Drinking alcohol more effective than exercise for living a long life, study finds

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    The key, as with most things, is moderation. Drinking a few beer a day could definitely be beneficial in that it can help us cope with stress, which in itself is a huge killer.

    With that said though, exercise can do the same and more...

    Why not hit the gym in the morning and cap the day off with a nice beer :wink:
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    But - the article says alcohol or wine, but no specific mention of beer. Seems like they mean liquor when they say alcohol. Granted, beer has alcohol but perhaps other aspects of beer make it less worthy than alcohol or wine.
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  4. Cnote_crafty_1

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    oh man, there is always a new study huh? One says boose is bad, the other says it's good, who is to say?
  5. Cnote_crafty_1

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    Ha!, I had both today, boose and exercise!!
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    Well, I'm going to be changing my workouts! 12 ounce curls have actually meaning for fitness now!
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  7. Giantspace

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    1-2 beers a day

    12-19000 steps a day

    5-7 pounds overweight

    I am going to live forever

  8. rozzom

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    12 step days must be pretty chill
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  9. PatrickCT

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    So science has finally caught up to the wisdom of our father's and grandfather's old saying of everything in moderation?

    This reminds me of eggs and milk. I am 42 years old and those two things have gone back and forth between being good and bad for us for as long as I can remember.
  10. Giantspace

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    Thats 12K.

  11. ESHBG

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    I too wonder how beer fits into this study, as carbs and calories are up there vs other forms of alcohol.

    I exercise regularly and have been very active for all of my life. But truth be told I know way too many marathon runners and people who were in great physical shape drop dead at way too young of an age. On the flip side I know many regular Whiskey drinkers who lived for an awfully long time... I won't change my ways, though, as physically I feel great and exercise gives me a natural high that I don't get from much else. But I don't think low to moderate drinking will do much damage to MOST people (where it gets tricky is cancer and a recent study was downright scary when it comes to drinking and some cancers).

    Eh like most things in life much of it seems to come down to simply the luck of the draw.
  12. rozzom

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    I know - the technical term for my post is “dad joke”
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  13. invertalon

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    The articles I found referenced beer or wine, specifically, on this study:


    "Researchers discovered that subjects who drank about two glasses of beer or wine a day were 18 percent less likely to experience a premature death, the Independent reports."

    I should be good to go, honestly... Especially when you factor in the...

    "While those who drank two cups of coffee a day cut that risk by 10 percent" - Check.

    "Subjects who kept busy with a daily hobby two hours a day were 21 percent less likely to die early" - Usually, check. One of which involves exercise (drumming).

    "Participants who exercised 15 to 45 minutes a day, cut the same risk by 11 percent." - I would say at least 5 days a week we make sure to get our 10,000+ steps by walking at the zoo or with the dogs. Plus the drumming thing and such...

    Lastly... "Participants who were slightly overweight — but not obese — cut their odds of an early death by 3 percent." - Probably a hair on the heavy end of that spectrum, so I will say at least that one is a null so I won't count in that 3%...

    Not to mention the studies on dark chocolate, which I love, among all the other oddities that increase your lifespan. I eat my veggies every day and avoid fast food and all that other stuff usually, so I should be on track to 100+ if I don't have a massive coronary before then.

    Time to celebrate I suppose! Bought some Hop Bullet to crack into tonight alongside some Trillium after work. Will be a good night! Cheers to being healthy on beer, y'all!
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  14. nc41

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    Mens Health years ago had about the same gist. Moderate consumption was good for you, the risk factors went up for tee totalers and heavy drinkers. They cited alcohol had some impact on lowering LDL numbers in the cholesterol.
  15. EvenMoreJesus

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    In a study from the No Fucking Way This Is Accurate Institute . . .
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  16. Kraz

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    I know a 90 year old lady who drinks at least 2-3 High Lifes a day and has for as long as I've known her (18+ years).

    I think I am going to live forever, then, because I go to the gym and then go home and have one or two. I am the highlander
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  17. EvenMoreJesus

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    Maybe it's just me, but I can't imagine only having one or two beers.
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  18. Kraz

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    I'm playing the long game, thanks to the science in this article I can now comfortably say I am going to be immortal, so, 1-2 beers over the course of eternity is more than 5-6 over the average mortals lifespan
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  19. drtth

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    If I observe where the leaves land as they fall from a tree on a particular day with a particular wind speed and direction there will be a pattern that all leaves fall into. That doesn't mean I can point to a particular leaf on the tree and say this leaf will land in a particular spot on the ground. I can say the pattern of leaf fall will be different under different conditions, but again I can't say much about where one particular leaf will fall.
  20. Daveshek28

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    I'm sure the double IPA's, Barleywines and Imperial stouts at 12-15% are great for our health :slight_smile: I average 16,000 steps a day BECAUSE of my Craft Beer Consumption.
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  21. EvenMoreJesus

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    Do you have to walk somewhere to get beer?
  22. beer_beer

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    Taking my chances. Quit alcohol three months ago, but got this exciting hobby! Cutting 20% expectancy for quitting and adding 20% for the hobby, things are evening out!

    By the way, started going to the gym yesterday, after a long break. And haven't quit caffeine.
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  23. Daveshek28

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    Nope, those are all car rides. The huge building for work, coupled with running, working out helps to work off the beer.
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  24. GetMeAnIPA

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    My great grandpa would drink/sip one shot of whisky everyday. He lived into his 90s. However, he suffered from Alzheimer’s. Sometimes I think I’d rather die a bit young because it’s either your mind or body goes first.
  25. Ahonky

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    Beer is generally unhealthy. What I can become in a matter of months if I were to drink even a few beers a day without exercise....is a white doughy mess.
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