Dogfish Head: Wake Up World Wide Stout

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  1. Todd

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    Please use this thread to discuss and post pics for...

    Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
    Wake Up World Wide Stout
    17% | 12oz bottle
    This new, breakfast-themed iteration of the brewery’s fan-favorite beer, lovingly dubbed Wake Up World Wide Stout, is brewed with regeneratively grown malts from Epiphany Malting, organic maple syrup from New Leaf Tree Syrups, oat milk from Elmhurst and organic coffee beans from Rise Up Coffee Roasters. Clocks in at 15-17% ABV.

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  2. pulse

    pulse Zealot (609) Mar 22, 2016 Ohio

    Guess I'll be first. One of the more known quantities, but interesting nonetheless. Very coffee/chocolate-forward, bitterness kind of washes over you and ends with a bite. It does remind me of pancakes and coffee. I think there's a mapley, sugar presence that lingers on at the end. Not too tough despite the big ABV.
  3. phthisis37

    phthisis37 Crusader (417) Dec 15, 2011 Florida

    Had this one last night. Really only got the coffee stout flavor from it. Delicious coffee flavor but had no noticable maple in there for me. It was a one and done sipper with how strong it was. Prefer this to bcbs coffee this year.
  4. cjgiant

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    Had this on tap a few months back, and enjoyed it pretty well. I got coffee and a tangy note in the taste that I am getting in the nose today - something akin to blueberry if I had to place it. It doesn't show up in the taste this time (an interesting reversal from my original perceptions).

    I'm in the camp of not getting really any maple as a distinct flavor initially, though as it warms I can make out a light impression of it. The coffee is definitely more obvious, perhaps aiding the roasted bitterness the beer leans a bit into.

    In my two tastings I found that this beer works better at higher beverage temperatures, up to even room temp, so I might suggest people try it in a way that includes letting it warm up.
  5. dbl_delta

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    Extreme Beer Box #11 for me. Bottle cellared at 54.6° poured into pint glass. I agree that the complexity changes as it approaches room temp. I tried a bottle of this last fall and really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to it. And it's excellent.
    This is a big honkin' beer, but really tasty. I'm just happy to be drinking it at home so I don't have to drive.
  6. Jasonrm72

    Jasonrm72 Maven (1,320) Apr 29, 2012 Colorado

    I don't buy WWS much these days, but it's still a pretty good beer. I especially liked the coffee/maple combo in this version. I probably would have liked them to be a little more prominent, but others may think that too much.
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  7. BigHop

    BigHop Crusader (413) Sep 17, 2008 Florida

    Of all the stouts in the Extreme Beer Box, this is the only one I can truly say I loved. Perhaps I'm a bit biased toward Dogfish Head, since the 90 Minute has been my favorite brew for more than 2 decades. I can't find anything better, other than maybe Utopias. And Hopslam is up there too. (I haven't been able to get Pliny or Heady Topper.) In any case, I endeavored to be objective. All the stouts were interesting...and an exciting experience. But the WWS is the only one I would seek out. Maybe that's just me. Yeah, it probably is.
  8. sulldaddy

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    Im back to the Big Stouts box tonight for one, and may hit up #cellaruary next beer for the night.
    This is DFH Wake Up WWS. Honestly too many threads active for posting my beer reviews right now, makes it tough to choose, but also fun!
    My bottle says 15.3% ABV not the 17% on the lead post of the thread.

    onto my review:

    Sampling a 12 oz bottle poured into my snifter. The beer pours a rich cola brown cola with some dense creamy beige head foaming up about .5 cm. this foam remains as an edge layer and leaves some scattered lattice when I swirl the glass. Cant see through the glass at all.
    The aroma on this beer is very coffee forward, with roasted notes and some dark chocolate mixing in to. the coffee is grounds with no sweetener or creamer, a little bit of a char note on the nose as well. not boozy nor any hops on the scent. I dont get the cinnamon nor the maple syrup promised on the bottle label.
    the first sip reveals a medium body with fine slightly tingly carbonation and a smooth texture.
    The flavor is similar to the nose with dark chocolate and coffee grounds again. No sweet really here. I do get a little earthy cinnamon right before the swallow. Still no maple syrup.
    ABV is hidden and the hops dont show through either.
    The beer drinks easy for bigger ABV and isnt too thick or syrupy. Wish I got some of the maple and that the beer was a little thicker, but its a solid coffee stout.
  9. kalexeff

    kalexeff Devotee (354) Nov 15, 2020 Ohio

    My 11th sample out of the EBB: Big Stouts. Straight up brown with a medium tan head. Subtle coffee aroma with some sweetness and a touch of alcohol. Dark roast, black coffee, almost enough sweetness to pull it together. A little alcohol heat, but not at all what you would expect from 15.3%. Nice!
  10. dcat151

    dcat151 Crusader (472) Jan 18, 2022 Georgia

    Dark pour, but not much head. Aroma is initial alcohol followed by some chocolate and toffee. Taste is a lot of chocolate and alcohol followed by coffee and a little bit of the toffee. The finish is a bit of maple/ caramel. It's pretty well balanced and a lot lighter drinking than I thought it would be. A very good stout.
  11. Violentvixen

