Firestone Walker releases "Old Man Hattan," a barrel-aged mashup of two classic cocktails

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    Paso Robles, CA: Get ready for the inaugural release of Old Man Hattan—an eccentric barrel-aged mashup of two classic cocktails: the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan.

    First conceived last year as a brewery-only Black Friday limited release, Old Man Hattan now makes its debut as one of only six Proprietor’s Vintage releases for 2019. It begins rolling out to all Firestone Walker markets this week in individually boxed 12-ounce bottles.

    The base beer of Old Man Hattan is a blend of signature Firestone Walker component beers, including Velvet Merkin, Bravo and Stickee Monkee aged in whiskey barrels. The twist comes from select lots of Parabola and Helldorado that were aged in barrels previously used to mature cherry, orange and aromatic bitters.

    The result is a barnstorming beer that exhibits pronounced whiskey notes while artfully expressing essences of both the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan cocktails.

    “Old Man Hattan is really true to its dual influences,” said Eric Ponce, Firestone Walker’s barrel program manager. “On the nose, you get hints of cherry, orange and clove spice. It’s extremely smooth and drinkable, with traditional whiskey characters of tobacco and bitter chocolate.”

    As a cocktail enthusiast, Ponce had been toying with idea of Old Man Hattan for years. But since many bitters are made in stainless steel tanks, bitters barrels are hard to come by—which is why it took time for the idea to come to fruition.

    Lightning finally struck when Ponce gained access to barrels retired from an artisan bitters program. “These bitters barrels are beautifully potent,” he said. “We really played around with the different component beers and barrel ratios to get everything just right.”

    He added, “If you’re a fan of the Old Fashioned, Manhattan or other whiskey-based cocktails, you’re going to love this beer.”

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  2. DIM

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    With the exception of Sucaba, I have really enjoyed Firestone's barrel program. They can have more of my money for this.:scream::money_mouth:
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    Hey wait a second... This sounds good and all, but no Stickee Monkey release this year!?! I hope that's just a one year break like with Sucaba in 2017.
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    Yeah I guess this is taking its place this year. It’s got some big shoes to fill.
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    While I enjoyed the brew, I'll likely be dipping into the cellar for Stickee Monkee vintages before grabbing some of this. Kinda tiring of beer trying to taste like things other than beer...and not finding Pivo in my area anymore. Off my soapbox
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    this was oddly fantastic last year, happy to see a wide release on it, it’s strangely delicious

    excited to see it makes it to costco :wink:
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    I really miss Pivo. One of the better American takes on a German pils that had wide distribution IMO
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    And mine. :yum:
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  9. denver10

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    Would have loved it (and Union Jack) a lot more if I could ever find it fresh. But was definitely a great beer.

    This Old Man Hatten has negative appeal to me, personally. Seems like beer trying to be a spirit is a developing trend, a number of locals also doing things of the sort as well.
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  10. jvgoor3786

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    This is the top brewery I wish would come to Arkansas. That beer sounds awesome.
  11. Prince_Casual

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    Feel the same way about DBA, never fresh and is no bueno out of code- one of my favorite beers if it's on draft or there's some kind of miracle.

    I agree on 'cocktail' inspired beers, it's lowest common denominator/ bottom feeder magnet at it's worst. Lime ale with tequila and salt !? No way bruh, I got sauced on margs last weekend, this is gonna be sweeeeet. Doing a lame "riff" on a classic cocktail is not interesting and doesn't really come out well, ever. Except The Bruery- Imperial Cabinet, that was kind of awesome and I really didn't want to like it. I would not consider a (Ramos) Gin Fizz to be a lowest common denominator cocktail though.

    >> back on topic, I'll still probably try this though because I love FW and they have never done me wrong on anything with a barrel. This is also not an adjunct (add junk?) beer, it sounds like they are simply using barrels seasoned during the process of making aromatic bitters, which is way more my speed and hopefully not as over the top obvious. I think I can dig it.
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  12. chong138

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    I hate this but will try it.
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  13. Prince_Casual

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    *** I hate this, but since it's FW and been in a barrel, I will try it