Does draft beer make you more hungover?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by torr99, Aug 8, 2015.

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  1. torr99

    torr99 Initiate (0) Apr 15, 2015 Nevada

    Man I swear every time I go out and drink draft craft beer, I get way more hungover than when I stay home and drink the same amount of beers. Is it possible that draft beer actually gives you worse hangovers?
  2. IronLion409

    IronLion409 Initiate (75) Jul 1, 2014 Georgia

    Do you hydrate better when you stay home and drink?
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  3. Lazhal

    Lazhal Devotee (473) Mar 13, 2011 Michigan

    Was just going to say this. So much easier to stay hydrated at home.
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  4. torr99

    torr99 Initiate (0) Apr 15, 2015 Nevada

    I ALWAYS hydrate myself when I'm drinking no matter where I am
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  5. Dravin

    Dravin Initiate (191) Apr 27, 2014 Indiana

    Two thoughts:
    • If you're drinking 12 oz bottles at home but drinking pints (or larger) at bars then on a drink per drink basis you're consuming more beer unless you're making sure to take into account the greater volume of a pint versus a bottle (that a pint is in effect 1.3 beers).
    • As mentioned you may be keeping better hydrated at home.
  6. guinness77

    guinness77 Meyvn (1,450) Jan 6, 2014 New York

    Lines, lines, lines.

    That's usually the number one reason for me. Bars: please clean your lines regularly. It's gotten to the point where I usually know where to go primarily draft or primarily bottle and glass around my local NYC/LI spots.
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  7. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Poo-Bah (2,510) Jan 31, 2005 California
    Society Trader

    While I'm not sure this is a factor for feeling more hungover...It sure is a factor in taste!!! One of my favorite places to drink be such due to the fact that they are militant about having clean lines.
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  8. drtth

    drtth Poo-Bah (4,006) Nov 25, 2007 Pennsylvania

    No. If you really are drinking the same quantity at the same rate, there's something else at work.
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  9. cerp66

    cerp66 Initiate (41) Sep 20, 2007 South Carolina

    Just what I was going to say....
    If you usually drink 12 oz. bottles or cans at home, maybe you're forgetting that you are consuming more beer when out drinking drafts. Remember, three 16 oz. draft beers is really equal to four 12 oz. bottles.
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  10. guinness77

    guinness77 Meyvn (1,450) Jan 6, 2014 New York

    I agree with this. Usually at a bar, you're getting LESS than what you'd get at home, be it a 12oz bottle or 16oz can. @2beerdogs I think that taste and your body are both affected by "dirty" lines. It certainly can't help you feel better the next day, being there's compromise in your glass. Certainly sucks if you're paying top dollar for it.
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  11. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Poo-Bah (2,510) Jan 31, 2005 California
    Society Trader

    Oh, I am of the opinion that it probably DOES cause problems, more bacteria and other stuff going on...It just seems logical. Maybe "Mr. Information At The Fingertips" @jesskidden has read something on this... He always has something he's found on every topic imaginable.
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  12. dgmirelli

    dgmirelli Aspirant (271) Mar 21, 2015 New York

    had TWO Peroni drafts at a local watering hole recently and had the worst hangover the next fact it was setting in while I was at the establishment, dirty lines it is.
  13. Harlan_Pepper

    Harlan_Pepper Initiate (0) Dec 29, 2014 Indiana

    Peroni is kind of a no-win situation in some bars. On draft you risk dirty lines. In the green bottle, they are often skunked from light.
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  14. utopiajane

    utopiajane Poo-Bah (2,556) Jun 11, 2013 New York

    No but beers that use corn seem to and beers that use corn syrup really do. other than that drinking way too much will cause hangover.
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  15. Greywulfken

    Greywulfken Poo-Bah (4,929) Aug 25, 2010 New York
    Society Trader

    Dammit, Jim, I'm not a doctor, but my extensive medical background (fictitious) says that draft beers do not make you more hungover. If you keep everything the same about how you drink, with the only variable being if the beer was from draft or not, there'd be no evidence that draft beer is more likely to give you a hangover. There are probably other factors at play.
  16. hopnado

    hopnado Initiate (0) Aug 13, 2014 Michigan

    Based on the way I'm feeling after last night, I'm blaming the whiskey :confused:
  17. torr99

    torr99 Initiate (0) Apr 15, 2015 Nevada

    Ya maybe you guys are right. Dirty lines is it I guess
  18. bubseymour

    bubseymour Poo-Bah (3,028) Oct 30, 2010 Maryland
    Society Trader

    How about the food your eating out vs. at home? If your eating Buffalo Wings, Nachos and large quantities of crap it could be affecting your stomach to feel worse in combination with alcohol than if you were eating smaller quantities and healthier at home. Just looking at all the possibilities.
  19. Providence

    Providence Crusader (706) Feb 24, 2010 Rhode Island

    Why would it be dirty lines? I don't understand why that would equate to worse hangovers?
  20. The_Snow_Bird

    The_Snow_Bird Poo-Bah (1,774) May 7, 2015 Florida

    What about if you are at a bar your there for a short amount of time, meaning more beer intake in a short period, as opposed to taking your time at home.
  21. StartedwithSAM

    StartedwithSAM Devotee (455) Feb 17, 2015 Virginia

    I don't have hangovers often but if I do its because of Vodka, if I don't pace myself I'm in trouble in the morning lol.
  22. 5thOhio

    5thOhio Zealot (510) May 13, 2007 South Carolina

    Well, I'm not a doctor but I did stay on this website for a while...

