Firestone Walker unveils Mind Haze "Tropical Hazy Mixed Pack"

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    Mind Haze IPA Triples Down with Three Exotic New Variations

    Paso Robles, CA: From the minds behind Mind Haze comes a psychedelic new trifecta of flavors with the launch of the “Mind Haze Tropical Hazy Mixed Pack.”

    With this new mixed pack, Firestone Walker’s Mind Haze IPA experience now includes three new hazy IPAs—Tiki Smash, Hopical Crush and Citrus Cyclone, all of which feature exotic reinterpretations of the original Mind Haze.

    “The Mind Haze canvas lends itself perfectly to different hops, fresh flavors and new ideas,” said Brewmaster Matt Brynildson. “This mixed pack gave us the opportunity to get creative and have fun reimagining the flavor possibilities. Each beer is built upon the main Mind Haze recipe, but they also come with their own tropical-inspired twists.”

    The Mind Haze Tropical Hazy Mixed Pack is rolling out to all Firestone Walker markets in 12-pack (12-ounce can) formats and is also available at each Firestone Walker location. In just over two years, Mind Haze IPA has become Firestone Walker’s bestselling beer alongside 805. The brewery also launched Double Mind Haze IPA earlier this year.

    The Mind Haze Tropical Hazy Mixed Pack features the following three new beers:

    Mind Haze “Tiki Smash” IPA
    Tiki Smash IPA delivers a tiki-inspired flavor combination born of pure hops and freshly toasted coconut. Original Mind Haze hops including Azacca are now joined by Motueka and Sabro hops. The Azacca portion has been increased to amplify the sense of pineapple tropical character, while Sabro delivers its complementary coconut qualities. “We use an elaborate system to introduce freshly toasted coconut for a smooth, subtle extraction,” Brynildson said. “The resulting beer showcases the special synergy of natural coconut with the tropical hop flavors of Mind Haze.”

    Mind Haze “Hopical Crush” IPA
    Hopical Crush IPA delivers a double-dry hopped explosion of tropical Mai Tai-inspired flavors, including pineapple and orange. This copiously hopped beer begins by accentuating the original Mind Haze hop blend with the Strata cultivar, which offers up bold pungent fruit and a touch of dank cannabis-like character. The beer is then double dry hopped with twice the amount of hops than usual—ultimately totaling more than five pounds of hops per barrel. The resulting beer exhibits massive flavors that will have you dreaming of Mai Tais on a faraway island.

    Mind Haze “Citrus Cyclone” IPA
    Citrus Cyclone IPA delivers a head-spinning taste of all the citrus flavors under the sun, finished with a kiss of real tangerine. The base beer is co-fermented with fresh California tangerines. This base is blended back with a separate lot of dry-hopped Mind Haze, then finished off with a final dash of tangerine to elevate the citrusy top note. Along the way, the Mandarina hop adds a distinctive orange character. The result is a remarkably refreshing Mind Haze experience.

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    F@#% yeah, more hazy IPAs!
  3. mikeinportc

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    I'll give it a try. (If I find it not-old.....which I've yet to see with Mind Haze :rolling_eyes:)
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    Hard, Hard Pass. Bring Back Pivo!
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    Pivo! Pivo! Pivo!
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    This reminds me that I still haven’t run into their anniversary mix pack yet.
  7. BruChef

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    At this point it’s gotta be 5 months old (think my bottles were dated in mid April and the all the stores in my hood received it in mid may)
    Union Jack tends to fade fast but I was buying it more for the dba and pivo anyway.
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    I haven't seen it around either. Sometimes I think they must first send their beer out to duvel before they send it out to distribution
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    FW no longer distributes to Massachusetts, but even when they did you could never find it fresh. Has to be one of the worst heavily distributed breweries at getting fresh beer to the shelves.
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    Yes! Yes! Yes!
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  11. Soneast

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    Ugh. Why? I guess they sell? So sick of hazies. Cant believe I used to defend the style. All those who I used to argue their validity with. I'm sorry, I was wrong.
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    Happens to the best of us as out tastes evolve.
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    That will show up in SW Mizzou, a day before its BBD
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