Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Company Launches Direct To Consumer Distribution

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    Framingham, MA - Award-winning independent craft brewery Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Company has launched direct to consumer delivery to customers in Alaska, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Virginia.

    Exhibit ‘A’ fans and craft beer enthusiasts (21+) can now order from a selection of award-winning craft beers and IPAs and have them shipped right to their doorstep. Orders can be placed via the brewery’s website. Customers can choose from a variety of the brewery’s signature beers as well as a rotating selection of special and seasonal products.

    “The pandemic has brought a number of challenges to Exhibit ‘A’ as a small, independent craft brewery,” said General Manager Kelsey Roth. “But it’s also allowed us to be nimble and to develop strategies that bring our beers to more people through new channels. With consumers spending a lot of time at home, we’ve been rethinking how we distribute. Our new direct-to-consumer program is a result of thinking “outside the taproom” and we are looking forward to bringing the Exhibit ‘A’ brand across the country to people’s porches, kitchens and cookouts.”

    Always Available To Order:

    • The Goody Two Shoes: This Kölsch style ale was rated a Perfect 100 by the Bros. at BeerAdvocate. Crisp and clean, with light flavors of lemon, white flour and fresh baked crackers follow into a dry finish (4.5% ABV).

    • The Cat’s Meow: Aromas of tangerines and ripe stone fruits in this IPA are followed by flavors of grapefruit peel, fresh navel oranges and light malt sweetness. Smooth finish with a touch of grapefruit bitterness (6.5% ABV).

    • Just a Kitten: The spiritual little sister to The Cat’s Meow. This New England IPA features Citra, Mosaic, and Vic Secret hops. Light orange on the nose with a peachy orange flavor and a light hint of malt (5.0% ABV).

    • Hair Raiser: This double IPA holds a citrus peel hop aroma followed by flavors of citrus zest, grapefruit and hints of mango and peaches. Hop bitterness is balanced by sweet malt with a smooth, full mouthfeel (8.0% ABV).

    • Briefcase Porter: This porter satisfies without being heavy. Toasted dark bread and nutty aromas start you off followed by light roasted coffee, dark chocolate and a touch of blackberry for a dry finish (5.4% ABV).
    Seasonal Selection for Spring 2021:

    • All The Barrys: This refreshing kettle sour is brewed with Belgian yeast and our house Lactobacillus blend and fermented with blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackcurrant. A hint of wheat leads into a light tart flavor with a sweet juicy berry finish (4.3% ABV).

    • Wandering Thoughts: This Double Dry Hopped Double India Pale Ale features Australian Ella and Vic Secret hops for a juicy, fruity and lightly herbal hop character and a smooth mouthfeel (7.7% ABV).

    • Sunday Paper: The fresh roasted coffee nose of this imperial stout leads into a smooth and rich roasted dark chocolate and coffee flavor with hints of dried black cherries (9.9% ABV).
    As one of Massachusetts’ top-rated breweries, Exhibit ‘A’ has made a name for itself with local sourcing, a focus on equity in brewing and their charitable efforts and partnerships. The company takes an irreverent approach, telling stories through their beers. As Exhibit ‘A’ begins its post-pandemic recovery strategy, the introduction of a direct-to-consumer model serves to increase sustainable growth in the national market and increases their brand footprint.

    In addition to online ordering and options available at the Framingham taproom and beer garden, consumers can find a selection of the brewery’s beers at local beer distributors and in state grocery retailers throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont.

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    I sincerely hope this is a sign of things to come.
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    Alaska? You don't see that every day.
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  4. PA-Michigander

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    A few places ship to Alaska, must be a reason.

    Can’t tell if this is an ad for Exhibit A for BA or an ad for BA from Exhibit A.
  5. EmperorBatman

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    But first, all states must legalize beer delivery. Enough of the arbitrary bootlegging laws, especially when we can get wine delivered.
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    Like that's gonna happen. There's a bigger chance they'll fully legalize weed.
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  7. EnronCFO

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    To order four 4-packs of beer, it will cost me $49.51 to ship to Brighton, 25 minutes away. Think I'm gonna pass on this.
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    I wonder how much the folks in Alaska have to pay for shipping!?!:grimacing:

  9. Bitterbill

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    Any reason that you don't go there and pick it up?
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    I was just checking the prices. I can find it at most liquors stores here
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  11. mmmbeerNY

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    Never heard of them, dumb name.

    I'm not against breweries being able to ship, although I can not believe I would ever order anything for myself. Shipping costs and plenty of good beer locally I never buy already due to fact can only drink so much
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  12. Newport_beerguy

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    Really? I've heard a LOT of dumber names. Their name and logo brings to mind the craft ethos of "judge us by the beer".

    Anyway, a fan of the Sunday Paper and Kölsch-style ale, but although most I speak seem to be a fan of Cats Meow I've never gotten into their hoppy beers.

    Edit: actually dumb/great brewery naming has been covered before on this site: https://www.beeradvocate.com/community/threads/brewery-names-stupid-great-and-yours.625661/
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