    There have been studies indicating that darker liquor like whiskey causes worse hangovers than clear alcohol like vodka due to the stray chemicals, so it may be the stuff in the lines has the same effect. Maybe that's where the commenters are going.
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  23. lferguson

    lferguson Initiate (0) Apr 4, 2015 Massachusetts

    Lines make a huge difference...
  24. Brutaltruth

    Brutaltruth Poo-Bah (3,350) Mar 22, 2014 Ohio

    Could it not be the pressurizing agent for giving us our suds that causes more of a head ache.....say co2 or nitrogen?
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  25. pat61

    pat61 Poo-Bah (5,858) Dec 29, 2010 Minnesota

    I can't say. I normally don't drink enough beer to have a hangover.
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  26. dennis3951

    dennis3951 Meyvn (1,011) Mar 6, 2008 New Jersey

    If you think a place has dirty lines why would you stay or at least order something else.
  27. lferguson

    lferguson Initiate (0) Apr 4, 2015 Massachusetts

    Unfortunate experience that was determined after to probably be the result of dirty lines? Live and learn!
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  28. JaefromLA

    JaefromLA Initiate (0) May 19, 2015 California

    I only get drunk at home, I can't sing in my underwear in peace at the bar.
  29. Brutaltruth

    Brutaltruth Poo-Bah (3,350) Mar 22, 2014 Ohio

    Especially at the urinals.....better to drink at home:astonished:.
  30. Lobina

    Lobina Zealot (514) Sep 9, 2009 Arizona

    I always figure it was bad mix of co2 or what not..seems I have more of a head ache from draft
  31. Brutaltruth

    Brutaltruth Poo-Bah (3,350) Mar 22, 2014 Ohio

    Agreed, and drinking a lot of nitro is equally as bad-----question is, why does it not seem to translate over to the growlers (co2, not nitro---duh)? Does it dissipate that fast?

    I would ask the question to the more informed here-----many BA's I am sure would have some pearls of wisdom on said subject.
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  32. Dennis-King

    Dennis-King Initiate (59) Jul 21, 2015 England

    As a home brewer I have found I get almost no hangovers from my beers, only from commercial brews. I know exactly what goes in mine.
  33. hopfenunmaltz

    hopfenunmaltz Poo-Bah (1,828) Jun 8, 2005 Michigan

    I have never noticed that in homebrew that used corn in the ingredients.
  34. Thirstygoat

    Thirstygoat Defender (622) Nov 22, 2012 Illinois

    Back in my student days there would be times when 3.2% beer was all we had around. That stuff was hangover in a bottle. 4 or 5 12oz cans, bottles or drafts would hurt the head like a fifth of hard liquor. Fortunately that was a very long time ago.
  35. HokiesandBeer

    HokiesandBeer Initiate (0) Jan 10, 2013 Pennsylvania

    Where you drink can actually affect your drunkenness levels. There have been studies where they split people into two groups, one were put in an office setting and another group were put in a bar. Each group were served the same level of alcohol and the group in the office scored from more cognitive and motor impairments.

    There are some interesting studies on it.
  36. readyski

    readyski Aspirant (276) Jun 4, 2005 California

    It would seem that the (memory of the) setting could influence the overall high. Agree with the above, something more at play. Unless you're having a greater time than you remember. :astonished:
  37. Homers_Beer_Odyssey

    Homers_Beer_Odyssey Initiate (0) Jun 17, 2014 New York

    ABVs aren't scientific
  38. Shroud0fdoom

    Shroud0fdoom Poo-Bah (1,888) Oct 31, 2013 Maryland

    Could it be a reaction to the Sanitizer that the bar uses for their glassware? I noticed I get a bad headache after drinking my fair share at the bar than when I drink at home.
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  39. scott451

    scott451 Zealot (540) Apr 2, 2009 Canada

    I've had draft beer so bad that I've had a headache before I've finished the glass. I HAS TO BE bad beer/lines - there is not enough time for other effects such as hydration, food etc. to set in.
  40. HokiesandBeer

    HokiesandBeer Initiate (0) Jan 10, 2013 Pennsylvania

    The spokesman for the nationwide Brewers Association doesn't believe there is any correlation.

    "Dirty lines cause worse hangovers would be a good subject for an episode of Mythbusters," he said. "Hangovers are by definition alcohol poisoning. The by-products of the biochemical reactions caused by lactobacillus and other common bacteria do not create additional alcohol that would contribute to the symptoms of a hangover."
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