Ever have a $20+ bottle that IS worth the price

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by johnInLA, Aug 28, 2016.

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  1. Mindflow

    Mindflow Initiate (0) Jul 9, 2016 Florida

    I would continue buying Funky Buddha's BA Chocwork Orange @ $25 a bottle. Admittedly a FB fanboy, but I just love that beer.
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  2. Zoomslowik

    Zoomslowik Disciple (333) Mar 17, 2016 Illinois

    I can't think of a lot of $20-ish bombers I have purchased. It's not really price thing, it's that the stuff I would buy at that price is either brewery only or doesn't sit on shelves long.

    The only one that immediately comes to mind is Parabola (think it was about 18), which I would definitely buy again if I see it.

    I also wouldn't flinch at paying $50-ish for another French Vanilla Militia, not that I'll ever get the opportunity.
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  3. bubseymour

    bubseymour Poo-Bah (3,561) Oct 30, 2010 Maryland
    Society Trader

    I think all of the FW Vintage beers (Parabola, Stikee Monkee, Sucaba, Velvet Merkin) run $20-$25 and all of those are worth it IMO.

    Also the small 350ml Hanssen's Geuze and Kriek sours run about $20 in MD, and those are worth it (but not something I'm going to buy more than once a year or so).

    Some of the best Allagash sours run closer to $20, those are worth the splurge IMO.

    Brothers Resolute and variants run $20-$30. Those are worth it.
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  4. Zoomslowik

    Zoomslowik Disciple (333) Mar 17, 2016 Illinois

    I think I paid about 17 for a Velvet Merkin, wasn't as thrilled. I got to try XIX on tap and that would definitely be worth it too.
  5. Scott17Taylor

    Scott17Taylor Poo-Bah (1,868) Oct 28, 2013 Iowa
    Society Trader

    Are the great divide ba beers really that much of an improvement on the base beer? Hibernation ale is a winter staple for me, and yeti and old ruffian are both great beers I've just never bothered to try the ba versions.
  6. kwakwhore

    kwakwhore Zealot (577) Nov 1, 2004 North Carolina

    Sexual Chocolate and BA Sexual Chocolate are both worth $20.
  7. johnnybgood1999

    johnnybgood1999 Disciple (363) Oct 31, 2008 Virginia

    I've had 3 and will give you quick opinions on each.

    BA Yeti: The barrel age version is a stronger and bigger beer. 12% vs 9%. The hops are toned way down to allow the barrel and other flavors to shine. Boy do they shine. Yeti is a massive dark chocolate bomb (a friend called it an adult milkshake. Again, not sweet milk chocolate, but dark chocolate) that is made mellow, yet more complex by the barrel. I love this beer.

    Barrel aged hibernation was very nice as well. I believe it was a few dollars cheaper than Yeti, closer to $20. It didn't make the impression Yeti did though. Still, I don't mind spending $20 on this beer. That said, if backwoods bastard was available I'd save the money and buy that for the price. BA hibernation was around long after the bastard was gone here.

    Barrel aged old ruffian 15 was not good. It seemed a bit off and the barrel character was very subdued. Note that this 15 was a spin off of regular barrel aged old ruffian, which a friend said was one of the best beers he ever had. I'm not sure if the variant did not agree with me, my palate was off or I got a bad bottle.
  8. Hopgoddess312

    Hopgoddess312 Aspirant (210) Jan 17, 2014 Colorado

    Cascade stuff is priced at $25 and up around here in Chicagoland, which means most of it just sits on the shelf. It's unfortunate, it's so good especially the Apricot and the Sang Noir and Royale, but the prices seem to be killing it, not in the good way, in the "it's dead" way!
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  9. Scott17Taylor

    Scott17Taylor Poo-Bah (1,868) Oct 28, 2013 Iowa
    Society Trader

    Ok, I'm a huge fan of great divide, it's hard to justify spending $20+ on a bottle but ba yeti may be something I need to get.
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  10. magilldm

    magilldm Initiate (36) May 2, 2015 Pennsylvania

    Bruery Tart of Darkness

    FW Sucaba ($20 in Jersey City)

