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Do you give your home brews witty names? Let's hear em

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by HokiesandBeer, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. imtroy703

    imtroy703 Initiate (0) Nov 13, 2009 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    I made the Sierra Madre Pale Ale extract from NB and it was done on NYEve 2012 - Called it "Hoppy New Beer"
    Wife likes wit beers and she requested one be done. So this one is dubbed "Wife Beater Wit"
  2. harpdog7

    harpdog7 Initiate (0) Sep 28, 2012 Illinois

    My latest is "Johann Nepumuk Schroevnagel" German Helles Lager.
    The beer is named for the pet iguana my brother had when we were young.
    The iguana was named for a distant German ancestor.
  3. philcebrowski

    philcebrowski Initiate (0) Feb 25, 2013 Massachusetts

    Dog Slobber Amber Ale. Named in honor of my dog's unexpected addition to my grain bill on brew day.
  4. MorganMcCormack

    MorganMcCormack Initiate (0) Oct 7, 2009 New Jersey

    "Imperial Entaglement" Imperial Pale Ale. Named after the quote from Star Wars: A New Hope when Obi-Wan Kenobi is hiring Han Solo to take him and Luke to Alderaan. "Let's just say we would like to avoid any Imperial Entaglements."
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  5. MorganMcCormack

    MorganMcCormack Initiate (0) Oct 7, 2009 New Jersey

    Another one I came up with for a Double IPA: "6-4-3 Double IPA". 6-4-3 meaning how you would score a particular double play on a scorecard in baseball. And majority of the hops added at 60min, 40min and 30min. The label on the bottle will actually have a completed square from a baseball scorecard showing the double play.
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  6. jageraholic

    jageraholic Disciple (394) Sep 16, 2009 Massachusetts
    Beer Trader

    Charlie Murphy IPA - Black IPA
    Bad Morning - American Strong Ale
    Shitty Arrogant Bastard Clone - Shitty Arrogant Bastard Clone
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  7. JulianB

    JulianB Initiate (0) Feb 1, 2012 South Carolina

    My friend John brewed a hoppy amber ale called "Hop On Amber", then a follow-up beer with a slightly tweaked recipe called "Hop On Amber's Sister". I in turn brewed a Cascadian dark ale that we named "Hop On Ebony". I'm not sure where the series is going next.
  8. sarcastro

    sarcastro Disciple (335) Sep 20, 2006 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    My munich dunkel is slam dunkel
  9. JebediahScooter

    JebediahScooter Initiate (0) Sep 5, 2010 Vermont

    Decadent Ballsweat -- imperial porter w/ cocoa and coffee brewed on the hottest day of the year
    Nice Day For a White Wedding Wheat -- "It's like Billy Idol punched your Blue Moon in the face..."
    Charlie Murphy Presents: Heart of Darkness Imperial Stout
    Drunken Maori -- double IPA with Nelson & Galaxy
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  10. inchrisin

    inchrisin Defender (654) Sep 25, 2008 Indiana

    Yeah, but what did you call the beer?
  11. tommyguz

    tommyguz Meyvn (1,010) May 14, 2008 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    I like making labels just as much as the beers sometimes!

    A buddy I helped brew with made - Moo Moo Buckaroo (A Milk Chocolate Stout)

    I made:
    Hell Pig - Bacon Infused Bourbon Stout (using Jim Beams Devils Cut)
    Almost Heaven - Chocolate Coffee Porter (using Starbucks Casi Ciello)
    *Those were really the only two I made with good names. I made a couple that just used my daughter's name or just certain event beers.

    Next beer(s)
    Otay - Kolsch with Buckwheat Honey
    Drop it like its Hopped - Dry hopped IPA

    Edit: Don't know how to post photos just yet, as my addiction to BA just recently began.
  12. rocdoc1

    rocdoc1 Aspirant (268) Jan 13, 2006 New Mexico

    A friend brought a keg of under attenuated porter to our Oktoberfest. it really wasn't very good. So after the party I transferred it back to a carboy and started adding bottle dregs: Orval, Saison Vert, some Jolly Pumpkin, whatever I had in the beer fridge. Tomorrow I'll keg the: Dregs of Society Porter. It has an awful looking bubbly pellicle but it does smell great.
  13. pweis909

    pweis909 Poo-Bah (1,609) Aug 13, 2005 Wisconsin
    Supporter Subscriber

    One of us is missing something here?
  14. NiceFly

    NiceFly Aspirant (275) Dec 22, 2011 Tajikistan

    I am thinking about making a hefe with a healthy dose of epsom salts and calling it The Shartmaker. :astonished:
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  15. JimSmetana

    JimSmetana Initiate (0) May 11, 2012 Illinois

    Brown ale called Moose Jizz.
  16. scotterson

    scotterson Initiate (0) Dec 4, 2010 Georgia

    Heh, our one and only (kind of) homebrew so far was a belgian wit with schezuan peppercorns titled Witty Wiener in honer of my wife's family's dog. We had intentions of making some variants, going on with Wittier and maybe even Wittiest Wiener, but we'll see where that goes.


