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  1. mkennedy119

    mkennedy119 Devotee (456) Nov 13, 2011 Illinois
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    What's the best 12 pack variety you've seen from a particular brewery?
    Mine is a tie between the Victory sampler and the Great Lakes variety pack.

    Prima Pils
    Golden Monkey
    Headwaters Pale

    Great Lakes
    Dortmunder Gold
    Burning River
    Edmund Fitzgerald
    Holy Moses Ale

    With that in mind, what's a reasonable variety pack (3-4 of each beer, non-whales) you would love to see released and readily available to your area?

    I'd looooove a Founders pack with:
    Red Rye
    Dirty Bastard
  2. ZAP

    ZAP Poo-Bah (3,589) Dec 1, 2001 Minnesota

    Good ones there for sure...

    Maybe ODell does this but one with

    -Cutthroat Porter
    -90 Schilling
    -And a rotating season of Isolation and St. Lupulin would be great....maybe even Mercenary in this final spot on occasion but that is probably asking too much.
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  3. raynmoon

    raynmoon Crusader (745) Aug 13, 2011 Colorado
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    We only get Sam Adams and Pyramid variety packs out here in California.
  4. WassailWilly

    WassailWilly Initiate (0) Sep 8, 2007 New York

    2XPA from ST
  5. WYVYRN527

    WYVYRN527 Initiate (0) Jan 8, 2007 Minnesota

    There was a Deschutes variety pack which I really liked, but haven't seen it in my area for a couple of years now. I'd like to see that one come back. If I remember correctly it was four bottles each of Mirror Pond, Black Butte, and Inversion. If it were to come back, I'd like to see it go down to three of each, and include the seasonals as well.
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  6. Lutter

    Lutter Initiate (0) Jun 30, 2010 Texas

    Sierra Nevada Beer Camp... just because it's fun to try new beer every year in the pack!

    HE'BREW also put out a pretty kick-ass 12-pack in Texas for the holidays which featured the cutest 12oz bottle of Jewbelation Sweet Sixteen you've ever seen.
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  7. RobertColianni

    RobertColianni Zealot (527) Nov 4, 2008 Pennsylvania

    I really liked the Tommyknocker box. Six different beers, two of each. They have a killer black IPA and really nice brown ale in the pack that will be a nice surprise for those unfamiliar with the brand. Hop Strike is the Black IPA. They also offer some Vienna-Styled brews and European inspired Pilsens. Everything is above average, and while nothing is insanely great, there are some home runs.
  8. cyraschris

    cyraschris Initiate (0) Dec 15, 2012 Florida

    I haven't picked up too many mixed packs. One that I do recall enjoying was a st bernardus variety pack from total wine. Not sure if it was 6 or 12 now though :-/
  9. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Zealot (596) Jul 4, 2008 Ohio

    Great Lakes variety pack has Elliot Ness in that mix not Holy Moses, unless this is new. Great Lakes would be my vote however I'd swap the Burning River for either the Holy Moses or Commodore Perry. Burning River is my least favorite of the mix, just can't get into it especially the bitter finish. They end up sitting because even among my craft friends Burning River's the last in line. My other variety pack would be Left Hand, I like their stuff and I like how they switch it up.
    Variety 12's I'd like to see, forgive me if you've seen them.
    Definitely Founders but these as well, Bells, New Holland, Arcadia, Weyerbacher, Columbus Brewing, FatHeads, Brew Kettle, Anchor, North Coast...
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  10. hoeg0015

    hoeg0015 Aspirant (234) Jul 15, 2008 Minnesota

    I find myself buying the New Belgium one occasionally, when I'm looking for some football-watching stuff. Fat Tire (of course) and Ranger are almost always in there, and the others rotate between Abbey, Belgo, Red Hoptober, Snow Day, etc. Pretty solid for $12-14. Locally, I sometimes grab Schells. They rotate the beers they include, but recently I got one with Pils, Firebrick, Emerald Rye, and Chimney Sweep for $11. Great lagers from a criminally overlooked regional brewery. Once in a while I'll go for a Flying Dog, Goose Island, or Southern Tier, but freshness can be an issue with those.
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  11. fredmugs

    fredmugs Poo-Bah (1,547) Aug 11, 2012 Indiana
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    It's not a 12 pack but the 6 sampler from Unibroue is pretty awesome. 4 beers of fame in one box is pretty tough to beat.
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  12. beercanman

    beercanman Initiate (0) Dec 17, 2012 Ohio

    2 mix-a-sixs that I pick
  13. CanConPhilly

    CanConPhilly Meyvn (1,169) May 17, 2012 Pennsylvania
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    This already exists...although the Red's Rye is being replaced now that it is switching to a seasonal.

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  14. Horbar

    Horbar Zealot (560) Feb 24, 2012 Rhode Island

    The only one I buy is SN Beer Camp. There always seems to be at least one gem, and the others are always worth the try. I would definitely get a Founders variety pack, but have never seen those in New England.
  15. Porkhustle

    Porkhustle Initiate (0) Dec 6, 2012

    Same, but when I get GL it usually has Eliot Ness instead of Holy Moses. Is that a new change?
  16. kzoobrew

    kzoobrew Meyvn (1,167) May 8, 2006 Michigan

    But this is a variety case, certainly not available in all markets. These are usually reserved for states with awful beers laws.:wink:

    I am not generally a fan of variety packs, there is usually a clunker included or just something I would not buy on its own. I may reach for a Sam Adams or an Arcadia on a very rare occasion. It has been a long time since I have come across one worthwhile enough for me to pick up.
  17. LarryAppleton

    LarryAppleton Initiate (169) Dec 1, 2012 Quebec (Canada)
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    In Montreal, year round you can pick up a Unibroue 12-pack for about 14$. It generally has 3x Fin du Monde, Maudite, Blanche de Chambly and a seasonal (Fringante right now)
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  18. Porkhustle

    Porkhustle Initiate (0) Dec 6, 2012

  19. IamMe90

    IamMe90 Initiate (0) Sep 4, 2012 Wisconsin


    I would buy this in a heartbeat. I love inquity and unearthly, and 2x is pretty good as well. And i would kill to have the former 2 in 12 oz! But I've never seen this variety pack.

