Dogfish Head Suddenly Comfy Imperial Cream Ale

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  1. ESHBG

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    I would try it:

    Dogfish Head Craft Brewery & Dogfish Head Distilling Co. Release Two New Products – Suddenly Comfy & Alternate Takes: Volume 2, Whiskey Finished in Palo Santo Marron Ale Barrels

    Milton, Del., Sept. 23 – Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Dogfish Head Distilling Co. keep the spirit of off-centered innovation going with the release of two epic, new offerings – Suddenly Comfy, an imperial cream ale reminiscent of freshly-baked apple pie, and Alternate Takes: Volume 2, Whiskey Finished in Palo Santo Marron Ale Barrels. Both libations are now available at Dogfish Head’s various coastal Delaware properties – the Dogfish Head Tasting Room & Kitchen, Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats, Chesapeake & Maine and the Off-Centered EmPOURium.

    “Here at Dogfish Head, we are dedicated to exploring goodness, especially when it comes to creating new and innovative beers and spirits,” said Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head. “Suddenly Comfy and Alternate Takes: Volume 2, Whiskey Finished in Palo Santo Marron Ale Barrels are no exception to this mindset. Thanks to our awesome team of co-workers, their creative ambition and their passion for thoughtful experimentation, we’ve created two superb sippers that are sure to become your new fall-favorite treats.”

    Suddenly Comfy
    Clocking in at 8% ABV, Suddenly Comfy was brewed with all the makings of a classic apple pie – fresh apple cider, Saigon cinnamon and Madagascar vanilla beans. Its slightly sweet flavors of baked apple pie, vanilla, cinnamon and baking spices offer a fragrant flashback to more nostalgic times. The perfect topper to a meal or a decedent dessert to enjoy anytime, Suddenly Comfy’s aromas of lightly toasted pie crust, baked apples, baking spices, vanilla and bruleed sugar will have drinkers yearning for just one more slice … er, sip. Starting in October, Suddenly Comfy will be available nationwide in 4pk/12oz bottles.

    Alternate Takes: Volume 2, Whiskey Finished in Palo Santo Marron Ale Barrels
    After being batch distilled using a grain bill of malted barley, applewood-smoked malt, coffee-kilned malt and crystal malt, Alternate Takes: Volume 2, Whiskey Finished in Palo Santo Marron Ale Barrels was fermented with Dogfish Head’s proprietary Doggie Ale yeast. This limited-edition liquid was then aged in American oak barrels before being finished in casks that previously held the brewery’s iconic Palo Santo Marron. Medium bodied and amber in color, Alternate Takes: Volume 2, Whiskey Finished in Palo Santo Marron Ale Barrelsexudes aromas of honey, toffee and hazelnuts. At 90 proof, this sipping whiskey’s slightly smoky heat is complemented by flavors of caramel, green tea, blond roast coffee, white chocolate and dark wood. Beginning in October, Alternate Takes: Volume 2, Whiskey Finished in Palo Santo Marron Ale Barrels will be available in 750ml bottles in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

    For more information about Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Dogfish Head Distilling Co., or to find Suddenly Comfy and Alternate Takes: Volume 2, Whiskey Finished in Palo Santo Marron Ale Barrels near you, visit

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    I think I may replace Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin with this interesting sounding sipping and after dinner and cold weather potential nightcap. I'll give it a try. I've had a few 60 Minutes lately and they've been excellent.
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    Interesting but the description and 8% just doesn't seem to fall into what I would think of as cream ale territory. Will git a whirl--I think most all DFH as being good quality even if the twist is not my favorite.
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    Wont lie...I will buy both if I see them on shelves...
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    What makes this a cream ale?

    While, the beer sounds interesting enough to try I am just not sure why it’s labeled as a cream ale.
  6. TheGent

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    You had me at cream ale. Then I got disapponted when I read the description. The idea of a cream ale by DFH got me excited. If the base is there at least put that in the description and press release.

    As for the whiskey in Palo Santo barrels. Sign me up!
  7. oldbean

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    I guess there's a limit to how much butter you can throw in the dry hop but those are not the three things I would have come up with for "all the makings of a classic apple pie".
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  8. drtth

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    Guess it makes a difference what one thinks of as "classic." Back in the day and where I grew up my Grandma used to use an ingredients list that included cinnamon and vanilla among other things.
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    STORMRAGE92 Initiate (128) Apr 3, 2019 Maryland

    Dogfish had this on tap around Christmas last year. It was delicious. They ran out about 3 hours after opening.
  10. jayrutgers

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    This was really good. Can only really have one a session (it is a dessert beer), but man is it tasty.
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  11. ESHBG

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    This is quite nice, well balanced and can taste all of the notes that it claims, glad I took a chance on a four pack.
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    I'm in for the Suddenly Comfy. I'll try the whiskey if it shows up at my favorite watering hole, but I don't need another $50+ bottle of liquor sitting around. (I can't imagine it selling for less than that.)

    We won't be getting it anyway. :slight_frown:
  13. Glider

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    The majority of beers I’ve seen released recently as cream ales have nothing to do with the traditional style. They are coffee beers, or other highly flavored and typically high ABV beers playing on the concept of cream. People like cream. People looking for melted alcoholic ice cream in a can would probably be disappointed to get something that tastes like a pale lager.

    Those looking for actual cream ales, well, there are a couple. I had one from Newburgh a while ago that was pretty good.
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  14. officerbill

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    Genny describes their cream ale (IMO the standard) as
    Empire says theirs is a
    DFH boasts their cream ale
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  15. Domingo

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    Sounds like a case of poor naming.
    Rather than calling it an "Imperial Cream Ale" they should probably say something about apple and cinnamon in the name.
    Reminds me of all of those "Kolsch" beers that are actually fruited blondes.
  16. Mark-Leggett

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    Will this be available everywhere? I want to try this one
  17. bkov33

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    I found it to be lacking flavor, no strong cinnamin or apple flavors