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    Can a filtering feature be added so that when looking at beer styles you can filter out beers with fewer than n ratings? I was recently looking at Oktoberfest beers and you can sort by either number of ratings or score. When filtering by score the top page consists mostly of single digit reviews which don't help a ton to know if it's actually good or if that was an outlier score. For instance if I wanted to see the highest scoring Oktoberfest with >50 ratings that would be super helpful and I think would help other styles out as well when searching for "the best" rated. I know you can somewhat do this manually but many beer styles have single digit number of reviews for a few pages when sorting by top rating first. This filtering addition would allow really well rated but not the most rated beers to be discovered more often.
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    Yes, lets make this happen
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    Not clear how the Top Rated beers list within a particular style fails to serve this goal. Can you elaborate just a bit more?

    In the case of Oktoberfest Top Rated list closely meets that goal except that it does allow some beers with less than 50 reviews on the list by rank. However those less than 50 make it onto the list only after a statistical correction that adjusts all scores to compensate for differences between number of reviews across multiple beers within the category.

    See explanation here:
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    Top rated per style is either sort by number of ratings or by average score, not by the weighted rank scored that the top 250 list has which you linked to. If weighted rank were used then I think that would likely solve my question/issue. I believe there are great beers worth exploring that aren't the most rated or have the highest average score and filtering by number of ratings would help accomplish finding those.
  5. drtth

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    Look at this list, are we talking about the same list?

    I can't get this list to sort by anything and it is already ordered by Rank.
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    Ah. We are not. So I was looking at Beer styles, which doesn't follow the same formatting as what you just linked to. So I'd recommend two changes then. One to reflect the weighted ranking for what I linked to to reflect what you linked to and two to also add filtering (still).
    PS thanks for that link.
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    OK, until the site owners decide to change (or not), we can click on the red link on the style papa and get that second list. Enjoy!