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Discussion in 'Belgium' started by t0rin0, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. t0rin0

    t0rin0 Poo-Bah (2,461) Dec 30, 2006 California

    I posted this on Ratebeer but there are also a few Europeans on this site so here it is:

    pperez, womencantsail, and I will be doing some serious place/country ticking soon. If anyone wants to join us for a beer along the way, or offer suggestions for any of the towns listed let me know.

    September 21-23 Stockholm
    September 24-25 Munich (pick up the car at FMM (Memmingem))
    September 26 Dusseldorf (with a stop in Frankfurt to slam a litre with the family)
    September 27 Koln
    September 28 Bodegraven / Borefts
    September 29-30 Amsterdam
    October 1 Antwerpen
    October 2 Brugge (stop at Dranken Geers on the way in)
    October 3 Poperinge (staying at St Bernardus hotel, renting bikes to hit in de vrede and hopefully also Struise if I can get ahold of Urbain. Possibly stopping at de Dolle coming from Brugge if they’ll let us in on a Wednesday morning)
    October 4-6 Bruxelles (might try to visit Tilquin on the way in, havent contacted him yet)
    October 7 fly back to the US from BRU

    We've got maps created for each of those places so this isnt exactly a "What do I do in Belgium" thread, mostly a "who wants to meet up" combined with a "is there anything under the radar that I should be aware of". Also open to non-beer site seeing. I think pperez wants to do some church ticking and I like to see the sites when I'm out (the cathedral, the old houses and the Rhein in Koln, the old buildings in Brugge, the maneken pis statue in Brussels, stuff like that) so any suggestions are welcomed.

    I think the agreement is that we’re only stopping at 1 place before we park the car at the hotel and do everything else on foot or public transit. Will try to get out to Fantome one morning and probably de Heeren another while in Bruxelles.

    Not real interested in trading as I’d have to lug all that beer around, and we’re flying Ryanair from Stockholm so the weight limits are much lower, not to mention I already need to pick up a case (or 3) of beer from a trading partner. I’ll make exceptions for bigger wants (Cantillon or Fantome ticks).

    Thoughts? Anyone down for a beer?
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  2. andrejes

    andrejes Initiate (141) Jun 10, 2011 Netherlands

    See you at Borefts!!!

  3. tendermorsel

    tendermorsel Devotee (400) Oct 22, 2006 Massachusetts

    I second Andre's sentiments. See you at Borfets!
  4. yinzer

    yinzer Aspirant (219) Nov 24, 2006 Pennsylvania

    Were you the one that I muled some beer to Wim last year? I'll be at Borfets too. Hope that I get to say Hi.
  5. t0rin0

    t0rin0 Poo-Bah (2,461) Dec 30, 2006 California

    Yes, that was me. See you there. I'll make sure to wear my Ratebeer avatar (also Metallica).

    Anybody from any of the other places listed interested in meeting?

    Any other late 2006 join dates want to chime in? Here is a rough itinerary:

    September 21-23 Stockholm
    -where ever else our Swedish friends take us

    September 24-25 Munich
    -Oktoberfest (for a little bit)
    -all the various brewpubs (Weihenstephaner, Paulaner, etc)
    -still open to ideas, havent researched this stop much yet

    September 26 Dusseldorf (with a stop in Frankfurt to slam a litre with the family)
    -Alt ticking, mostly on foot I assume

    September 27 Koln
    -Kolsch ticking almost entirely on foot, Koln is a beautiful city.

    September 28 Bodegraven / Borefts
    -120 beers on tap, not going to want to do anything else after 8 hours of beer festival. Will most likely be meeting with a number of noteable ratebeerians and I have no doubt that there will be a bit of bottle sharing going on (I know we're meeting a guy who promised to open a de la Senne Crianza with us)

    September 29-30 Amsterdam
    -in de Wilderman, bierkoning, other beer spots

    October 1 Antwerpen
    -Kulminator for sure, the rest we'll probably decide on a wim, and based on recomendations

    October 2 Brugge (stop at Dranken Geers on the way in)
    -Halve Maan, Bier Tempel, Cambrinus, site seeing

    October 3 Poperinge
    -Staying at St Bernardus. Beer destinations: St Bernardus, in de Vrede, Struise, and the hop museum. If we feel up for more bicycling we might cross into France and check out a brewery or two.

    October 4-6 Bruxelles
    -Obviously Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, and Moeder. Also going to walk from 3F to Beersel and bus to Hanssens if I can get that arranged. Going to (hopefully) visit Tilquin on the way into town. Really want to take a "quick" trip to Fantome one morning and de Heeren another. The rest of the time will be spent bar hopping around town.
  6. DougOLis

    DougOLis Initiate (91) Aug 15, 2008 California

    Are you going to go Cantillon Quintessence on October 6th? Or is that the day you fly back? I'll be at Borefts and Quintessence but going to be in Germany between the two.
  7. t0rin0

    t0rin0 Poo-Bah (2,461) Dec 30, 2006 California

    Flying back on the 7th (the schedule in the OP is accurate). I think we decided to against Quintessence as they'll have all the same stuff that we can get at the brewery but more crowded. I wouldnt mind trying the amphora beer but thats just their regular lambic so I'm sure it will be aliased.
  8. MasterSki

    MasterSki Poo-Bah (6,749) Dec 25, 2006 Canada
    Moderator Society

  9. Jeffo

    Jeffo Poo-Bah (3,502) Sep 7, 2008 Netherlands
    Society Trader

    I'm 2008. Sorry. But if I may, De Heeren has weird hours, so be sure to check ahead.

  10. t0rin0

    t0rin0 Poo-Bah (2,461) Dec 30, 2006 California

    maandag: 11.30 u - 14.30 u
    donderdag : 11.30 u - 23.00 u
    vrijdag en zaterdag : 11.30 u - 1.00 u
    zondag 12.30 u - 23.00 u

    Since we're getting in on a Thursday morning, this wont be a problem.

    Already on the Koln map, hag. Labeled as Braustelle and I think Andrew already put the business hours on there.
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