First 2012 Octoberfest Sighting

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Trickfest, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. Trickfest

    Trickfest (0) Feb 14, 2009 Florida

    Great Lakes Oktoberfest at the Westerville OH Meijer. Oh joy!'s July and I don't care.
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  2. djsmith1174

    djsmith1174 (0) Aug 21, 2005 Minnesota

    Picked up a 12 of Summit Oktoberfest today. It's going to be a good weekend. :wink:
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  3. Trickfest

    Trickfest (0) Feb 14, 2009 Florida

    Yes indeedy...can a fall chill in the air be far behind? (The 10 day forecast says otherwise, but I can dream can't I?)
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  4. Gamblor14

    Gamblor14 (0) May 4, 2012 Minnesota

    I saw this last week and couldn't believe it. Is it usually out this early or is this year different? Guess I've never paid attention.
  5. jbertsch

    jbertsch (933) Dec 14, 2008 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    Somebody beat Sam Adams to the punch? Ooh they're not going to be happy about that. Expect Sam Octoberfest in June next year.
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  6. ronnzio

    ronnzio (0) Dec 25, 2005 Rhode Island

    We have the sam adams harvest variety packs out in RI. they have Octoberfest in them and some pumpkin beer too.
  7. azureoval

    azureoval (0) Jan 25, 2010 California

    We have Sam Adams O-fest here in Sacto already.
  8. djsmith1174

    djsmith1174 (0) Aug 21, 2005 Minnesota

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  9. jbertsch

    jbertsch (933) Dec 14, 2008 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    Wow, so SA gets the last laugh after all.
  10. dennho

    dennho (0) Oct 29, 2006 New York

    Damn! I wanted to be the first to say Sams Octoberfest was available (in July).
    When we sell our 10 last cases of Summer we can get it.
    Am I the first to say we'll have 25 cases of Shipyard Pumkinhead this Monday?
  11. JoeyBeerBelly

    JoeyBeerBelly (0) Dec 15, 2006 New York

    Get it right,

    Oktoberfest starts in September and...

    Augtoberfest starts in July!

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  12. BB1313

    BB1313 (1,256) Jul 16, 2009 Ohio
    Society Trader

    Great Lakes Oktoberfest already hit? Damn, are you sure it's 2012? I believe ya and all, but that's as early as I've ever heard of Great Lakes releasing a seasonal..
  13. beerme411

    beerme411 (0) Sep 28, 2010 California

    Not Octoberfest but SN Tumbler has been out for at least a week
  14. Trickfest

    Trickfest (0) Feb 14, 2009 Florida

    I hear ya...the date was the first thing I looked at. Expires 10/8/12. It'll be lucky to survive until 8/12/12. :wink:
  15. antilite

    antilite (0) Jan 1, 2012 Florida

    Picked up 6 at Sweetbay Market in Plant City, FL this morning. $7.99. Pretty good with my scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast.
  16. BB1313

    BB1313 (1,256) Jul 16, 2009 Ohio
    Society Trader

    Wow, that's early for Great Lakes. Good shit though because it's an aweomse beer that I would drink year-round if I could..
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  17. Zaphog

    Zaphog (1,297) Sep 23, 2011 Michigan
    Society Trader

    I had a GL Okto last weekend at a small beer fest. I have always liked their Okto, but it was even better than I had remembered this time.
  18. CBlack85

    CBlack85 (440) Jul 12, 2009 South Carolina

    Wow... earlier and earlier every year. I do love GLBC Oktoberfest, but in July? C'mon guys, I understand wanting to be the next guy to the punch but this is ridiculous.
  19. robconoclast

    robconoclast (0) Jun 22, 2012 Ohio

    Will gladly drink it over any summer beer. Really liking it this year as well. Does seem early, but most seasonals are around 2-3 months and the festival itself begins the last week of September.
  20. robconoclast

    robconoclast (0) Jun 22, 2012 Ohio

    Had a Sam Adams Oktoberfest last night as it was the only decent draft at the place. Really liked it, really malty. Went to GLBC afterwards and their Oktoberfest is on tap as well (along with Rye of the Tiger for those following the other thread).
  21. gatornation

    gatornation (2,080) Apr 18, 2007 Florida
    Society Trader

    saw summit Oktoberfest over 2 weeks ago in stores
  22. steveh

    steveh (1,228) Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    Saw Spaten Oktoberfest in the Chicago area (where it isn't year-round) 2 weeks ago. Reported it in the "seasonals" thread that was going back then. Sorry Trick.
  23. Trickfest

    Trickfest (0) Feb 14, 2009 Florida

    Ah geez...late again.

