Extended Beer Stats: Your Ratings by Style, State, and Country

Discussion in 'BeerAdvocate Talk' started by Todd, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. SouthernSips

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    Wel, you've basically forced me to update all my ratings here now. :grin:

    (that's a good thing lol)
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  2. Harrison8

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    Wanted to inquire about a possible extended stat option semi-related to this: has the BA team considered setting up stats to compare beers consumed by brewery?

    This thread here made me wonder if this was a future possibility.

    I'm mostly interested in seeing how my consumption of local compares with regional/national breweries.

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  3. Samlover55

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    Was recently thinking the same, I would love it.
  4. GuyFawkes

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    Hi Todd.

    I am user of this site, who wondered "why should I pay for what is now free?", because I'm not a great person.

    This function caused me to pony up.

    Smart idea.
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  5. PapaGoose03

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    Welcome to the Society!
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  6. JLK7299

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    I see we can no longer find top beers by state, which is disappointing. It is by region now.....I am having a hard time finding what region North Carolina is in? I know their top rated beer is Citraquench'l but when I look in south, midatlantic, south atlantic.......its in none of those.

    Id love to see the search by state option back but since I am moving to NC in a month, id love to know what region that is in for my search purposes!
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  7. FBarber

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    It just seems they've changed how its done. If you click on "Top Rated Beers" there is a drop down list - click on USA and then a second drop down list shows the lists by state.

  8. Mark-Leggett

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    Love having the ability to look at these. Trying to hit all states and styles makes it a must have
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  9. DefenCorps

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    Meant to post a while back that I love this feature. Thank you!

    Now, if I'm allowed to be greedy, can we get more, like how many beers rated each year, your to rated styles and breweries, the breweries you've rated most beers from and so on?