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Election 2012 Beers

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by draheim, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. gtermi

    gtermi Apr 21, 2010 Texas

    Another beer I might crack open is Brooklyn Black Chocolate! Always a winner in my book
  2. DovaliHops

    DovaliHops Nov 16, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    Depends on who wins. If Romney wins, I swear I'll pop open my rarest, most tasty beers in celebration. If our current president is re-elected, then I will probably not drink anything...no time for drinking when I need to catch a flight to another country and establish living conditions.
  3. DovaliHops

    DovaliHops Nov 16, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    Already "liked"...but couldn't agree more. Not necessarily "End of Days"... but more like end of the 10th Amendment as we know it. And that Federal Government is gonna be SO HUGE... I'd be surprised if we're even allowed to vote four years from now.
  4. aasher

    aasher Jan 27, 2010 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    Actually, after waiting for over an hour already and still having a solid half hour to go, putting a Bourbon County Coffee in the fridge is looking like a great idea!
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  5. aasher

    aasher Jan 27, 2010 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    Finally someone brewed an anti Alabama beer!
    War Eagle
  6. Levitation

    Levitation Aug 7, 2009 California

    :atomic facepalm:

    regardless of who wins, i'm cracking something tasty and wishing the best for our country for the next 4 years. we're all on the same damn side.
  7. adkrogue

    adkrogue Jan 16, 2012 New York

    Going to pick up a growler of War Elephant...even though I'll end up voting for a jackass.
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  8. UMNbeerhunter

    UMNbeerhunter Oct 21, 2010 Minnesota

    Something that tastes good but doesn't live up to all the hype. I vote Dark Lord. Bazinga!
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  9. UnknownKoger

    UnknownKoger Jul 9, 2010 California

    I figured Double Arrogant Bastard and/or Lukcy Basartd would be appropriate
  10. slangtruth

    slangtruth Jan 8, 2012 Massachusetts

    It's either La Fin du Monde or Celebration.
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  11. bleakies

    bleakies Apr 11, 2011 Massachusetts

    Perhaps something by Sierra Nevada.

    Good enough to drink, inexpensive enough to hurl at the television.
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  12. marcgo2

    marcgo2 Nov 16, 2010 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I voted a week ago and I'm so sick of the election. I'm going to be drinking some SN Celebration, GL Christmas Ale and playing Halo 4. I'll find out who'll be the President in 2013 tomorrow.
  13. Steimie

    Steimie Jan 7, 2012 Michigan

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  14. sjverla

    sjverla Dec 1, 2008 Massachusetts

    Brown Shugga'...a pun, but probably the truth too. Double Chocolate Stout is also a contender.

    Not in the running: Some beery pun about 47%, vague 5-point plans, etc...
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  15. mixed_master7

    mixed_master7 May 16, 2012 Florida

    Haha funny vid.

    Think I'll be starting off with a Nelson today to celebrate the chokehold that I would like to give to a good half of our politicians.

  16. Oldpickuptruck

    Oldpickuptruck Nov 6, 2012

    Dirty Bastard. No politician joke intended.
  17. ivyman

    ivyman Jun 9, 2005 Massachusetts

    Sipping on a Bourbon Barrel aged State Pen porter in honor of the place most politicians belong.
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  18. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Jan 31, 2005 California
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Curmudgeon's Better Half, or maybe just Old Curmudgeon.:)
  19. abecall98

    abecall98 Aug 11, 2007 California
    Beer Trader

    I will be opening my last bottle of Sierra Nevada XXX Stout. It's what, about 3 years old or close to it right?
  20. imfrommichigan

    imfrommichigan Jul 12, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    If Romney wins I'm opening a Busch Light. If Obama wins I'm cracking a CBS. I DO NOT want a fucking Busch Light.
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  21. techster14

    techster14 Apr 11, 2006 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Good idea! I'll drink my BORIS too in hopes of an Ohio victory!
  22. abecall98

    abecall98 Aug 11, 2007 California
    Beer Trader

    I might have to put in a nice rare beer for myself if Obama wins though...
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  23. klaybie

    klaybie Nov 15, 2009 Illinois

    Celebration Ale regardless of who wins. If my guy wins, it's to celebrate the victory. If not, it will be to celebrate the fact that I am still free to vote for whom I want and won't be persecuted for choosing the loser.
  24. draheim

    draheim Sep 18, 2010 Washington
    Beer Trader

    So you'll add insult to injury then?
    I think I'll drink something great regardless: If my man wins, I'll celebrate. If the other guy wins, I'll console myself.
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  25. vonnegut21

    vonnegut21 Apr 27, 2012 New York
    Beer Trader

    If Obama wins, I'll be drinking some BCBS as a tribute to the great state of Illinois.