    I also just realized I misspelled "wiener" on the label :-/
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  17. jncastillo87

    jncastillo87 Initiate (0) Jan 27, 2013 Texas

    Nice one!
  18. williamjbauer

    williamjbauer Champion (889) Jan 17, 2012 Colorado
    Beer Trader

  19. Darthballs

    Darthballs Initiate (0) Feb 4, 2011 Missouri

    A Hoppy wheat with simcoe and amarillo...named SA Wheat.
    and a Mixed berry wheat called Berry Swheat. so clever...did you see what I did there.
  20. BeerKangaroo

    BeerKangaroo Initiate (0) May 30, 2011 Alaska

    Hefeweizen in winter named "Snow Cow," it actually turned pretty bad so feel for anyone to steal the name and idea
  21. BeerKangaroo

    BeerKangaroo Initiate (0) May 30, 2011 Alaska

    Awesome Names!
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  22. RyanCave

    RyanCave Initiate (0) Apr 13, 2011 Oregon

    I was just getting into homebrewing and wanted to brew a Wit beer. My friend warned me that it can some times be a tricky brew, and that the last one he made tasted like "monkey chode".

    my Wit was therefore called "Not Monkey Chode" :slight_smile:
  23. RichardMNixon

    RichardMNixon Zealot (515) Jun 24, 2012 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    Extra nutty English brown - "In Praise of Idleness"
  24. tommyguz

    tommyguz Meyvn (1,010) May 14, 2008 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

  25. tommyguz

    tommyguz Meyvn (1,010) May 14, 2008 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

  26. tommyguz

    tommyguz Meyvn (1,010) May 14, 2008 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

  27. tommyguz

    tommyguz Meyvn (1,010) May 14, 2008 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

  28. tommyguz

    tommyguz Meyvn (1,010) May 14, 2008 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

  29. thatsfine

    thatsfine Initiate (0) Jun 7, 2010 Arizona

    Couldn't decide on a name for the first beer we ever made so it became Anonymous Amber Ale.
  30. Applecrew135

    Applecrew135 Initiate (48) Jul 18, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Unkle's Dunkel for my Dunkel Weizen... still at least a week away from trying it... sigh... Might be Unkle's Dunkel Monkey Spit if it turns out awful...
  31. WickedSluggy

    WickedSluggy Devotee (400) Nov 21, 2008 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I named my first beer (1983) "Toxic Waste" because I had some actual military lables with those words on them. They fit the bottles perfectly. A friend also put one of those labels on his bass guitar.
  32. RichardMNixon

    RichardMNixon Zealot (515) Jun 24, 2012 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    That is a property of some of the best names. My Birdshot ale had a pretty easy contingency plan if it was undrinkable.
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  33. Reneejane

    Reneejane Devotee (440) Jan 15, 2004 Illinois

    We had a Merry Apocalypse Mild, that we brewed in early December, knowing the apocalpyse was going to be bust, so I thought a mild ale was perfect for the name apocalypse.

    Drunken Quaker, an oatmeal stout
    Not your Bock, Maibock
    2nd thoughts Russian Imperial Stout
    Flammable Liquid which was n IIPA.
  34. AndrewLenaghan

    AndrewLenaghan Initiate (0) Feb 25, 2011 New Jersey

    I haven't made it yet but I plan on brewing an imperial stout with some sort of biscotti called "Cousin Breadcrumb"
  35. 3leggeddub

    3leggeddub Initiate (0) Jan 8, 2007 Massachusetts

    A few recent ones...

    Export stout for St. Paddy's = Éastie Go Brágh (I'm from East Boston)
    Saison w/ sage = Sage Of Suffolk Downs
    Session Brown Porter = The Long Night Ahead
    Spiced Brown = Warmest Winter
    Blonde Ale = Gentlemen Prefer...
  36. Smokebox_79

    Smokebox_79 Initiate (0) Jan 11, 2013 Pennsylvania

    I went way to far into naming mine. I used mythic figures from either the beers country of origin or in my IPAs case, destination. I thought I was pretty clever! :cP
    Brown IPA- Brahma
    English ESB- Gwenavere
    American IPA- Gremlin
    IBA- Kahli
    Hefeweizen- Freyja
    Kolsch- Valkyrie
  37. maxcoinage

    maxcoinage Defender (610) Apr 6, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    My last brew was called S.O.S. (Snowblower Oatmeal Stout) named in honor of my neighbor who graciously took care of my driveway several times this winter when we got blasted in the NW Chicago burbs.
  38. Ol_Johnny_Skippelwicky

    Ol_Johnny_Skippelwicky Aspirant (275) Feb 13, 2013 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Brewed for St. Paddy's.

    I also have plans for a DIPA called Hopgasm. My wife didn't think that was funny for some reason. Pff...
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  39. JrGtr

    JrGtr Devotee (400) Apr 13, 2006 Massachusetts

    I don't generally name them... but one I did, it sort of came around with the idea for the recipe. It will need a few more brews to tweak it and get it where I want it, but...
    Night in the Woods - Smoked Black IPA, with Chinook and Simcoe hops. Idea was to get a hint of sitting around the campfire, so lots of piney hops, smoke (for obvious reasons) and dark (ditto)
    I have an idea for a label, it's a case of actually drawing or making one.
  40. Andrewelaban

    Andrewelaban Initiate (0) Nov 26, 2012 Ohio

    Bang'n my mouth hole cherry cream ale is on my brew list this summer!
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