Fastest Growing Craft Brewers of the Year

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  1. jmasher85

    jmasher85 Zealot (559) Mar 27, 2015 Maryland

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  2. jesskidden

    jesskidden Meyvn (1,344) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey

    Yeah, Brewbound's article on the list has the actual barrelage of #1, Craftroots (as well as a few other random examples).

    2015 - 5 bbl.*
    2016 - 20 bbl. *
    2017 - 308 bbl.
    2018 - 600 bbl. (estimate)

    * Craftroots opened with a 10 gallon brewing system.
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  3. invertalon

    invertalon Devotee (436) Jan 27, 2009 Ohio

    I am not sure it would be something to be proud of in the existing market, no? I mean, isn't it a common trend that most of the breweries closing down have expanded too much recently and taken on too-large of debt loads?

    In Ohio, the two breweries named are Platform and Royal Docks. I mean, Platform is about inconsistent as they come. Aside from their kettle sour series which is quite good, it's like throwing darts from 100ft away. Some can be good to great, but then others can be absolutely terrible. Not sure I know of another brewery as inconsistent with the quality of product they put out. Will they really be able to manage their growth?

    I don't know... In the current climate of the industry, I think I would be halting growth, maturing my market base and focusing 100% of my attention on product QC and pushing to produce the absolute best quality I could muster up. That is what will be more important, IMO, long term as people have more options than ever... If these breweries open just 1-3 years think they can't improve their beer any further and growth should be the focus, that's just crazy to me.
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  4. MNAle

    MNAle Meyvn (1,034) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    Silly list... the rule of small numbers... means nothing.
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  5. BeastOfTheNortheast

    BeastOfTheNortheast Aspirant (283) Dec 26, 2009 Pennsylvania

    Who's this Crowded Castle in PA?
  6. meefmoff

    meefmoff Zealot (540) Jul 6, 2014 Massachusetts

    I don't know the whole story, but I believe there's a fair bit of drama surrounding 'Hopsters' which made the Massachusetts list. They used to be one of those places where you could go and "brew your own beer" but then switched to (or added on?) brewing their own to not much acclaim.
  7. jmasher85

    jmasher85 Zealot (559) Mar 27, 2015 Maryland

    I'd agree except that these are all breweries that opened prior to 2016, so they aren't that small; they'd been around at least a year and didn't go under. But yeah, if we're talking about small numbers, in a class of thousands of other small brewries, these are the ones that will be trade-bait hype-machines pretty soon.
  8. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Poo-Bah (3,713) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    I have walked by that brewery/brewpub a number of times but I have never walked in. I have not heard a single good thing about their beers (i.e., I have heard a lot of negative things about the beers).

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  9. jesskidden

    jesskidden Meyvn (1,344) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey

    Just paging through The New Brewer's 2016 Barrelage figures, the first 10 breweries listed in the OP are all under 500 bbl., with a few other of them, like #1 Craftroots, well under 100 bbl:

    Crowded Castle- 20 bbl.
    Bruehal - 15 bbl.
    Lumber House - 14 bbl.

    Those are tiny commercial breweries.
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  10. Ranbot

    Ranbot Zealot (545) Nov 27, 2006 Pennsylvania

    Right. When you start very small any growth looks significant.

    Quoted from the article: "...Median growth from 2016 to 2017 for these breweries was 216 percent; the median size of breweries on the list went from 284 barrels in 2016 to 963 barrels in 2017..."

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  11. EnronCFO

    EnronCFO Devotee (496) Mar 29, 2007 Massachusetts

    Got a chuckle out a brewery being described as inconsistent, outside of its kettle sours.
  12. jmdrpi

    jmdrpi Poo-Bah (5,310) Dec 11, 2008 Pennsylvania

    Small place with a taproom in downtown Phoenixville. They joined an already crowded (no pun intended) market in Phoenixville (Sly Fox, Iron Hill, Stable 12, Root Down). I was there once, and I would rank them at the bottom of the list of places in that town. It was started by a homebrewers group with no commercial brewing experience, and it seemed to show.

    The brewery opened in the past year - but prior to that I think they did some limited contract brewing. So it's not hard to be most improved when your starting point is effectively zero.
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  13. hopfenunmaltz

    hopfenunmaltz Meyvn (1,386) Jun 8, 2005 Michigan

    I view this press release as some love for the little breweries by the BA. Somewhere they said something like 1/2 or more of the breweries are <1000 bbls. I don’t remember them doing a list like this before.

