Dunkin' teams with Harpoon Brewery for doughnut-infused beers

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    Just saw this as I was looking at the market:


    Dunkin' Brands Group Inc. DNKN, 0.99% has partnered with Harpoon Brewery for a line of doughnut-infused beers coming this fall. Harpoon Dunkin' Pumpkin Spiced Latte Ale, Boston Kreme Stout, and Jelly Donut IPA will be available on a limited basis wherever Harpoon beers are sold starting in September. The companies have teamed up for Harpoon Dunkin' Coffee Porter for two seasons; that beer will be back to join the new flavors. Harpoon Dunkin' Pumpkin is made with pumpkin, pumpkin pie spices and coffee. The Boston Kreme flavor uses Dunkin' doughnuts and cacao nibs. And Jelly Donut IPA includes doughnuts and raspberry puree. Starbucks Corp. SBUX, 3.50% also announced the return of its Pumpkin Spice Latte for the 17th year on Tuesday. Dunkin' stock is down 1.8% for the year to date while the S&P 500 index SPX, -0.06% has gained 6.3% for the period.
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    The Dunkin coffee porter was actually quite good. I'll be honest, I'd try these if I came across them ... although I think a mixed 6-pack with 2 of each would be ideal.
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    New meaning to the slogan,
    "America Runs on Dunkin!"
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    Whether we want or need it, for the 2020 fall season, Harpoon and Dunkin’ are releasing a full lineup of four beers—including three new brews, two of which are billed as the first beers to ever be made with actual Dunkin’ donuts. And tapping into craft beer’s biggest trend, one of those is even a donut-infused hazy IPA!


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    I thought the Dunkin’ porter was not good , my kids liked it. Pass unless it’s a six $ sixer to try of not the jelly IPA Or pumpkin.

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    Looks like the coffee pale ale was a flop. I didnt see it sold this summer and its not in the variety pack.
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    No thanks....