    If Romney wins, I'll have an Arrogant Bastard and with some Backwoods Bastards in support. And yeah, I'll probably drink something too...
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  26. Beerandraiderfan

    Beerandraiderfan Apr 14, 2009 Nevada

    Hopefully, I'll be drinking some Celebration Ale, listening to the 2012 election soundtrack with hoppy goodness:

    1. Tom Petty: Time To Move On
    2. Michael Jackson: Beat It
    3. Ray Charles: Hit The Road Jack
    4. Tupac: Check Out Time
    5. Too $hort: Its Time To Go
    6. Willie Nelson: The Party's Over
    7. Rebel Meets Rebel: Get Outta My Life
    8. Extreme: Get The Funk Out
    9. Sublime: Get Out
    10. Keyser Soze: Get Out
    11. Merle Haggard: America First/Where's All The Freedom?
    12. Hank Williams Jr: Keep The Change/Takin' Back The Country
    13. Public Enemy: Get The Fuck Outta Dodge
    14. NOFX: Murder the Government/Perfect Government
    15. Kool & The Gang: Celebration
  27. imfrommichigan

    imfrommichigan Jul 12, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Hey now, just because I said I'd open a Busch Light means that I'll actually drink it. Pssh.. who do you think I am??
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  28. hiphopj5

    hiphopj5 Jan 29, 2010 Colorado

    I’m thinking a 2008 Mephistopheles, 2011 Older Viscosity, and an Old Stock of some vintage.
  29. draheim

    draheim Sep 18, 2010 Washington
    Beer Trader

    It is useful for killing slugs I guess.
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  30. BetterBeerPlz

    BetterBeerPlz Sep 8, 2007 Arkansas

    SN Celebration Ale!
  31. Retsinis

    Retsinis Sep 25, 2009 California

    Barrel Aged Decadence I think will be my choice.

    Oh & I voted for the Master Chief & Cortana ticket. :cool:
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  32. buddha5050

    buddha5050 Sep 27, 2012 Michigan

    I'm going to a Rogue tap takeover so I think I will be partaking in alot of the special 15,000 batch brew!! Cheers
  33. kmatlack

    kmatlack Mar 29, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

    Went to the polls and I was bummed to not see Abraham Lincoln/Andrew Johnson on my ballot.

    He wrote the most quoted speech in American history, he served in the military as both a Captain and a Private, he pushed the Thirteenth Amendment to The United States Constitution through Congress, and he genuinely took putting a civil war torn America back together to heart.

    (This of course is quickly generalizing what, arguably one of the greatest Americans in history, did as President of The United States.)

    But sadly, I had to pick between a giant douche and a turd sandwich because people like Mr. Lincoln don't seem to exist anymore. :(

    So I guess ill be drinking a Fifty-Fifty Eclipse tonight. Either way the stone rolls folks, nothing is certain.

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  34. draheim

    draheim Sep 18, 2010 Washington
    Beer Trader

    He also rocked a stovepipe like nobody before or since.
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  35. Beerandraiderfan

    Beerandraiderfan Apr 14, 2009 Nevada

    Abraham Lincoln: Fourscore and...
    [looks at his pocket watch]
    Abraham Lincoln: seven minutes ago... we, your forefathers, were brought forth upon a most excellent adventure conceived by our new friends, Bill... and Ted. These two great gentlemen are dedicated to a proposition which was true in my time, just as it's true today. Be excellent to each other. And... PARTY ON, DUDES!
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  36. bifrost17

    bifrost17 Dec 16, 2011 Washington

  37. draheim

    draheim Sep 18, 2010 Washington
    Beer Trader

  38. bifrost17

    bifrost17 Dec 16, 2011 Washington

    Haha I was wondering that same thing, maybe just a typing error. I'll see what the deal is when I walk down there later.
  39. kmatlack

    kmatlack Mar 29, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

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  40. draheim

    draheim Sep 18, 2010 Washington
    Beer Trader

    I'd be happy with either one, those are a couple of my favorite DFH beers.
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