Fedex vs. UPS (w/ Poll)

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Fedex vs. UPS

  1. Fedex

  2. UPS

  3. Other?

  4. USPS (Ha!)

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  1. gillagorilla

    gillagorilla (0) Feb 27, 2013 Maryland

  2. Drock325

    Drock325 (0) Feb 2, 2013 Missouri

    I started out shipping UPS. Got an exception. They threw my package away. No insurance, no refund, no explanation of what happened. I then started shipping Fedex and haven't had any problems. Ive discovered in browsing the forums and reading peoples encounters that if something happens to your package, Fedex handles the situation a lot better than the BROWN CLOWNS.
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  3. gillagorilla

    gillagorilla (0) Feb 27, 2013 Maryland

    What about Fedex Authorized Ship Centers? That is the closest one to me, besides a weird ghost address one that is not where I think it is and has it in the parking lot of a USPS.
  4. tommyz

    tommyz (0) May 28, 2007 Michigan

    I use both..REally no difference in price for me that I have noticed...
  5. YaKnowBrady

    YaKnowBrady (0) Jul 23, 2010 New Jersey

    OP, you have GOT to start using the search function before an idea for a new thread pops up in your mind. I just searched the word "fedex" across the forum, selecting search titles only, and found at least 4 other threads exactly like this one (Fedex vs. UPS is the most common title). This is a lot of forum crowding of repetitive topics, please do us a favor and just rehash really old threads so that we can get more alerts without destroying our P/L ratios.
  6. HomeBrewed

    HomeBrewed (0) Dec 10, 2006 Minnesota

  7. cbeer88

    cbeer88 (0) Sep 5, 2007 Massachusetts

    Yes, there are pages of threads about this topic if you search.

    These poll results about line up with what I've seen - 80-90% of traders around here use Fedex. It's cheaper, does Saturday home delivery, and is often a day quicker on long trips. Ultimately though, they offer the same service, and some people use UPS due to drop-off convenience.

    You have to create an online account with Fedex for the best pricing.
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  8. gillagorilla

    gillagorilla (0) Feb 27, 2013 Maryland

    It is in my first thread under Useful, but it was a 12x9x6 weighing 5.6lbs that was shipped from Baltimore to Sacramento.
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  9. M1A2

    M1A2 (0) Jan 15, 2012 Ohio

    Yup, East coast to West coast cost $$ no matter size or weight.
  10. 1noa

    1noa (0) Mar 24, 2011 Virginia

    I agree with cbeer, make sure you set up a FedEx account. The savings add up.
  11. YaKnowBrady

    YaKnowBrady (0) Jul 23, 2010 New Jersey

    A word of advice: don't bother entering box dimensions. It's only purpose is to increase your cost, you'll never see a reduction benefit in your pricing.
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  12. legend8706

    legend8706 (0) Oct 31, 2012 Virginia

    I work at UPS and will never ever use them again to ship. After watching how the guys handle the packages and how many packages I see that get busted open night after night, it is ridiculous. Plus their shipping rates are higher as well. FedEx all day long, especially since you don't have to fork out $40/year for an account!
  13. gillagorilla

    gillagorilla (0) Feb 27, 2013 Maryland

    Yeah, I was glad to find out that my stuff made it safely to CA. I am confident that the package I am getting will be in good shape tomorrow. Can't wait.
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  14. JGam115

    JGam115 (0) Apr 8, 2013 New York

    I shipped UPS originally because of convenience. There are two drop-off locations within 3 blocks of my apartment. On pricing though, Fedex can't be beat. I just shipped a 20lb standard 14x14x14 box from NYC to Cali. Paid $40+ from UPS. Just got quoted $25 from Fedex AND one less day for delivery time. I really hope this box gets there safely...
  15. founder26

    founder26 (0) Sep 9, 2009 Michigan

    what are you a new hire? you do realize that fedex employees probably handle boxes just as bad as ups workers right? :confused: also what 40$/year are you talking about? I don't pay any fee for a ups shipping account, on top of that we as ups workers get a 8% shipping discount. I think you should quit ups and go work for fedex!
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  16. alysmith4

    alysmith4 (0) Feb 11, 2005 District of Columbia

    You don't need to have a ship center close by - just use the "schedule a pick up" option. It's free and they come to you.
  17. duceswild

    duceswild (0) Feb 8, 2010 Heard & McDonald Islands

    I self deliver all packages. That way I get to visit each place I'm shipping to and share the beers. Look into it, it could be cheaper and easier.

    Oh...and we're both in MD so if you ever want to bring me bottles I'm game.
  18. Bad_Trader

    Bad_Trader (0) Nov 8, 2012 Namibia

    Is this really necessary? I always thought people would use the most convenient service for them, what's closer, who seems to pick up earliest or latest or whatever.

    Oh shit, never mind, there's a poll!
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  19. marcgo2

    marcgo2 (334) Nov 16, 2010 Illinois

    Fedex for the Saturday delivery and they'll hold packages at FedEx Office stores for free, UPS charges $5 to hold it at a UPS Store.
  20. kmello69

    kmello69 (0) Nov 27, 2011 Texas

    Why the hell would you ship a 5 pound box across country? That was your first mistake.....
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  21. Duffman929

    Duffman929 (0) Nov 27, 2010 Illinois

    I chose Other. Clearly carrier pigeon.
  22. dazedandconfused

    dazedandconfused (0) Dec 11, 2008 New Jersey

    I use fedex cause its more convenient for me location wise. Although when I'm shipping glassware or any non beer items, I use usps and they are considerably much cheaper.
  23. kmello69

    kmello69 (0) Nov 27, 2011 Texas

    African or European?

