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    How do I add a beer?

    Why can't I rate certain beers?
    The ability to rate is disabled for breweries that are marked as closed.

    Why is <insert beer name> listed as retired?
    There are many reasons why a beer gets retired.
    • Beers that are tagged (entered) as "Limited (brewed once)" will automatically be retired by the system after one year from when they were entered.
    • Brewers discontinue beers.
    • Breweries close.
    • A mistake was made. (Use the "Report an Update" link.)
    If the brewery is still open, a retired beer will remain ratable, however, it's no longer considered for Top Beer lists or the like.

    How do I upload an image?
    The functionality is dated, and the requirements are very specific. We're working on making the entire process much easier. In the meantime, on the upload page you'll notice that images must be an exact width and height with a max file size that's quite small. We recommend using an online resource like: to quickly crop, resize and compress your image.

    How do I report an update?
    Locate the "Report an Update" button in the sidebar (you must be logged in). Clicking it will take you to a form. Please complete the form and provide as much information as possible before submitting.

    How do I add notes?
    Use the "Report an Update" button to suggest notes for us to add.

    Why is my report/update taking so long?
    Currently we have very limited resources and time. On top of this our maintenance tools for beers and places are dated and cumbersome. We're working on fixing this to ensure updates are handled in a timely fashion.
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