Favorite beer to drink in the summer?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by nickdank, May 16, 2015.

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  1. nickdank

    nickdank Initiate (0) Feb 13, 2014 New Jersey

    Now we all know that it doesn't really matter what time of the year you drink a stout or porter, but let's face it They aren't exactly the most refreshing beers to take to the beach. And we all know that "summer ales" aren't the only style out there that works well when you're chilling by the pool. So with that said, what's your favorite beer to drink in the summer? Specific examples would be nice.

    Me? I'm partial to German pilsners like Victory Prima. Session IPAs, especially Carton Boat. And as for the whole "summer ale" thing, River Horse Summer Blonde is excellent.
  2. scottbrew4u

    scottbrew4u Initiate (0) Feb 2, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Victory Summer Love always goes down smooth on a hot day for me! Have good memories of cans of Dale's Pale Ale on the beach to cool off with too!
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  3. Nctide

    Nctide Initiate (0) Oct 3, 2014 Indiana

    My favorite beer on patio on a hot summer day is a hefeweizen, ideally a good German version such as Schneider or Franziskaner as a more budget option. For the pool or lake, you can't beat SNPA cans or a good Pilsner as you suggest.
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  4. TheNightwatchman

    TheNightwatchman Initiate (0) Mar 28, 2009 Pennsylvania

    PA is full of good pilsners, so I often choose one of those. I almost always buy a case of Summer Love each year as well. Yuengling Summer Wheat caught my attention last year, and I've already had a few this year. Probably will have quite a few more of those over the next few months.
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  5. SFNC

    SFNC Zealot (516) Apr 7, 2013 North Carolina

    Bell's Two Hearted
    Langanita's Lil Sumpin Sumpin
    Westbrook Gose (just tried it)
    Harpoon UFO (just tried it)
    Weihenstahan Hefeweissen
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  6. MarshallBirdhouse

    MarshallBirdhouse Devotee (401) Feb 19, 2013 South Carolina

    Whatever isn't in my cellar
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  7. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (2,691) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina
    Society Trader

    Any good IPA or pale ale, Pils etc. if I'm sweating Westbrooks One Claw is very good.
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  8. Wolfhead

    Wolfhead Initiate (0) Sep 1, 2009 Illinois

    IPA's, especially the ones with bubbles in them
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  9. hillind

    hillind Aspirant (259) Apr 24, 2010 Pennsylvania

    Summer Love
    Prima Pils
    Sunshine pils
    Jai Alai

    A steady supply of these makes for an enjoyable summer!
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  10. ChuckHardslab

    ChuckHardslab Initiate (0) Jan 25, 2012 Texas

    Heck if I could sweat high quality craft beer, I might change careers :wink:
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  11. ChrisMon02

    ChrisMon02 Meyvn (1,169) May 2, 2010 Ohio

    Columbus IPA
    Bells-Two Hearted
  12. JimKal

    JimKal Zealot (504) Jul 31, 2011 North Carolina

    SA Boston Lager
    Bell's Oberon

    I tend to like "lighter" styles when it gets hot and darker styles as the days cool off - ambers,stouts, porters. IPAs are a year round style for me.
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  13. bluehende

    bluehende Poo-Bah (2,440) Dec 10, 2010 Delaware

    Another vote for a nice PA Pilsner.
  14. Comparison_Ford

    Comparison_Ford Initiate (0) Apr 4, 2014 New York

    Carton Boat
    Sixpoint The Crisp
    Westbrook Gose
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  15. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (2,691) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina
    Society Trader

    You could sweat into any beer, wring out your nasty socks and pass it off as a bit of funk and Brett.
  16. Beertsipper

    Beertsipper Devotee (480) Nov 18, 2008 New York

    Pilsners, but I like dry Irish stouts the best, like ice cold Murphy's or my favorite, Brooklyn's Dry Irish Stout. Damn... I wish they had those in cans!
  17. Toddwildcat

    Toddwildcat Initiate (0) May 21, 2014 New Hampshire

    Hog Happy Hef - Throwback (NH)
    Whirlpool (pale) - Nightshift (MA)
    Summer Swelter - Baxter (ME)
    Del's Shandy - Narragansett
    Mo - Maine Beer Co.
  18. beernooph

    beernooph Initiate (0) Feb 23, 2008 Connecticut

    Victory Summer love
    Brooklyn Summer
    Southern Tier Live
  19. beernooph

    beernooph Initiate (0) Feb 23, 2008 Connecticut

    Forgot Narragansett Summer
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  20. Doomcifer

    Doomcifer Champion (866) Nov 10, 2005 Rhode Island

    Pilsner Urquell !!!!
    SN Summerfest

    I'll probably end up drinking a fair amount of OC Over Easy this summer as well. Completely unbalanced but there is something about that beer that I love. Probably the crispness.

    I'll also be adding Smuttynose Hayseed to my summer rotation this year.

