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    How do I post a new thread in the forums?
    • Get familiar with our various forums:
    • Search for similar posts. If any exist, reply to them vs starting a new thread.
    • Otherwise, click on the forum you feel best fits your post.
    • Click the "Post New Thread" button.
    • Ensure that your thread title and message is clear. This will make it easier for others to find, understand, and encourage more participation.
    How do I reply to a thread?
    • Click the reply link within the specific post that you'd like to reply to. This will auto-quote the post that you're replying to. If you just want to reply to the thread in general, clear the quoted content.
    • You many also quote multiple posts by using the +Quote feature, followed by the Insert Quotes feature.
    • If you're replying simply because you agree with another user's post, use the Like feature instead.
    Why can't I post?
    • Your posting privileges may have been temporarily suspended and will return after a period of time. Reasons: invalid email or breaking our terms.
    • You might be trying to post in a forum that doesn't allow it.
    How do I post an image in the forum?
    We're not the image hosting business, so you'll need to use a service to store your images.
    • Sign up for an image storage service. Many social media sites will work too. The most important factor here is selecting a service that allows you to embed images for viewing by others.
    • Ensure that the image is shared publicly (a must) and copy the direct link to the image.
    • Use the "Image" button in the posting toolbar, paste the link, and submit.
    • Provided all of the above is correct, your image will now be embedded when you submit your post.
    On your mobile device / having issues? You can wrap the link using the IMG tag.

    How do I post a video in the forum?
    It's similar to embedding an image, but you'll need to select the "Media" button in the posting toolbar and only certain video hosting services are supported.

    How do I edit or delete my post?
    You have a 15 minute window to edit your post, its title if your the original poster (OP), or delete it if you made a mistake. After this the links to edit will disappear. Use the Report link if you require further assistance.

    Why are some links *blocked* in posts?
    For various reasons, we've decided to not allow links to certain websites. Meaning links will be blocked. Attempts to work around this will result in warnings/bans.

    Why was my post moderated?
    In most cases you should receive an Alert (or Warning via a Conversation) with the reason. Otherwise refer to our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.

    Why am I not receiving Forum Alerts?