    I use FedEx, because it seems to be cheaper, and the FedEx store is closer to my home. Mostly a matter of convenience.
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  24. Jasonrm72

    Jasonrm72 (625) Apr 29, 2012 Colorado
    Society Trader

    FedEx is cheaper and waay more convenient for me.
    If I don't think I'll be home for a delivery, I can use Hold at Location for free and pick it up at my convenience.

    UPS makes me drive all the way to their shipping center, but only after they have tried to deliver 2 or 3 times and sit in their grungy shit-hole of a waiting area in a seat stained with decades of ass sweat with a couple dozen other people for an unknown amount of time until the truck arrives.
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  25. cbeer88

    cbeer88 (0) Sep 5, 2007 Massachusetts

    Home pickup is not actually free - it's $3 - you probably just aren't noticing the itemized cost in there. That's pretty much the only way I ship, and it's certainly cheap enough, but it does cost something...
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  26. UCLABrewN84

    UCLABrewN84 (0) Mar 18, 2010 California

    When I traded, I only used FedEx and only because it was always cheaper than UPS.
  27. sdpaul

    sdpaul (0) May 2, 2012 California

    Fedex all the way....more facilities where I live that are open 24 hours and friendly staff..oh and THEY DELIVER ON SATURDAY
  28. ubenumber2

    ubenumber2 (0) Sep 1, 2012 Arkansas

    I have shipped out two boxes , used Fed Ex for both and have been pleases with the service , it helps that the Kinkos is 2 blocks from my house and open late and the shipping seems to be cheaper than UPS
  29. whiskey

    whiskey (0) Feb 25, 2012 California

    So I realize this is a bump...

    But my last two trades my trading partner from the opposite coast shipped on a Monday, as did I. I shipped FedEx and he gets his box Friday. He ships his UPS, I get it the following Monday. And it's gonna be warm next weekend....

    UPS blows.
  30. Drift

    Drift (0) Mar 26, 2014 California

    I use to swear by UPS. They had UPS stores every where. Prices were pretty decent...then 2015 happened. The same shipments I made nearly doubled in price. They started remeasuring boxes and rounding up on the size.

    My shipment to Washington DC
    UPS: $35
    FedEx: $21

    Now I drive out of my way to go to FedEx. UPS you lost a loyal customer.
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  31. Coldstorage

    Coldstorage (0) Oct 1, 2014 California

    Even though you are kidding, and I am quoting a 2 year old post... I recently had a problem with double billing from fedex that forced me to do an audit of all my invoices and... seeing what I have paid in postage just in the last 6 months was sobering. Enough for three different round trip tickets all over the country probably... could have attended some beer events, lined up a bunch of IP trades, met some penpals, etc.

    Time to rethink all this :confused:
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  32. tokimedo

    tokimedo (0) Feb 28, 2015 California

    wow. the last i saw you post about this situation you were about to bunker down to do your research. now that you have the numbers, thats terrifying that it adds up to so much. and it was on your CC so it didnt bring up any red flags on your account which is the scariest part. Is this fraud? Maybe? Maybe not? Maybe its just a billing error and in that case you should get all of your money back easy peasy.

    I shipped my first trade box today and the price of the same service, same weight was cheaper from fedex and got there on saturday instead of UPS monday. so naturally i went with fed ex.

    I think that as long as you keep a close eye on your accounts and nothing weird pops up, the pros vs cons of shipping fedex vs ups outweigh another and fedex is the better option.

    the real question now is --- are you going to switch over to UPS for all future shippings?
  33. Coldstorage

    Coldstorage (0) Oct 1, 2014 California

    @tokimedo well, in the above quote I am talking about ALL my postage costs, not just the double charges. So far I have only found $100 in mistaken charges but I tell you what... if they make it hard AT ALL for me to get my money back I will strongly consider switching to UPS :wink:
  34. dutesanch

    dutesanch (0) Apr 22, 2014 California

    FedEx staff is nosier about packaging and contents. UPS is more expensive and usually a day slower. I just alternate between the two.
  35. tokimedo

    tokimedo (0) Feb 28, 2015 California

    yeah, just saw your post in your thread. still shitty though.
  36. cavedave

    cavedave (1,206) Mar 12, 2009 New York
    Society Trader

    I don't think there is doubt anymore that FedEx is cheaper than UPS if you have an account. For reliability and safety of contents I think from all the posts made on the subject for years now it matters a lot
    -what part of the country you send to
    -what part of the country you send from
    -sometimes as specific as certain hubs better for certain cities/areas.

    Both companies seem to have specific performance characteristics that vary greatly location to location.

    Random observation: in the 2 years since start of this thread/poll, using USPS has become more common and accepted.
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  37. markgugs

    markgugs (0) Dec 20, 2006 New Jersey

    Having had both accounts, I can tell you that UPS is 100% cheaper, by a long shot Dave. Though granted, I created a "small business" and get an 18% shipping discount via UPS. :grinning:
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  38. cavedave

    cavedave (1,206) Mar 12, 2009 New York
    Society Trader

    -bold added-

    You sure? That's a pretty big savings.:slight_smile:
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  39. StonedRaider

    StonedRaider (470) Oct 25, 2007 California

    I disagree. That box I just sent you came to $34. The last box (similar size) I sent you a couple of months ago (through Fedex) cost in the low $20's. I know rates increased some for each carrier but damn that's a pretty big discrepancy.
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