Feral Ones: The Unlikely Origins of Firestone Walker's Barrelworks

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    How Barrelworks, Firestone Walker’s sour and wild beer program, got its unlikely start from an under-the-radar side project by two brewing professionals who had previously dedicated their careers to eradicating beer-spoiling bacteria.

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  2. reefer_bob

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    Fantastic Article.

    One of the best things, is how approachable all these guys are. Having been by the brewery on many occasions and having opportunities to chat with them, they're amazing people.
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    I agree a fantastic read.
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  4. SuperWhip

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    This is one of the best beer related articles I've read in a while. Completely reshaped what I thought I knew about all the players involved.
  5. Keene

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    Glad to hear it, and thanks for sharing your feedback. This is the type of longform journalism that we're proud to publish. Look for more deep dives into the world of beer in the coming months.
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  6. Brolo75

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    Great read. I'm beginning to revisit Barrelworks' beers and have found them to be of high quality. I was not as impressed the first time I tasted some of their sours as I am as some have sat in my cellar. I hope they expand production and distribution.
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  7. surfcaster

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    Great article with the depth not commonly seen in this type of journalism.

    Congrats--well done.
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  8. Stevedore

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    +1 on the positive feedback. I think that this is beer journalism at its best; it brings life to the story behind Barrelworks, the people behind it, and even personality to Adam Firestone, a guy I otherwise know nothing about other than the fact that he is obviously a founder of the FSW brewery. Beer is about origin and terroir; articles that communicate a sense of place and the story behind will always catch my attention.
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  9. TriggerFingers

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    Loved this article! Great writing!
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  10. surfcaster

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    Best article that I have read online or in print from you guys.

    Well done.
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  11. Lingenbrau

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    One more here to mirror the positive responses. Wonderful read! I've been fortunate to have family in the Central Coast for nearly two decades, and have never missed the opportunity to stop in the Buellton facility on the way. One of my favorite places on earth, and now I have a better understanding of its pretty remarkable history. Cheers!
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  12. Soke

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    Really good read. Id love to see more of these kind of editorials.
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  13. Keene

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    And we'd love to make more readers happy with interesting feature stories. Sounds like we're on the same page!
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  14. 2beerdogs

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    This was one of the best articles I've read in BA. In depth and seeped in details via quotes, gave this read a fluid narrative. Thanks.
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