Do you have a favorite light beer?

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    Below is a blind tasting of light beers by Nate Lanier (Tree House Brewing). You will hear him state how challenging conducting this blind tasting was.

    A 'take away' for me from this video is the importance of letting a beer 'open up' before making a final assessment of a given beer.


  2. alucard6679

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    If the occasion calls for it, I’d take Miller. I’ve never personally done a proper blind tasting, but I’ve always disliked the taste (or lack there of) of Bud Light while the taste Coors Light is forever associated with hangover headaches in my mind.
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  3. Domingo

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    Not really. I've never really understood the need for light beers for most people. Even when I had no real reference point for what beer was supposed to be or taste like, I never thought that normal Bud, MGD, Banquet, etc. were somehow too strong or heavy. I don't think they're any more filling, either. I grew up in a hot/humid area and I never felt that the light versions were somehow any more refreshing. If anything, they feel more foamy and kind of empty or hollow. Are most people drinking rando macro beers counting calories? If so, do 30 calories matter unless you're pounding a bunch? If you are...are you really counting calories? I dunno. I just don't see the need unless you somehow think regular macros are somehow too much. In that case, you're probably also struggling with the spicy nature of mayonnaise.
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    Light beer etc is proof positive that you can get people to do what it is you want them to do if you send them the messaging enough times. Is there anyone alive who actually thinks Coors light, Michelob Ultra. Bud Light actually TASTES good?
    I've never had a light beer and thought to myself "Damn, that hit the spot" - and this was before I got into craft.
  5. DarrellK

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    No I don't have a favorite light beer but I think Mic Ultra and Corona Lite are the worst. One thing that stands out in the drinkers of light beer is that they almost universally drink it out of the can or bottle which as we mall know minimizes the drinking experience.
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  6. seakayak

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    Yuengling Light Lager, 4.0% - the king of light lagers! Cheers! :beers:

  7. PapaGoose03

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    I consider any pale macro beer to be a light beer, regardless of calories. I'll acknowledge that the 'light' versions of macro beers are a bit lighter in taste, but not enough for me to consider them separately. So if I am in a situation where macros are my only choice I'll ask for a MGD simply because it's easy to say. If Budweiser is my only choice I'll take a pass. I get a strange aftertaste with it. (Rice?)
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  8. Dfosterf

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    Coors light, out the can, during Green Bay Packer games. If you have seen the Packers lately, you would understand that this is no time for savoring, mouthfeel, etc.

    This is a time for hard core overconsumption, and I prefer Coors light for that.

    go pack go as we used to say with far more enthusiasm. Lol
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  9. tekstr1der

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    As of just recently, by far and away my favorite light beer @Just 4.4% ABV.

    Oh, AAL-macro-light? No.

    Seems pointless, as the regular versions they spin off of taste significantly better across the board, and are all already 'light' as is. You'd need to drink Andre the Giant quantities for the calorie difference to make a difference. Save yourself the trouble... drink regular beers and go for a jog occasionally.


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  10. dcotom

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    Jester King Le Petit Prince. Nothing beats a nice grisette with pizza and Buffalo wings on game day. :beers:
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  11. LesDewitt4beer

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    I do enjoy light beers from time to time. Summit Triumphant Session IPA is #1. It's a great tasting 95 calorie beer that retains nice Ale attributes. But I'll enjoy Miller Lite if that's all that is available. Cheers!
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  12. Shanex

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    Pilsner Urquell for me too, by a country mile. Being honest I have a preferred ABV range between 7 to 9% but the iconic Czech one always does it for me.
  13. DarkDragon999

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    These are pretty easy to find in this state and not too expensive. Not amazing or anything but a decent local alternative.

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  14. jesskidden

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    But "light beer" in the US, where it originated and came to dominate the best selling beer lists, is "light" in calories. When they were first developed and hit the shelves in the 1960s -1980s, beer labels in the US could not even list alcoholic content.

    Pilsner Urquell is, depending on which unreliable source you pick from a Google search, is between 139 and 155 calories per 12 oz. US importer Molson Coors puts it at 149. (Complicating matters, it comes in 11.2 oz bottles or 500 ml cans...) But, anyway, equal or higher than the same caloric content as the US major "full calorie" ex-flagship brands:

    Coors Banquet - 147
    Miller High Life - 141

    But Pilsner Urquell's been "macro-owned" for over 20 years now, first by SAB(Miller) and now by Asahi, one of the ten largest brewers on earth.
  15. John_M

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    Completely with you on this. However, I've been assured that there are long time light beer consumers who "enjoy" the taste of the beers you've listed. Seems pretty hard to believe, but that's what I've heard.
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  16. tekstr1der

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    I thought my post was clear that I'm not concerned with small caloric differences. I never claimed to be defining standards.

    But, is it macro-brewed? Or AAL?
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  17. Nighthawk302

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    I think when it comes to American Light Lagers (macro brewed) it’s pretty clear that the driving factors for their popularity is accessibility, price point, drink ability and nostalgia. Most people associate macro-brewed light lagers with younger years when those were the beers they could afford. These beers often keep their logos very similar throughout the years intentionally.

    Picking one over the other is usually a matter of taste only when choosing from within the category.

    With that being said, Miller Lite is king
  18. JackHorzempa

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    If by "macro-brewed" you mean a large brewery, then the answer to your question is yes. I toured the Pilsner Urquell brewery complex and it is indeed "macro" sized.

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  19. JackHorzempa

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    I have never purchased (e.g., a six-pack) of Light/Lite beer but I have on occasion consumed some (e.g., handed to me at a picnic or something similar). To the best of my recollection I have never tasted a Bud Light but I have tasted both Miller Lite and Coors Light. My choice of those two would be Miller Lite.

  20. tekstr1der

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    Yup, big brewery no doubt. Not sure if there's any clear delineation between them and the likes of AB-InBev or Molson-Coors... Good point.

    Also, great that you got to tour the place. It's on my to-do list for sure. Cheers!
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