    The New Glarus variety pack that had moon man, spotted cow, two women and fat squirrel was pretty good. Could do with swapping out the two women personally but if you like that style it's top notch.
  20. LarryAppleton

    LarryAppleton Initiate (169) Dec 1, 2012 Quebec (Canada)
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    I'm also a sucker for "box sets" that include a glass or two.
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  21. Porkhustle

    Porkhustle Initiate (0) Dec 6, 2012

    Same here. I gave up on waiting. I heard it was ridiculously expensive.
  22. Providence

    Providence Initiate (0) Feb 24, 2010 Rhode Island

    I like Brooklyn's. East India IPA, Brooklyn Brown, Brooklyn Lager and then something like Pennant Ale. It's a good thing to get for parties with folks semi-interested in beer.
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  23. Porkhustle

    Porkhustle Initiate (0) Dec 6, 2012

    I believe theirs shifts and sometimes includes Pilsner
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  24. Schwantz

    Schwantz Initiate (0) Dec 16, 2012 Florida

    Cigar City 12th man..
    Special Release 12x12oz bottles
    3xMarshall Zhukov
    3x Leon
    3x Hunaphu
    3x " Lairds Apple Brandy barrel.....and then I woke up..;
  25. CanConPhilly

    CanConPhilly Meyvn (1,169) May 17, 2012 Pennsylvania
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    Wish Dieu du Ciel did one. They could make a killing on a variety pack...

    3x Peche Mortel
    3x Aphrodisiaque
    3x Corne du Diable
    3x Solstice D'Hiver

    I would pay many 10's of dollars for this if it existed.
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  26. WilderPegasus

    WilderPegasus Initiate (0) Dec 16, 2012 Ontario (Canada)

    It's actually Trois Pistoles, not Blanche de Chambly, in it.
  27. yankeefan287

    yankeefan287 Aspirant (235) Feb 23, 2012 Pennsylvania

    One of my favorites that is actually mixed by the distributor is

    Lagunitas: Pale Ale, IPA, Maximus, Little Sumpin Sumpin

    My wife does't like stouts, porters, barleywines etc but loves hoppy stuff so this works out perfectly. I'm in PA so its a whole case but is only a little more than $30 for it.
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  28. mctizzz

    mctizzz Devotee (488) Dec 23, 2010 California
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    Butternuts makes a very solid/underrated mixed 12, and at $14 its hard to beat.
  29. jhartley

    jhartley Poo-Bah (2,435) Aug 22, 2010 Florida
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    Best mixed case EVER! It's a damn shame the move they have to make with Red's. :slight_frown:
  30. LarryAppleton

    LarryAppleton Initiate (169) Dec 1, 2012 Quebec (Canada)
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    You're right! 12x 8%+ amazing beers for under 1.50$ each. Almost makes up for our lack of American crafts.
  31. JimSmetana

    JimSmetana Initiate (0) May 11, 2012 Illinois

    Got a couple right now. First is a New Sam Adams called spring thaw (a bit early if you ask me)
    it has
    Spring Thaw,
    Sam Adams Boston Lager,
    Irish Red,
    Maple Pecan Porter (AWESOME BTW)
    Double Agent IPL and
    White Lantern

  32. luwak

    luwak Aspirant (269) Mar 2, 2010 Arizona
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    Schmaltz He brew holiday pack
    or the Schmaltz anniversary pack
  33. Onizilla

    Onizilla Initiate (0) Apr 25, 2009 New York
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    25~27$ here in my store in NY, Making the standard 20% roughly. I reaaalllly wish it was cheap enough to guarantee it'd move fast enough to keep it in stock constantly. Dangit.

    On Topic, I'd definitely smack some children or kittens for a Founders or Lagunitas Variety.
  34. hoptualBrew

    hoptualBrew Defender (632) May 29, 2011 Florida
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    Sierra Nevada Beer Camp!
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  35. MIA4IPA

    MIA4IPA Initiate (0) Aug 23, 2012 Illinois

  36. TravisSaps

    TravisSaps Initiate (130) Feb 3, 2007 Tennessee

    Saw this thread just before heading to the store today and for the first time saw this mix pack. Immediate purchase. I'm looking forward to all three of these beers.
  37. Zuidman

    Zuidman Zealot (590) Mar 31, 2011 Illinois

    Costco in Illinois sells a Two Brothers variety case for $23-24. The line-up changes about four times a year. The last few winters the beers have included six packs of Northwind Imperial Stout, Cane and Ebel, Domaine Dupage, and Bitter End. Northwind and Cane and Ebel sell for about $12 each and I really like both of them. This is best deal for a variety pack that I have seen in my area. Would love a Lagunitas variety... I purchase others if the price is right.
  38. shand

    shand Meyvn (1,424) Jul 13, 2010 Florida
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    does not compute
  39. ghostly

    ghostly Initiate (0) Mar 7, 2011 New York

    I got a nice Great Divide 12: Titan IPA, Claymore Scotch Ale, Hoss Rye Lager, Hibernation Old Ale. Sometimes Rumble instead of Titan.
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  40. Chugs13

    Chugs13 Devotee (499) Dec 11, 2011 New Jersey
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    Yeah Sierra Nevada Beer Camp takes the cake for variety 12s hands down.
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