    The top 50 list by production volume should be coming out soon. I do remember that one. ;-).
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  14. hopfenunmaltz

    hopfenunmaltz Meyvn (1,386) Jun 8, 2005 Michigan

    If you would take the 2 regionals out, that statistic would plummet.
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  15. rgordon

    rgordon Champion (860) Apr 26, 2012 North Carolina

    Beech Mountain is a town of 320 permanent residents sitting atop 5506 foot Beech Mountain, touted as the highest town east of The Rockies. It is a ski destination. It's often tough getting there and it is beautiful. I haven't been to the brewery, but it must be tiny, but I'll guarantee they have a lock on the local beer needs. I'll check it out this Summer...
  16. jesskidden

    jesskidden Meyvn (1,344) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey

    Well, the list itself was released a few weeks ago
    Brewers Association: Top 50 Brewing Companies By Sales Volume for 2017
    (but you know that, having posted in that thread :wink: ) but, yeah, actual barrelage doesn't show up until the May/June New Brewer (complete with a few more negative "percent change" than we're used to).
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  17. hopfenunmaltz

    hopfenunmaltz Meyvn (1,386) Jun 8, 2005 Michigan

    Boy the coffee must not have kicked in, it is still early here.
  18. jesskidden

    jesskidden Meyvn (1,344) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey

    Well, responding to some of the same constant questions to that annual list is a sorta "deja vu all over again" experience every year...
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  19. invertalon

    invertalon Devotee (436) Jan 27, 2009 Ohio

    Well, to clarify... Not inconsistent as in batch-to-batch, but they release SO many new beers (their goal seems to be to make very few beers more than once), that the standard options they release seem to be far more hit/miss compared to the kettle sour series they do, which overall seems to be quite good fairly consistently, release to release.
  20. Bitterbill

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  21. MistaRyte

    MistaRyte Devotee (429) Jan 14, 2008 Virginia

    I'd like to get to Big Lick, but theres a few other (new) breweries I want to hit in Roanoke/Salem this summer as well
  22. EnronCFO

    EnronCFO Devotee (496) Mar 29, 2007 Massachusetts

    Gotcha, makes more sense.
  23. EnronCFO

    EnronCFO Devotee (496) Mar 29, 2007 Massachusetts

    I mean, Hopsters is on this list. It's a brew-your-own place that tried to distribute beers and, I believe, failed at it. They're a total joke around Boston and get by mainly on xmas/birthday gifts and small corporate outings.
  24. WesMantooth

    WesMantooth Poo-Bah (2,460) Jan 8, 2014 Ohio

    I was following you. I swear they have to have released 300 different beers in the last 2 years. Outside of the mostly enjoyable sours, they are not consistently good quality beers respective to their styles. And now they are distributing outside the state. Without focusing on a core lineup I think too many people are going to get the poor offerings and they will end up reeling it all back in.
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  25. Kadonny

    Kadonny Meyvn (1,313) Sep 5, 2007 Pennsylvania

    I only know two on that list and one is from our area.......and their beer is average, but I digress. The other is Melvin, love their beer.

    My observation? There are some awesome names on the list......and some dreadful names on the list. Long Wooden Spoon Brewery, Beer Lick Brewery? Really? Um, no.
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  26. WhiteHart

    WhiteHart Initiate (35) Apr 16, 2018 North Carolina

    Which ones?
  27. cmukid87

    cmukid87 Aspirant (243) Jan 30, 2017 Michigan

    I have to debunk this list from the state of Michigan. Hard to believe two breweries are outpacing the growth of Old Nation Brewing. Old Nation went from almost closing their doors in late 2016 taking the Michigan craft beer world by storm by Memorial Day 2017. Their beer can now be found fresh in most Meijer stores every single day and most craft beer shops keep fresh Old Nation on hand at all times too.

    Silly, silly attempt at a list.
  28. jesskidden

    jesskidden Meyvn (1,344) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey

    According to the B.A.'s page, their list:
    ...and, the 2016 B.A. Rankings have Old Nation's 2016 700 barrelage footnoted as "estimate".
  29. MistaRyte

    MistaRyte Devotee (429) Jan 14, 2008 Virginia

    Ballast Point
    Twin Creeks
    Olde Salem
    Few Old Goats (if they open in a few months... probably will just miss them)