Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione to Keynote #BBC18

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    The BBC is pleased to welcome Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery’s founder and CEO, as the keynote speaker for BBC18 in Loudoun County, VA. Dogfish Head is in the Top 20 on the 2016 Brewers Association Beer by Sales list, and Sam has proudly focused brewing beers with culinary ingredients outside the Reinheitsgebot since the day he opened Dogfish Head 22 years ago, which was the smallest American craft brewery at the time.

    Growing from the smallest craft brewery to a Top 20 one took passion, dedication, and a collaborative spirit. Sam is excited to share that spirit and join us at BBC18 where he plans to share the Ideal of Collaboration throughout the History of the Craft Brewing Renaissance. Sam’s energy and enthusiasm are inspiring and no matter your interest in craft beer, he will surely speak to your passion sparking ideas for your next great blog post!

    In addition to the keynote address, Sam will welcome 40 bloggers to Coastal Delaware for a BBC pre-conference excursion to Dogfish Head Brewery, a production brewery and distilleryfeaturing a tasting room and food truck, the Dogfish INN, a beer-themed inn on the harbor, and Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats, an off-centered brewpub and distillery. Register today to enjoy a fireside chat with Sam on Wednesday night at the Brewery.


    With Sam at the helm, Dogfish Head has won numerous awards throughout the years including Wine Enthusiast’s 2015 Brewery of the Year and the James Beard Foundation Award for 2017 Outstanding Wine, Spirits, or Beer Professional. Sam often prides himself on his 250+ coworkers who make great beer and, in turn, bring home such awards to Coastal Delaware.

    Sam and Dogfish Head support the Independent Craft Brewing Seal, the definitive icon for American craft breweries to identify themselves to be independently-owned and carries the torch of transparency, brewing innovation, and the freedom of choice originally forged by brewing community pioneers.

    An English major, Sam has authored five books – his most recent Project Extreme Brewing: An Enthusiast’s Guide to Extreme Brewing at Home was released in 2017. Sam’s innovative style has earned him the reputation of one of America’s most adventurous brewers and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, People, Forbes, Bon Appetit, and many other magazines and newspapers. He lives in beautiful Lewes, Delaware, with his wife and Dogfish VP Mariah and their two children Sammy and Grier.

    Join Sam and #BBC18 in Loudoun County, VA from August 10-11 at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Sterling, Virginia, near Dulles International Airport.
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    I always like to hear Sam talk. He's very relatable.
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    "BBC" ?

    Boston Beer Company or British Broadcasting Corporation?

    (Whatever happened to the Five W's of journalism? I guess bloggers don't bother with them?

    "Ah, just let the lazy bastard click the links if they wanna find out what we're talking about..." :grin:)
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    An always intriguing character. My best friend for years was from Wilmington, De., had a house at Dewey's Beach and always brought back 60 Minute, long ago now. I cannot think of either Brad Adams or Dogfish Head and not recall all of our great walks in the woods, discoveries of arrowheads, sighting of rare birds, and generally simply growing older together.. I miss Brad almost every day. I remember exactly how those DFH 60 Minutes tasted so many years ago. I composed his eulogy while working in Australia, sent by fax, and it still breaks my heart.