Does glassware matter when drinking beer?

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  1. JackHorzempa

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    My short answer to the above question is a resounding YES!

    Below is a video addressing this question which is rather multidimensional:

    · There is some sensory/scientific discussion

    · There is a bit of personal experience/bias stuff

    · And some salesmanship


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  2. MutuelsMark

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    I think it matters when first trying a beer and you want to fully experience the beer with all the nuances, however if you have tried to beer before and are just enjoying, rather than experiencing it, then no.

    Clear as mud?
  3. JackHorzempa

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    LOL! :grin:

    Did you watch the video? There is a reason why certain beer glass styles are 'better' at presenting the sensory qualities of beer while others stink.

    Even if you are drinking a certain brand for the second (or third or...) time, why would you not want to optimize the sensory qualities of the beer?

  4. LesDewitt4beer

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    I believe glassware matters quite a bit. However, I do sometimes have fun and just use a jam jar or a wide mouth 16 oz food jar for IPAs or Porters. The BA glassware page is handy and I realize some mistakes I've made which are easily corrected.
  5. moodenba

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    How important is glassware to me? Not a lot. My nose isn't very sensitive any more. I always want to pour my beer into a "glass", even if it's plastic, to slightly reduce the carbonation. I like glass thinner than the bar 16 oz mixer glasses, but a thin fine-wine glass isn't needed. I like it to be pretty stable, so stemware isn't preferred. I don't need to pour a full (12 oz, USpint, 1/2 liter, or Imperial pint) into the receptacle, but more than 7 oz is good.. They all go into the dishwasher. I use mostly sham pilseners or nonics, with no regard for beer style. .
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  7. CBlack85

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    I am a pretty big glassware guy, and in the past I have tried to make sure I am drinking each beer from the appropriate style of glass. Over the last few years I have streamlined my standard rotation down to about 6-8 glasses. I most often use my my New Belgium Globe Glass, or one of my Willi Becher glasses. Though, if the mood strikes I will break out some of my other glassware for special beers, but I have to be careful because I am notorious for breaking some of my favorite glasses... Particularly when I am trying to clean them
  8. The_Snow_Bird

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    It’s all about presentation!
  9. SLeffler27

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    Fun video. And they say, about 2/3 in, that glassware makes a marginal difference. They also say, at several points, one of the factors is what feels right. So it’s a fun AND honest video.

    BUT WAIT! There’s more, like what is the difference between a stein and a mass? Check it out if ya don’t know. That tid-bit is towards the end.

    Personally, I have noticed differences when conducting highly unscientific comparisons. And why not get the most out of the experience? Even if sometimes it’s for the pretty factor, or the “traditional” feel, ot the aroma/flavor.
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  10. bbtkd

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    I choose glasses based on looks and size. I have two glasses that I use 99% of the time, a smaller stout glass for 12oz beers and a larger tulip for 16+ ounces. My sense of smell sucks anyway, due to chemical exposure.
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    FRANKHAZE Zealot (674) Aug 24, 2021 Florida

    I sometimes enjoy beer out of a hydro flask way more than a "proper" glass. Perhaps the spout aerates the beer allowing for the flavors to be that much more expressive? To answer the question.. NO WAY! Glass, spoonfuls from a bowl, drips from a dropper. It doesn't matter what receptacle you choose to enjoy your beers.
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  12. MutuelsMark

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    I liked that they said the best one if 'your favorite", which is what you are saying as well.
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  13. JackHorzempa

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    But your favorite glasses does not have to be mutually exclusive from ‘good’ glasses . My favorite beer glasses:



  14. deanzaZZR

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    Willie Becker works for pretty much any style for me. I will use Belgian style glasses for the Belgians because of all the carbonation. Wide brimmed glassware for imperial stout or barleywine. Anything else is presentation which can be important at times.

    The one request I would have to glassware makers is make smaller size glasses in different styles. I prefer 10-12 oz because I get enjoyment from pouring my beer! Plus I can get a second round of head from some styles.
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  15. DCH

    DCH Pundit (955) Jun 12, 2013 New York

    For some reason MHL just tastes better out of a wide-mouth goblet-style glass rather than a typical pint glass.
  16. ZebulonXZogg

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    Glasses might matter to some people. I'm 73, I quit smoking 18 yrs ago, my ability to detect aromas and distinctive flavors has seriously diminished. I know chocolate, vanilla, maple, stone fruit, tropical fruit, blah blah blah. I couldn't tell the difference between a papaya, guava and a mango unless i was in the fruit dept at Woodmans. I drink 90% of my beer in a Lagunitas mason jar, the rest in a 2Bros snifter or a plain old pint Lagunitas mason jars just feel good in my hand.....
  17. Resistance88

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  18. MrOH

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    I feel like most beer tastes best out of a tulip, no matter the style (I include the Sam Adams perfect pint, because the top is tulip shaped.) But for beers that I'm drinking just to drink, a shaker pint is fine.
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  19. PCollen

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    For the beer I typically drink, I use the standard 16oz UK ale glass....
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  20. iwantyourskull

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    This is silly. They start with “the proper glass is your favorite glass” and then go on and talk about how crucial proper glassware is. It’s a firm fact that glassware matters by the way.
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