    Is it too early to start mentioning Christmas beer sightings? :wink:
  24. steveh

    steveh (1,228) Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    H'oh boy... but there is a brewery out there that releases a run of its Christmas beer in summer for a "Christmas in July" sort of promo. Still, I can't get excited about drinking a big, heavy beer when it's hotter'n Hades and humid as a sauna.
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  25. Heatwave33

    Heatwave33 (0) Sep 13, 2011 Florida

    It seems every year seasonals get released earlier and earlier. I'm down for just making all seasonals year rounds!
  26. lvoutlawjlh

    lvoutlawjlh (0) Mar 15, 2012 Nebraska

    I drank an Imperial Pumpkin Ale by Weyerbacher last night. I'm ready for cooler weather now.
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  27. wo87810

    wo87810 (0) Feb 22, 2011 Florida

    Just bought some Left Hand Oktoberfest last Friday, it was pretty damn good.
  28. elNopalero

    elNopalero (1,341) Oct 14, 2009 California
    Society Trader

    Had my first Spaten Oktoberfest tonight. Yes, it's still July.
  29. sweatervest27

    sweatervest27 (0) Oct 13, 2009 Ohio

    Had a sixer of great lakes oktoberfest last week, now all I want are pumpkin beers...
  30. draheim

    draheim (1,204) Sep 18, 2010 Washington

    This preemptive seasonal beer phenomenon will have reached its zenith only when the 2013 Oktoberfest beers are released in fall 2012.
  31. BigGene

    BigGene (0) Oct 30, 2010 Florida

    My local distro guy says the bottles are all seasonal, Pumpkin Oktoberfest are all coming out now but draft will still be a 6 weeks away.
  32. bigdeuce

    bigdeuce (554) May 24, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Is great lakes oktoberfest a "red lager" again or it's original oktoberfest (real oktoberfest) brew?
  33. steveh

    steveh (1,228) Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

  34. JuicesFlowing

    JuicesFlowing (0) Jul 5, 2009 Kansas

    I'd be better with this ridiculous early-release thing if I didn't live in Kansas. It's been 106 degrees here everyday since June. Actually, I wouldn't be okay with it. I hate buying Pumpkin beers in early august, but as long as other people keep doing it, the breweries won't stop releasing them early.
  35. VncentLIFE

    VncentLIFE (0) Feb 16, 2011 North Carolina

    I bought a six pack of Great Lakes Oktoberfest at Sam's Quik Shop in Durham, NC on July 20.
  36. FTowne

    FTowne (0) Jan 27, 2012 Missouri

    I've said it before and I'll say it again...if I can't find any Schalfly Pumpkin Ale for Thanksgiving this year because it's already come and gone I'm gonna be pissed.

    edit- I know that I can buy a few cases when I comes out to ensure that I have ample supply, but it's fucking stupid to think that I'd have to "stock up" on Pumpkin Ale in August/September.
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  37. Jason

    Jason Founder (0) Aug 23, 1996 Massachusetts

    I was drinking Samuel Adams O-fest two weeks ago ...
  38. robconoclast

    robconoclast (0) Jun 22, 2012 Ohio

  39. steveh

    steveh (1,228) Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    Procured the way the rest of us do? Or due to some swag-like opportunity? :grinning:

    I've said it in years past, and the same is ringing true this year -- our local BBC distro sucks. We won't see Sam Octoberfest until the third week in September, while other areas around us put it on shelves this week.
  40. Heidelberg7

    Heidelberg7 (0) Sep 13, 2008 Illinois

    No No keep olde man winter away I love summer
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