    Tired Hands Rustic Pentagram
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  11. deleted_user_950283

    deleted_user_950283 Crusader (796) Feb 25, 2015

    Cognac and Rye Abyss were both worth it
  12. Gambyt20

    Gambyt20 Savant (990) Jan 14, 2016 Illinois

    DL and DL variants def worth it.
    Cognac & Rye Abyss also worth it.
    BA Narwhal really great beer but probably not $20 great.

    And I think that is all of the $20+ bottle of beers I have bought
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  13. DeweyCheatem-n-Howe

    DeweyCheatem-n-Howe Initiate (0) May 23, 2015 Massachusetts

  14. HeyItsThatGuy

    HeyItsThatGuy Initiate (0) Feb 27, 2016 Illinois

    Every pay day I find myself standing in front of em just asking myself; "Should I do it?"....
    ...I have yet to do it lol
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  15. Hopgoddess312

    Hopgoddess312 Aspirant (210) Jan 17, 2014 Colorado

    Well, I would counsel you to do it. They are delicious and life is short.
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  16. BWood

    BWood Initiate (0) Jan 4, 2015 California

    All Bruery stouts over $20 are worth it. Even the $39.99 for chocolate rain is worth it.
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  17. Alexgnarcia

    Alexgnarcia Initiate (0) May 13, 2012 California

    Speedway Stout variants are well worth the 25 to 35 dollar price tag,never felt cheated or underwhelmed before.
  18. deleted_user_950283

    deleted_user_950283 Crusader (796) Feb 25, 2015

    Hawaiian was phenominal
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  19. Lingenbrau

    Lingenbrau Initiate (0) Apr 9, 2011 Oregon

    Awww man! Everything I was gonna say has been said :slight_frown:. Glad we are all on the same page though! Only one I will add is Ale Apothecary Sahalie. Wow. Oh yeah, duh! And Modern Times Monsters Park variants. Cheers!
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  20. sharpski

    sharpski Meyvn (1,277) Oct 11, 2010 Oregon
    Society Trader

    Eclipse- Rittenhouse Rye, Peche 'n Brett, Black Butte^3, Ale Apothecary Sahati. Rusty Nail. Luckily that's a majority of the $20+ bottles I've ever bought. Too much amazing stuff available for less.
  21. distantmantra

    distantmantra Meyvn (1,201) May 23, 2011 Washington

    Ale Apothecary is definitely worth it. Getting close to $35 or $40 for some of them now...

    And I have a hard time paying US prices for Cantillon. 15 Euro for a three pack of RdG, Kriek and OG 750s at the brewery was awesome.
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  22. ELS

    ELS Devotee (460) Apr 22, 2012 Florida

    J Wakefields Big Poppa was pretty expensive at $25 for a non-barrel aged stout but well worth it.
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  23. Jag237

    Jag237 Initiate (100) Aug 23, 2014 Virginia

    I've traded for some of the bigger Bruery beers likes White Chocolate, Blue BBLS and several of the Melanges that have all been well worth the price.
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  24. BMBCLT

    BMBCLT Poo-Bah (1,938) May 9, 2014 South Carolina

    Yes, many times!
  25. SpauldingSmails

    SpauldingSmails Initiate (158) Sep 11, 2014 Massachusetts

    I've had a few of the Wicked Weed Wild Ales that were pretty great, but felt a bit expensive. Cantillon all-day-long. Supplication and Consecration both worth it as well. I paid up in Montreal for a Westy (too embarrassed to say how much - even in CAD).
  26. nick0417

    nick0417 Initiate (0) Jun 13, 2014 Illinois

    Goose Island's Halia and Firestone's Parabola.
  27. djtothemoney

    djtothemoney Initiate (0) Nov 30, 2015 Ohio

    The only beers I have ever paid over $20 were Goose Island Madame Rose (For my wife) and Green Flash Cellar 3 Silva Stout. The Silva Stout was infected and Madame Rose was fair.

