Dry Hopped Kettle Sour Recipe Critique

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    I should add - the L.brevis from WLP was 1 month out from the use by day.. and the probiotics I used were sold on a shelf, not refrigerated... So they just might not have been worth using.

    Does anyone have any experience chucking in some Nancy's to sour wort?
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    Yeah, exactly. I think it would probably drop the pH a little, but not nearly as far as it would if you left the chalk out. Here are the pH results from that blog post I linked to (the first column indicates which solution was used, the second column is the pH reading for L. delbrueckii, the third is the pH reading for L. brevis):

    1 // 3.21 // 3.23
    2 // 5.80 // 5.87
    3 // 6.54 // 5.92
    4 // 4.08 // 3.32
    5 // 3.10 // 3.22
    6 // 5.68 // 4.57
    7 // 5.42 // 4.82

    Note that solutions 2, 3, 6, and 7 (which I've put in bold formatting) are the ones with chalk. It's easy to see that they also have far higher pH than the ones without chalk. That doesn't mean the Lacto wasn't growing, it just means that the acid was being buffered by the chalk. If anything that might have facilitated more growth, since Lacto shuts down when the environment becomes too acidic, but of course you would have no way of observing that growth with a pH meter.
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    @minderbender thanks for sharing , that is great info.

    I pitched this probiotic shot into the starter that I pitched the pills I assumed hadn’t worked, and it has chalk, and after just 8 hours from adding the shot it had dropped to 3.8, didn’t smell rank at all, so that might be a good pitch by tomorrow.

    Cheers !
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    So about 24hrs after pitching the Lacto, down to 3.59 pH. It was 4.15 this morning. I think by tomorrow morning I will be where I want to be (3.2-3.3). Wort is tasting like a delicate lemonade at the moment!

    Pitched the Goodbelly at around 90-95F and have been holding it around 80-82F in the kettle ever since (kettle is staged in front of the fireplace and holds extremely steady temps, as it wouldn't fit in my fermentation chamber given the width of my kettle). Hey, if it works!

    Appreciate your help on the water stuff. Crazy how little ascorbic acid was needed at 1mg/L dosage (less than a gram).
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    Well, I have pitched my yeast, now I wait. Had some interesting pH readings through this process. After 24 hours my wort was down to 3.49. By about 30 hours it was down to 3.29, so I decided to drop the temp in my ferm chamber to slow down LAB growth so I didn't get any more sour before I could get home 10 hours later to finish the boil. When I got home, the wort was at about 65 degrees from 98, and the pH was reading 3.45...( I re-calibrated my meter before each reading i should note) Once I got my kettle back on the burner and began heating things up, I took another reading that showed I was at 3.3.

    Once I had whirlpooled, chilled and hit it with some O2, I took another reading and found I was at 3.49.. I thought it was strange to see so much variability. My pH meter is temp compensated, and my samples weren't at extreme temps...

    Anyway, everything ended up going really smooth after some trial and error with the starter that only cost me a day. The health food store has so many options for lacto sources!

    Will report back with results once this sucker is fermented out and carbed up. But as of now it looks real pretty and tastes like a tangy sugary hop treat!
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