Everything you need to know about breath testing in Australia

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  1. Hop-to-it

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    Hi all,

    I was on the hunt for a breathalyser for a Christmas present for my brother when I stumbled across this article which I thought you might like. It basically has heaps of info relating to police breath testing in Australia...I've copied and pasted the table of contents to save you needing to click on it to understand whats covered. Full article here: https://www.adtbreathalysers.com.au/random-breath-tests-australia-everything-need-know/
    1. What is a random breath test?
    2. What is blood alcohol content (BAC)?
    3. What is the Australian Blood Alcohol Limit?
    4. How much alcohol is in a standard drink?
    5. When are police allowed to breath test me?
    6. What information am I required to give during a random breath test?
    7. Can I refuse to take a breath test?
    8. What are the penalties if I refuse to take a breath test?
    9. How many breath tests can I be requested to take?
    10. If I blow a negative reading, can a police officer request a further test?
    11. Can a police officer force me to the police station for a sample?
    12. Does the police officer need to show me the breathalyser results?
    13. What are the drink driving penalties if I blow a positive reading?
    14. What is an Alcohol Interlock Device?
    15. When I get pulled over, I am going to quickly swap seats with a passenger so I don’t get caught.
    16. If I am just sitting in my car on the side of the road, can police breath test me?
    17. Can a police officer breath test me if I am at hospital receiving treatment?
    18. When are police not allowed to breath test me?
    19. Can I challenge my breath test result?
    20. I’ve heard I can apply for a Work Licence, what is that?
    21. What are the different legislations in each state?
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    cool, thanks
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