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    Have questions about BeerAdvocate magazine (BA mag)? This FAQ is here to help. While it might not cover all questions, it'll aim to answer most and be updated as needed.

    This FAQ thread may be updated without notice.


    Why should I subscribe?
    Because you like fresh beer content delivered to your mailbox each month and feel compelled to support our ongoing beer advocacy efforts and the craft beer industry as a whole.

    How many pages is the mag?
    72 pages + cover as of issue #100 (May 2015)

    Print Subscriptions

    How do I subscribe to the print version?
    Go here:

    How do I renew my subscription?
    Go here:

    You'll need to enter the code# printed on the mailing label.

    How do I renew a subscription for another person?
    Renew as you would above, and specify the appropriate code#.

    Can I send a gift subscription?
    Yes. Simply specify the recipient and their info in the shipping address when checking out.

    Do you accept international print subscriptions and renewals?
    Yes, but additional fees will apply.

    If I subscribe now, what issue will I start with?
    Orders placed on or before the 14th of each month will start with the following month's issue.

    Example: If you ordered on January 10, your first issue would be Feb. If you ordered on January 15, your first issue would be March.

    When can I expect my first issue?
    Please allow 4-8 weeks for your first copy to arrive.

    When do issues ship each month?
    Depending on scheduling, issues ship the end or beginning of each month. It can take 2-20 business days to reach subscribers in the US or longer for international orders. We're constantly working with USPS to improve the lag time, so please be patient.

    What if my magazine never arrived?
    Delays and errors can occur, and we're sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us to report the issue, and include the name, email, and address associated with the order.

    How do I change my mailing address?
    Go here:

    Note: While the update is immediate, you may miss an issue if you waited too long to update your address with us.

    My issue arrived damaged. What's up with that?
    Damaged issues do happen. Reasons can range from handing at the printers to USPS sorting/delivery handling issues. We apologize if this has happened to you. Please contact us to report the issue, including all of your relevant subscriber info.

    How many issues do I have left?
    It's printed on your mailing label.

    How do I merge a duplicate subscription?
    Please contact us with all of your relevant subscriber info.

    Do you send sample issues or a free trial?
    Yes. We offer a free trial issue for US residents.

    Do you sell back issues?
    Yes. While supplies last in the BeerAdvocate Store.

    Do you offer bulk / discounted rates?
    Not at this time.

    Can I get a refund?
    No. We don't offer refunds, or partial refunds, on subscriptions.

    What's the deal with Founding Subscribers?
    Founding Subscribers was a one-time deal from May 2006 to October 6, 2006 with the promise that subscribers during the timeframe would never pay more than $19.95 per year, for life. International shipping fees may apply. Offer may become invalid if the subscription becomes inactive for a long period of time.

    Linking Your Print Subscription

    Why should I link my BeerAdvocate magazine subscription?
    Linking will help you to better manage your subscription and also give you access to future content and features.

    How do I link a subscription to my BeerAdvocate account?
    You can link an existing (processed) print subscription to your BeerAdvocate account using the Subscription Management page.
    1. First, check to see if there's a subscription associated with your account email.
    2. If the subscription is not listed, use the Change Address form to assign an existing subscription by ensuring that the email on the subscription is the same email as your account's email.
    3. Click "Assign as Primary" link if needed.
    If you recently subscribed, you'll need to wait until we process your order. This occurs on a monthly basis.

    What if it was a gift subscription?
    See above.

    Why do I get an error stating that a subscription has already been assigned to another account when attempting to submit the Change of Address Form?
    This occurs when another account has been assigned the Code#. Examples: an abandoned/old, duplicate, or significant other's account. You'll need to fix it from said account.

    I've set a subscription as my primary, where's my Subscriber tag?
    Once your primary is set, and if the subscription is active, the system will tag you within an hour or so.

    What does unlinking do?
    Unlinking a subscription will remove your email from the subscription. If active, we'll continue to send copies. If expired, the subscription will eventually be removed if it's not renewed.

    Changing your account email, or the email associated with a subscription, will also unlink.

    Why can't I link my digital subscription?
    Print and digital versions are offered and operated as completely different services. And the digital services don't offer the ability for us to sync with print.

    Subscriptions (Digital)

    Do you offer a digital version?

    Get it on Google Play Newsstand
    For Android and Google Chrome. (Preferred for Android users.)

    Get it on Magzter
    For Apple / iOS, Android, Web, Amazon, Windows 8, Samsung.

    Regional, OS, and platform limitations may apply.

    I already subscribe to the print version. Can I get the digital version too?
    Not at this time. Print and digital versions are offered and operated as completely different services. And the digital services don't offer the ability for us to sync with print.

    Who do I contact about my digital subscription?
    You'll need to refer to the appropriate help for your digital service of choice. Look in the app for help tools or the above links for more.


    Do you sell BA mag at retail locations / newsstands?
    No. BA mag is available by subscription only.

    Contributors' Guidelines

    How can I contribute content to BeerAdvocate magazine?
    While we welcome pitches from new writers, we encourage interested contributors to refer to the following guidelines before contacting the magazine:

    We don't have a strict set of guidelines, but we do look for short news items, profiles and features with a timely, hard news angle on topics that haven't been covered before. And we prefer to work with experienced journalists, so please send a few published clips with any queries. We're looking for writers who can tell us what our readers need to know, why, and why now. Also, we typically don't consider pitches that revolve around beer releases or events.

    Keep your pitches brief, and make sure they're error free before you hit "send." We aren't interested in unsolicited manuscripts and we will not consider previously published work. Please check out some back issue posts before emailing your best story ideas.​

    Thanks for your interest.


    Can you send me information on advertising?
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