    I pretty much shy away from anything over $15, although I have a 2014 Black Tuesday I think was more than $20 as well.
  28. Czequershuus

    Czequershuus Poo-Bah (2,143) Feb 7, 2014 Minnesota

    Darkness for me, I just adore that beer. Cascade Noyaux was also truly excellent. Also, if, as some people have suggested, we are including smaller bottles with a high per per ounce price, Avery Samael fits the bill - a near perfect beer.
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  29. Giantspace

    Giantspace Meyvn (1,050) Dec 22, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Never paid $20 a bottle......Many $15 Allagash beers though......I have also paid $10 for a 10oz pour of Tilquin......it was so good, much better than any bottle from them.

  30. imfatsowhat

    imfatsowhat Initiate (0) Aug 20, 2013 California

    Firestone Walker XIX A..FN...MAZING Paid 19.99 plus tax
  31. Boomer4ES

    Boomer4ES Initiate (0) Jan 31, 2012 North Carolina

    I would just like to clarify for others that Smoking Wood is not a rauchbier.
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  32. JamFuel

    JamFuel Poo-Bah (8,514) Mar 26, 2009 Sweden
    Moderator Society

    In Copenhagen Dark Lord is about 50 bucks... Bought two!
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  33. Oktoberfist

    Oktoberfist Initiate (116) Nov 26, 2014 Pennsylvania

    Just think of all of the things you can spend $20+ on and a bottle of beer does not come to mind. I can get a case of SN on sale for about $30, while you spend $20+ on one bottle. Seem pretty stupid to me.
  34. LeRose

    LeRose Poo-Bah (1,816) Nov 24, 2011 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    A lot of Allagash beers hover around the $20 a bottle mark (750 and 375 mldepending on where I find them, and to me the vast majority have been worthy. Not every day drinkers, but for the occasional indulgence. If I find them cheaper, I become a hoarder...
  35. HopsDubosc

    HopsDubosc Initiate (178) Apr 24, 2015 Vermont

    Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze. Hill Farmstead Flora Plum. Bruery's Sour in the Rye is up there.

    Also...Paid $16 for a plastic cup of Apocalypse IPA at Yankee Stadium last month. Best value at the ballpark and worth it when comparing it to $15 Heineken and $13 Bud Light. Still crazy though.
  36. scottsoileau

    scottsoileau Initiate (0) Nov 30, 2014 Louisiana

    Stickee Monkee at Churchkey in DC, $40 and worth every penny.

    Westy 12 for $34.99 wad not worth it at all but glad I tried it
  37. GuyFawkes

    GuyFawkes Poo-Bah (6,559) Apr 7, 2011 Illinois
    Society Trader

    In the grand scheme of things, $20 is nothing. I'm not a rich man, but if one bottle of beer gives you great pleasure, what's $20?!
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  38. njcraftguy

    njcraftguy Zealot (547) Apr 6, 2015 New Jersey

    Alexander from Rodenbach. $20 and SO worth it, wish I bought more.
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  39. Pourharddrinkslow

    Pourharddrinkslow Initiate (0) Oct 12, 2014 South Carolina

    this just seems like a personal preference of what your priorities are. I have no problem spending $20+ for a beer, and a vast majority of the time it was worth the money in my opinion. I totally understand those that thing I'm crazy though. In my mind it comes down to what is important to you. Some people care more about trying as many beers as possible, especially the rare expensive ones. To each their own.
  40. Crim122

    Crim122 Initiate (0) Aug 4, 2014 North Carolina

    I saw a bottle shop that still had some of this floating around a few weeks ago, it was more like 14 here. Wish I had bought a bottle. Ugh. I want to try it badly.
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