    Violentvixen Aspirant (287) Jul 25, 2021 Oregon

    The aftertaste on this was just a bit to sweet for me and also just didn't quite meld into the rest of the beer. I bet this would make a fantastic stout milkshake/ice cream/float, it needs something a little heavier to cut the strength of the sweetness in my opinion.
  12. GrumpyGas

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    A nice roasty, hidden booze, stout. Sweeter than I expected. The plan was to hide this one between peanut butter beers as I am not a coffee fan, but the coffee is only slightly more prominent to my taste than the disturbingly missing booze.
    I could drink this until I pass out. Crazy, if sweet.
  13. cryptichead

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    Poured it in the dark so have no idea what it looked like. Everything else seems as advertised. Hot on booze, good booze, dry booze (alright, maybe a bit much booze). Next is coffee - strong and black; and maple syrup. Feels right, feels good. Pleasant to drink, more so when it warms. Another good one from Dogfish. Let's dip this bad boy into some Utopias and see what happens next year.
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  14. brentk56

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    With this beer Dogfish Head reminds us of what we used to look for in a big Imperial Stout back in the day. While there are hints of sweetness, this has bold flavors with French Roast coffee, dark chocolate and a subtle smoky character. Although I enjoy many modern imperial stouts (as long as they are not too sweet) this is one that I can sip on for hours without wearing out my taste buds.
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  15. Luscious_Malfoy

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    i think after this i’m down to 3 left in the box… this is one of two beers from the box that i had tried previously and i quite enjoyed this one last (and only) time i had it a few months back. in fact, i see no reason to amend my previous review/rating. cheers!!
  16. CB_Michigan

    CB_Michigan Maven (1,436) Sep 4, 2014 Illinois
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    Booze, tons of coffee, a bit of chocolate, some sweetness on the back end. I’m picking up a little maple in the aroma but almost none in the taste. Aftertaste is very bitter, astringent & green pepper-ish. I like the aroma and initial flavors. That finish is hella harsh, tho.
  17. MadMadMike

    MadMadMike Maven (1,324) Dec 11, 2020 Florida
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    A great one-hitter from the EBB.
    Yes, it deserves its place in the Box, but given its wide distribution, maybe a smaller brewery’s best Big Stout would have been a better idea?
  18. PittBeerGirl

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    This is a big roasted malt extreme beer. The 15% is well hidden behind the big flavors. And by well hidden- it drinks like a 9% or so imperial stout. It's not hot and boozy like paraboloid, black Tuesday, or xxx warlock.

    Very well done DFH and much better than the original
  19. MonDak_Joe1953

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    Number three selection from the box. High ABV% shows up in the dense aroma and the long lasting taste profile. Lots of roasted malts and coffee. The cinnamon and maple syrup show up but late in the flavors, along with molasses and black licorice. Slow sipper.
  20. bluejacket74

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  21. Hreley

    Hreley Initiate (166) Mar 14, 2015 Louisiana

    Have had Dogfish Head's 120 IPA at 15+% and was not impressed (maybe drank it too soon) but this is really an incredible stout. Alcohol is certainly there but main thing that hits you is Coffee! And it's got a nice mouthfeel, not too thick but not too thin. Didn't get much maple, but then I have this desire to go eat waffles with maple syrup!. My first Dogfish head and one of my first imperial stouts was Bitch's Brew, which I love, but this is next level from that.
  22. Curmudgeon

    Curmudgeon Pundit (946) May 29, 2014 Massachusetts


    L: Black with coffee foam head
    S: Coffee with maybe some spiciness. Maybe cinnamon.
    T: Sweet but with a nice black malt taste to balance it. Coffee too with a strong very warm alcohol.
    F: Medium body and medium carbonation.
    O: Packs a black coffee bean punch. Strong alcohol with a slight spicy and bitter burn. Really nice. Would be interesting to do a side-by-side with Firestone's Paraboloid
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  23. johlac66

    johlac66 Pundit (956) Jul 19, 2014 California

    Good morning! Starting off with mucho robusto coffee notes on the nose. Taste follows with slight hints of honey, applewood, maple and spice. Some char makes its way in there. Good amount of espresso bitterness on the finish. That organic Nicaraguan Finca Terrerito cold press coffee really hits the spot! Very smooth medium to full mouthfeel. Not too sweet. A small amount of alcohol heat, ABV is fairly well hidden. A quite tasty solid stout!
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