population is not required to use words as they are defined in the dictionary.

    Not that I'd personally use the term "beer" for anything but, well... beer. Maybe someday the general understanding of the word "beer" will change, and the minority here at BA will be forgotten.
  4. drtth

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    No disagreement except possibly to emphasize even more strongly your use of the plural: "speakers."

    As you point out what appears in the dictionary is basically a history lesson that no single indivdual can freely violate and expect to be clearly understood.
  5. marquis

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    Some brewing words are of course industry jargon and are often misused by the general public.
    This often leads to confusion when taken out of conext. So we see stouts regarded as ales and brewers colouring milds with roast grains rather than dark sugars.
    And other words are legally defined.
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    One thing to add, that may help the discussion with @drtth.

    A brewery owner was talking about malternatives, he said they had to use the TTB minimum amount. If they want low bitterness, they recycle kettle hops that have already been used for making a batch of beer. The Alpha Acids have been mostly spent, the aromatics are gone. Not much is added from the hops, as not much is left, but they used the legal specified amount.

    The legal amount of 1.2 ounces of hops per barrel looks absurdly low to this homebrewer. That would be 0.194 ounces for the "standard" 5 gallon batch of beer. There are many IPA Homebrew recipes that use 8 Oz. of hops in the hot side, then about that amount on the cold side as dry hops. Heck, some NEIPAs are said to use 7 lbs per barrel of dry hops!
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    And, besides that token amount of hops required, the other reason brewers prefer to follow the TTB definition of "malt beverage" (from the FAA Act) is to avoid having to have their products follow the stricter labeling and other requirements of the FDA ("devil you know" and all that).

    In cases where a brewery product ... fails to meet the definition of a “malt beverage” under the FAA Act
    ("...a fermented beverage made from both malted barley and hops, or their parts, or their products.)... the product will be subject to ingredient and other labeling requirements administered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    from Classification of Brewed Products as “Beer” Under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and as “Malt Beverages” Under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act
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    Last time i brought up cider, in passing in a comment in the homebrew forum about what I had on tap, my post was removed.
  9. rgordon

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    Lewis Carroll has been a mentor and I love his language, sensical or not.
  10. cavedave

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    Wow! A new forum for other beverages, how cool is that? And cider is here! Raising this one from the dead.

    I live in apple country and cider is big around here. Some of the local cider makers have been doing cool things that definitely put craft cider onto an intersecting path with craft beer. Hopped cider that is bourbon barrel aged is just one of the many takes on cider that is done locally. My nearest alcohol beverage maker is Bad Seed Cider. And I can finally admit here on BA I am a cider lover, fermented and not fermented too. Good to live in apple country.

    So far this thread has been discussion of the propriety of discussing cider here, leading up to now. Any other cider lovers out there? What ciders are good by you? Do folks trade ciders?
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  11. alexanderplatz

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    Cider is not beer, but they are amicable. When I. I aired England and Scotland nearly 30 years ago they had taps in the pubs for both beer and cider. If that’s not in the same world then I don’t know what is.
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    One of my local shops turned me on to a relatively new brand called Brooklyn Cider House (the actual orchards are in the Hudson Valley). I've really loved whatever I've tried so far- complex yet tart and refreshing, with a fantastic musky funk going for it. They said that the owner was inspired by the Basque/French ciders, and the product definitely leans in that direction.
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  13. gclaw4444

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    I'm excited to have a place to talk about my favorite cider houses on this site. When it's in season i highly suggest ectoplasm from Far From The Tree. Honestly FFTT usually has a number of great and interesting ciders on tap. Downeast used to have some interesting stuff at their taproom, but lately there hasnt been much. I havent been to Bantam in a while but i hope to go back soon to see what's different.
  14. Dan_K

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    Isn't cider legally considered to be Wine, not beer?