Doyle's Pub in Boston closing after 137 years

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  1. DucRacer900

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    @ChrisLohring needs to grab that Tremont Ale sign from the front!

    Sad to see an old local go away. Was never a huge fan but they always had a decent tap list.
  2. kinopio

    kinopio Aspirant (265) Apr 30, 2009 Massachusetts

    So lame. Losing an institution and for what? The seaports 37th steakhouse?
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  3. SunDevilBeer

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    Literally for the terrible overpriced Davios chain.
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  4. JrGtr

    JrGtr Disciple (392) Apr 13, 2006 Massachusetts

    well, the liquor license is going to Davios.
    From what I understand, the property is going to be (another) apartment building.
    Sad. I only went a few times, but it had the vibe.
    Wonder if Sam Adams / Boston Beer had any interest in taking them over - Doyles was the first to carry SABL back in the day, and they've always been close with the company..
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  5. SunDevilBeer

    SunDevilBeer Defender (630) May 9, 2003 Massachusetts

    Thx for the on the ground info.

    So the place will be razed for $3-4K/mo apts, & Davios will move the license out of town to some suburb that doesn’t need another overpriced bad steakhouse. Cool.
  6. Newport_beerguy

    Newport_beerguy Zealot (548) Feb 24, 2011 Rhode Island

    Davio’s, a Boston-based Italian steakhouse chain with outposts in Manhattan, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Irvine, Calif., and elsewhere, plans to buy Doyle’s all-alcohol license for a cool $445,000, according to the Globe. The permit will fuel a forthcoming 15,000-square-foot location headed for the former site of Anthony’s Pier 4 in the Seaport.

    Not to the suburbs, but far out of JP and yes to a place that doesn't need another overpriced bad steakhouse. (With Seaport cost of living, they need another LUDICROUSLY priced bad steakhouse.)
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  7. AlcahueteJ

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    The article says the owner couldn't afford to stay there. So the blame really lies with the cost of living going up in JP.

    Davios essentially has nothing to do with them closing. They're just buying a liquor license that was up for grabs. If they didn't buy it from Doyle's, they would have bought it somewhere else. That steak house was going up regardless.

    “It’s very sad,” Burke told the publication. “I grew up here and I’ve had a wonderful childhood. It’s been my identity for as long as I can remember. It’s a terrible thing and I’m as sad as I can be. But the real estate in JP is as high as it’s going to get and I can’t afford to stay here any more.”

    @JrGtr I'm just expanding on what you're saying, not trying to call you out or anything.

    But, since you've been there a few times (I've never been) I always thought they carried a few random Sam Adams taps that other bars didn't. Was this the case?
  8. ThrashMaster

    ThrashMaster Aspirant (258) Nov 1, 2012 Massachusetts

    They own the building and land. Blaming real estate costs is disingenuous. They’re cashing out...nothing wrong with that, but call it like it is
  9. AlcahueteJ

    AlcahueteJ Meyvn (1,062) Dec 4, 2004 Massachusetts

    Ah, that I didn't know.

    Does it say that in the article? If not, do you have a reference?
  10. rousee

    rousee Meyvn (1,037) Aug 13, 2004 Massachusetts

    Wow thats too bad.The place was classic !!
  11. bleakies

    bleakies Disciple (362) Apr 11, 2011 Massachusetts

    It gives me great pleasure to see this place closing while the Midway Cafe remains in business.

    I'm pointing at you and laughing, Doyle's.
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  12. Piels25

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    It’s there in the article, family members own the land and building.
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  13. AlcahueteJ

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    Ah, yes, in the link in the OP. I didn't click on that because I don't always get those articles for free.

    “It’s very sad,” Doyle’s owner Gerry Burke Jr. told the Globe, as if speaking for all of us who are watching our favorite neighborhood bars disappear. “But the real estate in JP is as high as it’s going to get and I can’t afford to stay here any more.” Mass. Land Records show the Burke family owns the Washington Street property; Ed Burke, Gerry’s uncle, is the deed-holder. Gerry owns the business and its liquor license, a Doyle’s representative says via email.
  14. bring

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    The saddest and most disgraceful part of this story is that liquor licenses are rationed and controlled to the point that they fetch nearly $1/2 million on the secondary market. So anticompetitive; so anti-consumer. Come on Boston/MA, maybe it’s time to join the 21st century?

    Why shouldn’t any qualified applicant that wants to open a restaurant be able to get a liquor license?

    Why is the value of a public good (licenses) being appropriated to private parties?

  15. Glider

    Glider Zealot (523) Nov 15, 2004 Massachusetts

    Been to Doyle’s many times over the years. The tap list was never too exciting. Usually went with a Smuttynose IPA. You could rely on a decent burger or sandwich, but I wouldn’t call the food especially good.

    Really it is a historic bar that has turned into something of a dive that serves decent food. The layout was always rather strange. I would never have gone out of my way to go there. Sad to see it go, but it could have used some renovations 20 years ago.
  16. dental

    dental Devotee (408) Apr 2, 2014 Massachusetts

    the few times i've been in doyle's, i was actually waiting for the midway to open up. i recall doyle's having murphy's stout on tap, but midway having the overall better beer selection. this would have been mid 2000s though, so better meaning like...brooklyn lager lol
  17. JrGtr

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    Kinda wondering if the valuation on the land and building going up, affected the taxes he's paying. So on top of the food tax, alcohol tax, taxes for his employees, etc, the building and land taxes just pushed him over the edge.

    It's been a while since I was there, but from what I understand, aside from the SA taproom / tours, Doyles would get one-off brews to see how they'd go with the general public, aside from having a few reglar taps - SABL, seasonal etc.
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  18. Nestor87

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    You can see the taxes on the city website. It’s only like 8 grand a year.
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  19. nesarebad

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    Yeah, funny what they’ll to say to ingratiate the masses, when it’s really just about the family getting paid and getting that sweet sweet cashhhhhhh...
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  20. hudsonvalleyslim

    hudsonvalleyslim Aspirant (293) May 29, 2003 Massachusetts

    I'm saddened by this. Doyle's was one of the first bars I went to when I moved up here decades ago, and I went 6-8 times this summer.

    You could feel the history there. (If you couldn't you could study the photographs!) Johnny D's in Somerville, the original John Harvard's in Cambridge, and now Doyle's.