    We need more beers available in 12-packs!
  21. beernooph

    beernooph Initiate (0) Feb 23, 2008 Connecticut

    Yes more cans for coolers!
  22. nbrio85

    nbrio85 Initiate (0) Apr 18, 2015 Missouri

    Boulevard Wheat, St Lupulin Pale Ale, Dales Pale Ale, Stone IPA, Wookie Jack... Really i kind of bounce around quite a bit!
  23. beerishappy

    beerishappy Initiate (0) Mar 4, 2009 Ohio

    Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale
    Founders All Day IPA
  24. Averwo

    Averwo Initiate (0) Jul 4, 2013 Iowa

    Pale wheats and hefe's along with the usual IPA's and Pale Ales. I usually drink a ton of Sam Adams Summer Ale because I can find it at the local gas station any time between May and Sept.
  25. kaos

    kaos Initiate (0) Dec 27, 2014 New York

    Other Half's Mosaic
    Grapefruit Sculpin
  26. blues_fever

    blues_fever Initiate (155) Apr 2, 2015 California

    Have to go with my all time favorite, Dos XX on a hot day.
  27. tjmiller718

    tjmiller718 Initiate (0) Mar 31, 2011 Virginia

    Bell's Oberon
    Troegs Sunshine Pils
    Southern Tier Hop Sun
    Otter Creek Fresh Slice
    SN Summerfest
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  28. joelwlcx

    joelwlcx Initiate (0) Apr 23, 2007 Minnesota

    Last year it was New Belgium Summer Helles and Snapshot.
    The Year before that it was Schell's Goosetown Gose.
    And the year before that it was New Belgium Shift and Surly CynicAle.

    I have a feeling this year will be Sierra Nevada Nooner Pilsner.
  29. StartedwithSAM

    StartedwithSAM Initiate (0) Feb 17, 2015 Virginia

    A solid, fresh-ish German Pils or Heffe-Weissbier, something light with floral esters. I have been enjoying Sierra Nevada Summerfest Crisp Lager lately. I also may pick up some Hop Sun by Southern Tier.
  30. Bhoward0698

    Bhoward0698 Aspirant (213) Apr 2, 2014 Kentucky

    Westbrook Gose
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  31. Glenney67

    Glenney67 Initiate (0) Aug 13, 2014 New Hampshire

    Right now Narragansett Lager ,Easy Jack and Pinner in a cooler packed with ice for when i'm done working in the yard
  32. lester619

    lester619 Initiate (0) Apr 17, 2009 Wisconsin

    Nothing beats Gumballhead when the weather hits 80.
  33. Barnoloid

    Barnoloid Initiate (0) Jan 3, 2015 Illinois

    Half Acre Akari Shogun
    Brewery Vivant Farmhand
    Allagash White
    Revolution Anti Hero

    All steady in rotation during summer for me
  34. Nctide

    Nctide Initiate (0) Oct 3, 2014 Indiana

    Had my first pool day of the year today and bummed a beer from a friend. This may be the summer of Pinner...
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  35. DrMindbender

    DrMindbender Initiate (0) Jul 13, 2014 South Carolina

    I mainly drink homebrews, lots of single hopped and clone IPAs make up the bulk of the summer drinking. My favorites are Galaxy and Equinox single hopped and Two Hearted, Gumballhead, and Fresh Squeezed clones.

    So far, I've been brewing and drinking a lot of mead in the South Carolina heat this "summer" as well. I've really been enjoying a 6.6% mead instead of the various IPAs I always keep on tap...it's sessionable for a mead, drinks like a lighter beer, but carries the punch I like from my homebrews. I'm getting into using wild yeast and Brett in my mead and really excited to make some funky bee squeezin's!
  36. Das_Reh

    Das_Reh Initiate (0) Mar 25, 2013 Florida

    Weihenstephaner Hefe
    Florida Cracker
    Weltenburger Kloster Barock-Hell
    Dale's Pale Ale
    Jai Alai
    Anderson Valley Blood Orange Goze
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  37. Greywulfken

    Greywulfken Poo-Bah (5,083) Aug 25, 2010 New York
    Society Trader

    When they've been around, Evil Twin's Femme Fatale Yuzu/Sudachi/Kabosu Pale ales are just top-flight.
    Moderate abv, citrusy with exotic fruits and funky with brett... Stunning and summery.
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  38. SaisonRichBiere

    SaisonRichBiere Initiate (0) Mar 23, 2011 Michigan

    Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere. Ice Cold.
  39. Jsteez

    Jsteez Zealot (537) Apr 28, 2012 Utah

    Fun to think about this topic!

    A good Belgian witbier, particularly Hoegaarden or Unsacred's (Epic's other local name out of SLC, UT) Rimando's Witbier. I've been drinking a lot of refreshing German hefeweizen/pale wheats lately, Feldschlobchen or Erdinger are my go-tos.
    Overall, I love drinking Uinta's summer blonde ale, Skipping Stone summer lager, Red Rock's Golden blonde ale, and Deschutes River ale!
  40. AlienSwineFlu

    AlienSwineFlu Initiate (0) Dec 14, 2012 Ohio

    Mike's Hard Mango Punch :sunglasses:
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